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Chapter 3 Confrontation

Celestia was currently looking over various books that were left by her parents. Most of these books were one of a kind and many were not available anywhere. Most of them were from the actual scientist and explorers journals and notes. Most of these were said to be destroyed or missing but only Celestia and her parents herself were aware of the true fate of these books.

Most of them were one of a kind history books that were parts of history that is supposed to be forgotten. Being immortals, only they knew of these books and these particular points of history were they are part of. Luna didn’t seem to remember these times and Celestia refused to show her these books…they were hers.

She looked back at a book she’s re-read many times, a book by another Alicorn who made travels out of their planet and show many things he found. The page she always looked at was one of a large planet with horns and hole in-between the horns. It was merely a sketch drawing and it had no information pertaining to the identity of the phenomenon but the name constantly rang through her head, as if she knew all her life.

“Unicron…” she said to herself once again shaking her head. With a grim look, she pushed the book to the side and put her hoof to her head. “What’s happening to me?” she said to herself.

She was aware that she wasn’t being herself and she was also aware that everyone was being suspicious of her recent activity. But she wasn’t going to worry about them, if anything, they were her last concern. She wanted know this creature. Even though she kept seeing this creature, she couldn’t believe it. But after the confrontation with the Transformers, she had to believe that such a being existed if a race of machines existed.

After confirming it from Starscream and learning more than she could have hoped to learn, she figured that it was time to finally confront it.

It called. The name kept on calling her. She could feel it getting loud and louder and her curiosity taking over. But she also kept feeling her heart and mind conflicting. She groaned and shook her head violently “Once I find Unicron, I will be able put my soul and these…desires… to peace.”

With that in mind she made her way out of the private library of books that she kept away from her sister. It was a small room that was magically sealed up, it was right in her room, but to the common eye, it was just another wall.

Just as she sealed it once again, so no one would be aware of its existence, she heard a knock on the door. After the knocking ceased she heard Luna “Tia, my I please come in?”

Celestia smiled “Of Course.” She then used her magic to unlock the large door.

Just as she done so Luna walked in and closed the door behind her “Tia, I know you’re ready to go to sleep but I ask a few things first?”

The Day Princess maintained her smile as she lay on her bed “Yes, I’m going to assume that it has something to do with this morning.”

Luna nodded with concern very clear on her face “Tia, is there something wrong? Ever since the Decepticon attack, you’ve…remained distant. Even Twilight seems to be very worried about you.”

Celestia nodded with a somewhat faded smiled “…I know.” She turned away “I will be honest with you sister, I’ve been going through a rough phase this last year since your return.”

Luna looked horrified taking a step back “But…sister, I’ve not…I mean I did not mean to-”

Celestia shook her head and chuckled “No, it is not your doing Luna. I know that you have done no wrong to me or any since you have resumed your role.” Luna sighed in relief though still looked concerned for her sister “But since then I’ve been feeling…a bit wanting…”

“Wanting? Of what may I ask?”

Celestia stopped, as did her smile completely fading. Should she tell her sister the truth? Or would it be best that she kept this entirely to herself? She considered the fact that perhaps sharing it with her sister would be in the best of interest, but she really didn’t want to drag her into this. Especially since it’s been but a year and a half since her return and she didn’t to make her suffer anymore than she already has from Nightmare Moon.

“I’ve grown tired.” She came up quickly “I’ve wanted a vacation for some time now.”

The Night Princess raised a brow. A vacation? “You wish to take time off from duties?”

“Yes” Celestia smiled “After taking over both the rising of the sun and moon for 1000 years, I’ve been much stressed. Since your return, I’ve been relieved greatly but because of the return of your duties and works that have to be re-established, it’s been stressing me out.”

Luna remained skeptical but didn’t show it “So you wish for me to take over while you rest for a few weeks? I did recently master how to rise to the sun.”

Celestia smiled, she was surprised that Luna was able to raise the sun all on her own, thanks to Celestia teaching her a few weeks before the Decepticons attacked “Would you? I merely ask that you take over my job for a max of two weeks. I need to clear my head.”

Luna smiled and nodded once “I think I can, though, don’t you think that citizens will find it… suspicious? Minus Ponyville, I’m well aware that my reputation is…” she trialed over looking away, her smile disappearing.

Celestia sighed, understanding her sister’s dilemma and got up to comfort her “Do not fret Lulu. I will make a statement tomorrow about you taking over my duties.”

The sisters rubbed their necks to each other in closed their eyes but in truth, neither of them were in truth. Celestia wasn’t going on vacation, and Luna didn’t believe her sister’s claims.

--Florida Everglades--

“Decepticons in sight.” Skyfire said as he flew over in jet form. Most of the Autobots Optimus called for were inside large star ship transformer and they flew through to the location.

Optimus looked at the small computer that was inside and saw what Skyfire was seeing. “Alright, Skyfire, open up the hatch and let us drop. Wait till I give the order before performing an airstrike.”

“Got it Optimus.” The large white star ship said, confirming what Optimus ordered.

With that Skyfire flew low and slow to a narrow path that was in a forest area and opened the front hatch to allow his comrades to exit. They transformed into their vehicle modes and drove off to the low ground. From there Skyfire closed the hatch and flew back up into the air.

“What’s the plan Optimus?” Bubblebee asked his leader as they all drove on down the trail.

“The Decepticons are currently still setting up the space bridge which is less than a mile from where we are. If we can get them to stall by the time we get there. We may get some answers so what Megatron has been up to.”

“Do you want me to buy some time?” Skyfire asked.

“That’s the plan, if the path is clear, we’ll arrive in mere minuets. Start the diversion.” Optimus ordered.

“You got it Optimus!” Skyfire then sped up to start up the attack.

--Ponyville, Rainbow Dash’s home--

Starscream arrived at Rainbow Dash’s/his home tiredly, throwing the device that Dr. Whooves made for him to a small table. What a day, first he was told to explain memories he’d rather not remember, he couldn’t shake the feeling that Celestia was hiding something, got his Cybertronian mode back, which turned out to be more tiring than expected, and again Celestia constantly being brought back up.

The ex-seeker walked straight to the couch and lied down and put his foreleg over his eyes. He really hoped that choosing to stay on Equestria would much smoother than this. He didn’t come into this expecting it to be a walk in the park, but he didn’t expect this kind of stress. Aside from his way of life being changed dramatically and having to learn how to live an organic life, he figured that the most challenging thing he would go through was maintaining his relationship with Rainbow Dash.

The silver pegasus unshielded his eyes and just laid back for a moment “Perhaps I am over analyzing this.” said to himself “But what if the threat is real.” He shook his head. Ever since his transformation he kept on thinking of the worst. First it was the idea of Megatron returning to Equestria and now it was Unicron. In a way, both were farfetched. Taking almost a week to get here is both very far and very energy consuming and Unicron was nothing more than a head. Granted he just disappeared and with no trail to follow but still. He couldn’t just repair himself like that…

It was then he heard a door open. Starscream turned to the door to see Rainbow Dash enter into her own home “Starscream? I almost expected you not to be home anymore.” The pegasus smiled and went to him giving him a small kiss.

Starscream sat up and Rainbow jumped up next to him and he gave a slight smirked, if anyone was going to get him out of a rut, it was her “If the Mighty Megatron couldn’t keep me away, I’m sure nothing will stand against me.”

The blue pegasus chuckled as she leaned forward on him “Now usually it’s me who gets things started with these moments.”

“Hmph, after today, I couldn’t ask for much of anything else.” He said with his small smirk lowering but still maintained his usual signature look. “But at least, I don’t have to worry about Celestia calling Twilight and I anymore.”

At this point she was lying on top of him but bother were at eye level “Oh, she’s finally done asking you about Cybertron and all that junk?”

“Something like that.” He shook his head “Listen Rainbow, I need sometime to let me forget about today.”

Rainbow pulled back and just stared at the ex-seeker “Did something happen today?”

“…Rather I think something is going to happen.”


He shook his head again and got out off the couch “Listen, let’s just say I’ve been worrying all day.”

“About Megatron?”

He chuckled at that “I’m always worried about Megatron returning.” He then turned away “I’m worried about something more dangerous than him or any of the other Decepticons combined.”

Rainbow sat back up on the couch “So, what is it.”

Starscream groaned, he really was getting tired of retelling the story and replaying it in his mind but took a breath and once again explained who Unicron was and his final encounter with the day Princess. If he was willing to tell Twilight, than he was obligated to tell Rainbow Dash as well. After he told her his story she remained silent though she had a similar sympathetic look Twilight gave him.

“Um, yeah, seriously Starscream, I think you’re thinking way too hard about this.” Rainbow said chuckling.

“I’m almost asking for that…” he said to himself though Rainbow could still hear him.

“Look Screamer, I think you need to forget about everything at Canterlot okay. You’re not Second-in-Command or any of that anymore, you’re with us.” She said walking up to him and putting a hoof over him “You know what you need?”

“I’m up for suggestions…” looking at her, trying to get out of his current state of mind.

“Let’s go out. The night’s just starting and I think you could something more refreshing than a night at home.” Rainbow suggested.

Starscream smirked, as he looked at her “For once I have to agree, besides considering how many dates I had to cancel thanks to Celestia, I think I am now forced to give you one.” Starscream wasn’t one for dates really, but focusing on that seemed more appealing than Celestia at this point, especially since it seems everyone thinks he’s crazy.

Rainbow all of a sudden came forward and extreme close to the ex-seeker’s face “You got that right. We’ve been together six months and we had what, two so far, you bet you owe me!” and with that she pushed the seeker gently away to which he merely smirked at. She then started off and looked at the small table in the room and saw the device.

“Hey, what’s this?” Rainbow Dash asked the ex-seeker.

Starscream smirked and walked up beside the blue pegasus “Well, my dear, I’ll show you tonight, this mere device can’t be explained but must be shown. Now mare, let us vacate the premises of your home. We require a night out.”

“You need to work on your lines Screamer.” Rainbow smiled “But I think I’ll get used to them.”

--Florida Everglades--

“Megatron, space bridge uplink complete.” Soundwave said turning away from the console on the large ring and looked to his leader.

“Excellent. Skywarp, Thundercracker, guard the space bridge for 300 thousand astro seconds then report back to Headquarters.” Megatron ordered. “We need to be sure that our activities are unknown by the Autobots.”

The two seekers nodded and did as order as they got in position by the entrance of the large ring space bridge. “Decepticons, return to headquarters for-” Megatron was interrupted by a twin blast of energy coming from the air. The Decepticons looked up to see the larger white and red star ship transformer.

“Why leave the party so soon Megatron!” the ship asked tauntingly while firing again flying over them.

“Skyfire! The Autobots are on to us! Decepticons, destroy him!” Megatron yelled jumping into the air and transforming into gun form, which was quickly in Soundwave’s hand.

The communications officer wasted no time firing the pistol at the larger transformer as well as the other Decepticons offering additional support. The star ship attempted to dodged the laser fire and while his armor was able to resist their attacks, Megatron’s blast, especially in gun form was no easy feat.

It was a direct hit into one of back engines from Megatron that blew off his back engine and lost control. He transformed back into robot mode and crashed into the center of the space bridge.

Megatron laughed as he transformed back into robot mode “A lone Autobot defeating me? I don’t think so. Decepticons get-”

“Think again Megatron!”

All of them turned toward the forest to see Optimus Prime and all of the other Autobots run in and open fire. “Scatter!” Megatron ordered as he returns fire along side his men
In just a few moments, it became a rain of laser fire from both sides. Neither side had much of an advantage, and neither seemed to be winning either.

“Take this Decepti-creep!” Wheeljack yelled firing his shoulder rocket at Thundercracker. The blue jet reacted quickly however, he jumped to the side, avoiding the missile and continued to fire. The missile instead hit a control panel that was on the space bridge.

All of a sudden, a power surge went through the controls and caused it to jump start. The hole opened up in the air as well as the rays of the twirling energies from the ring hitting the wrap hole and causing suction into it.

“Uh, need to work on that.” Skyfire said waking up. He then looked up and noticed the Space bridge had started up. Before he could even react the suction got a hold of him and flew him into the warp hole the space bridge had opened up.

“No!” Optimus shouted “Skyfire!”

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