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Sequel to Stars Dashing. It's six months after the Decepticons invaded Equestia and Celestia is become more and more distanced and merely asks for Cybertronian history. After being questioned about a planet sized phenomenon known as Unicron, Starscream assumes the worst about the Equestian ruler. The cybertronian war on Earth is shifting and it's not in favor of the Equestian residence.

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By Celestia. Another Cross-freaking-over. :facehoof:

388370 By Celestia, the comments have been doubled.:trollestia:

Anyways, good story. Keep up the good work. (Hopefully, they can change Celestia back to the kind and peaceful ruler she truly is.)

390171 STUPID 3DS! Comments usually double on my damn 3DS.

Still reading last story. Tracking for now.

Celestia's a Servant of Unicron!?
By the spark of Primus!

Ohhhhh snap son, Celly's gone nightmare and is taking an interest in unicron?!

The last story was fantastic, so I'll be watching for more of this one. Will we see more Cybertronians? Like the Autobots and not just the Decepticons? Maybe even cameos from the Junkions and Quintessons!
Oh dear... my mind is overclocking again... I need to sleep.

"Prime problem"- I see what you did there.
It's true, How can starscream even STAND with those toothpick limbs?

So...Many...References! Armada, Animated. I'm surprised you didn't reference the movie.

Love the story, but you really need an editor.

...Right. His face.
A lot more could also be said, other than "His Face"

411027 Yes, the Autobots are going to play a big role in this story, the Quintessons and all that are not likely to appear though I do plan on mentioning them. I also plan on mention a few things from the comics.

I predict Skyfire will attack Starscream.
Great chapter, but there are some errors-
lied down- Lay down.

I believe you need to brush up on your transformers G-1 history.

Possible, but I'd take that bet. Skyfire is Starscream's former exploration/science buddy, and if he finds out that Starscream has literally turned over a new leaf... I think the hardest thing for him to believe will be that Screamer has now got a ponyform in addition to a transformer form. That MIGHT do it.

I also predict that Skyfire will attack Starscream, and furthermore will be confused that the former seeker is being defended by the planets inhabitants.

Yesssss... this is good.

Open the floodgates!

Wonder if Twi will get a spell to turn the Mane 6 into transformers...

Lol- Imagine the wingboners.
*Mentally punches Hype* Time and Place, Hype!

First of all, that is indeed an amusing thought.
Second of all, how would transformers even GET wingboners? I could see Skyfire and other air-type cybertronians getting them as ponies though... and considering that 90% of the transformers are male and 90% (or something like that) of equestrians are female... hmm...

Say RD turns into a jet.
And say the wings are retractable in robot form.
*Click!* Wingboner.

To your second comment, lol, do that to all the Autobots, and play "find the pervert"

Ho Lee Schitt, this looks cool. Imma track this for now, hopefully it will surface in my sea of stories so that I may read it.

Yes... tension is building. This is good.

Some errors to point out.

" “I’m leaving to investigate a strange pheromone that has accorded close to Ponyville.” "

Pheremon? accorded? I think you meant phenomenon and occured, respectively.

Also, minor plot hole... technically Starscream could just go into pony form and explain that he only just got his mecha-form back, and why he wanted it in the first place. That would make more sense than the disconnect in the conversation's logic.

The only other thing that bothers me is your constant referencing of Starscream as a "seeker" which I have no background information on. I always thought of him as a decepticon warrior and commander.

501386 Well Starscream doesn't really want Skyfire to know about it. It's just a minor thing with trust. I guess it would make sense that he would just explain that he just got his Cybertronian mode back and could go back to it at will but I thought of it as something he didn't quite want to tell Skyfire yet.

As far as the Seeker thing is concerned. The term 'Seeker' is a fan name given to the Decepticon jets (Also called coneheads sometimes) . So pretty much all the Decepticons jets (Thundercracker, Skywarp, Dirge, Thrust, Sunstorm, ect.) are all seekers. In the comic books, it was made an official term but never used in any of the cartoons.

502310 Ah, thank you for explaining those aspects.


That is all. Also, you misspelled "borrow" once when the autobots were talking, it's borrow not barrow.

Also, Having Unicorn be the force that's been messing with Celestia is simply...

Will Primus make an appearance in this?
WILL STARSCREAM DIE!? :fluttercry:

This is an interesting turn of events... but there is the notable error in your vocabulary. I think your spellcheck is toying with you. For instance, it's "hostile" not "hostel" and several such things.

Other than that, this is getting more and more interesting. Celestia's gotten nightmare'd, and is hunting unicorn, and all involved parties will meet on equis only to find out that they have to make a truce to keep unicron out of the picture.

other than a few grammatical mistakes, a well written chapter in one of my personal favorite stories:twilightsmile:

I want to read more about Celestia and Unicron :fluttercry:

still a good chapter, aside from a few grammatical issues :twilightsmile:

Why is this so good?! Ten points to Gryffindor.

865860 I'd expect a sidestory there. Now... how long will it be before Unicorn shows up in orbit and the Griffons and the Decepticons and the Autobots and the Ponies all ally?

“Autobot, defend the ponies!” xD My day has been made!:pinkiehappy:

Celestia! What have you done!

WHen did celestias IQ drop to 0?

Celestia you foal!!!!:raritycry: Dont trust Unicron!!!!:flutterrage:

Shining Armor you need to trust people.

I am now VERY concerned for Celestia's sanity...

22 weeks later, I'm finally through the first story. :facehoof:

Oh, and it turns out that Nightmare, not just `Tia, but specifically the Nightmare, is bat guano INSANE! I mean, kill off half the planet in an unending winter due to no sunlight is bad enough. But this... But THIS! This is pure omnicidal INSANITY! Is she so brain dead stupid to think that she can POSSESS Unicron?!? Even G1 Starscreem wasn't THAT loony.

Wait, what? This is a fic revolving around Unicron! The Movie references are built into the storyline! :duck:

*the sound of whispers drifts from off screen*

...what do you mean, he's talking about the Michal Baysplosion films? Isn't Prime set in that continuity? :applejackconfused:

This was a nice chapter, man. :pinkiesmile:

I just cannot wait for the next installment.:rainbowkiss:

Not just Decepticons, now. Thanks to the new Aligned Continuity (War for Cybertron, Transformers Prime, etc), Autobot jets are ALSO called Seekers. :rainbowdetermined2:

Also, please, PLEASE get a Transformers buff as a prereader. I'm loving this story, but reading the dialog is like pulling teeth. :pinkiesick:

Mane Six? You actually had someone in-story refer to them as the Mane Six?!?


"Twilight's Friends". "Element Bearers". `Tia strait up called them "The Elements of Harmony" during the events of Dragonshy. Of all the ways you COULD have said it, you had to go with Mane Six?


WILL STARSCREAM DIE!? :fluttercry:

Well, duh! Remember, the dude has a Spark like the Energizer Bunny. It just keeps going and going, even without a body to house it. We can't NOT showcase that in a Unicron arc.


Okay, make this clear okay. I'm huge fan of Transformers okay. However, I only follow or rather care for a few (G1, Marvel and IDW, Animated, Armada, Beast Wars and War for Cybertron/Fall of Cybertron). This has nothing to do with Micheal Bay's crappy movies or Prime (I honestly don't care to much for it, while I still watch it, I really don't care for it). Second, I agree with the Mane six thing, I actually thought that when I re-read the chapter, thirdly, of you're going to do all this, why don't you be my proof reader?

Kick his butt Grimlock!

Go Grimlock!!!Go

Let the battle begin. This is going to be good.

Great battle but now things get serious. How will everyone fair against the new and improved Unicron. Not to mention Nightmare Moon and Celestia.

Unicron is here. Run for your lives. Or just pray.

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