Friendship is Magic, When All Are One

by RobotFox


Chapter 13 Completion

Luna sighed after performing the task of beginning the next day and letting out a very exhausted sigh as she looked up into her work. It seemed a bit strange but it wasn’t the same as her sister’s. Some ponies have told her that her nights were far superior to Celestia’s when she was doing them. She never really did see Celestia’s nights so she couldn’t compare them but she could easily compare her day from Celestia’s. She couldn’t put her hoof on it but it was a bit different. The light was shinning brightly over the country but it just didn’t hold the same integrity, the sun felt different…she didn’t know.

“You truly are the Princess of the Day sister.” She said sadly, not satisfied with her work but was mostly concerned about her sister as well as stress and concern for her country “Where are you?”

She let another sigh. Because of the situation with the Decepticons and Celestia missing, sleep was limited but she was happy that she was able to sleep a bit before she lowered the moon and raised the sun. She turned back to her bed in hopes of lying down for a bit till she heard a thunderous knock on the door.

“Princess! Princess! We have important Intel!” the pony yelled across the doors.

The panicking voice got Luna’s attention immediately “You may enter!” she yelled across, forgetting her bed at the moment. The pegasus stallion opened the door with a panicked but still uniformed manner. He took a moment to catch his breath before facing her, Luna recognized that this was one of the spies she sent “We’ve found out the Decepticons are calling in reinforcements, we’ve also found out they plan to attack the palace once they arrive.”

Luna didn’t flinch but she nodded “Do you know when they will arrive?”

“No Princess, but we still have spies to watch over them, and will return when their reinforcements arrive.” The spy explained.

She nodded “Well done. Inform the Captain and return to your group with a quick note.” She requested.

The ‘quick note’ as Luna calls it was essentially how Twilight sends her Friendship reports to Celestia. Except it was a concoction of herbs burning on a lamp. The only major difference was the fact that it was sent to Luna instead of Celestia. Luna could receive letters from Twilight through Spike the same way as well but the letter must be addressed to her instead of Celestia.

After that the pegasus stallion bowed and accepted her request he left her and let her be once more. The Alicorn thought back to the many letters she sent out to neighboring countries but was still surprised that she hasn’t heard from the griffins or the dragons. It was true that the previous engagement with the Decepticons was not released beyond the country’s borders (due to the leader’s of these countries don’t often see nor speak to one another) so it’s possible that they didn’t take it seriously, but when has she been one to joke of such a thing.

But at the same time it has only been one night. She was only hoping they pulled it to the side for the night and will get to the letter today. She didn’t know what to request; it was really more of just information to the other countries of what was happening and what was going to happen, as well as information if they knew where Celestia was.

In many ways she felt incompetent, she currently had all the power her country could offer and she felt that she wasn’t doing all she could do to find her sister. Ironically, she was even happier that as Nightmare Moon that she didn’t take over the country, she realized that alone that this was even harder. But difficultness aside, she didn’t know how else to work the situation.

She couldn’t just send her stallions out on a constant search all over the country, not with the Decepticons and the other transformers currently threatening it, the protection of the country and all its civilians were at steak. But her sister could be as well. She had to shake her head; Celestia was more than a capable mare! Perhaps more than herself, as much as she hated to admit it, her sister has shown more a resourceful than she was.

The Princess of the Night walked out to the balcony and saw all the patrolling stallions and many of them preparing for any attack, when ever they will be doing so. She sighed looking at her disappointing day “I hope my day isn’t a reflection of what could be the fate of Equestria…”


The town was surprisingly still active as it was any other day. Despite patrolling guards with assault rifles around the town including Shining Armor were walking about. The market went on as it usually did as well mane six doing their part to get through the day but mostly doing the bare minimal (Fluttershy taking care of animals, Rarity taking care of deliveries of completed clothing, Applejack and Big Macintosh taking care of farm for a bit ect.).

The Autobots kept their integrity and followed all the instructions that the guards were giving them, which most of these were given by Shining Armor himself. After last night Starscream stayed in his pony form and removed the device that gave him his transformer mode back to keep Shining Armor off his back. Currently, Twilight was holding onto the device in the library where she was still working on once again proposing a type of evacuation procedure and get the Mayor’s approval.

However, with this at the moment, peaceful time, constricted, but peaceful, both Starscream and Rainbow Dash took the moment to spend it together, things were tense between the two so it seemed to be a good idea to just let things between the smooth out with casual conversation and not bring up anything related to what’s going on.

Both Rainbow Dash and Starscream were outside of Ponyville somewhat on the way to her cloud home. But there was no intention of going home. Rainbow said they could go get his null rays for his pony form but refused, saying that those weapons would do nothing to the Decepticons.

Both of them were merely looking at the almost risen sun. Starscream wanted to stay away from everyone at this moment. While this included Rainbow Dash, he figured that perhaps having company would probably be for the best. And perhaps this may or may not get Twilight’s sibling off his back. He couldn’t tell.

“Are you sure you don’t want to get your Null-Rays? I mean I know they didn’t do much but still…” Rainbow said as they sat on their haunches looking at the field.

“No. If for any reason it’s to keep Twilight’s sibling to leave me alone.” He answered directly “I don’t care if he trusts me or not, but if I can at least make him give me my space than I’m satisfied.”

“You do know that means you’re going have to avoid Twilight for awhile right?” Rainbow clarified.

“I’m aware.” He answered “When I dropped of the device she told me she was going to get the procedures done if the Decepticons attack Ponyville again.” He turned to her as she was already facing her “Knowing Megatron however, I don’t think he’ll be attacking Ponyville again any time soon. But I don’t know for certain.”

“Where do you think he’ll attack next?”

He put his hoof to his muzzle thinking “I doubt he’d attack Canterlot, usually he doesn’t make a direct attack like that unless he’s in a hurry, and since they got the Space Bridge up and running, I doubt he’s in any particular rush.”

Rainbow merely shrugged “Well, hopefully we’ll be able to keep ahead of them.” She then sighed, realizing that the point of this was to get the situation off their minds, not worry about it any further “Listen Screamer, do you think that, after all this, we can you know…start over?”

“What?” he asked, truly not sure what she was talking about “Start over?”

“Yeah, I mean, we really haven’t done anything, I know it’s not your fault, but with the whole preparing and worrying about Megatron and all that, I mean, don’t you think that maybe…I don’t try again without that…”

Starscream looked at her skeptically raising a brow “What? In case you haven’t noticed it was universally ignored.” He pointed out to which Rainbow looked back, showing she didn’t expect that to be thrown back at her “For the last several months in your time, all the warnings and predictions I’ve made were at best laughed off. The only one who remotely took me seriously was Twilight and even she brushed it off after awhile.”

She chuckled weakly but quickly turned into a sad frown “Yeah I know, look I’m sorry that we didn’t take you seriously when we should’ve okay? I’m just saying that considering how rough it was that last few months, we can…you know, look past it?”

The entire time Starscream kept a neutral expression tainted with a hint of annoyance. “We’ll see…”

‘So much for changing the subject…’ the sky blue pegasus thought to herself realizing that she wasn’t helping the situation or her relationship with him. “So um…what you do last night…you know before you came in and went to bed…and before Shining Armor got in the mix.”

“Eh, Skyfire and I caught up on some things.”

“Okay bad territory.” She said silently, knowing that talking about this wouldn’t do any good. But the same time she couldn’t think of anything for them to talk about. The last six months were not really pleasant as they were uneventful. The first two months consisted of Starscream being on Weather Patrol on and off and all he did then was talk about how they should be aware of Megatron’s return. They went on a date once the entire time and that really wasn’t a date as it was just an event at Sugarcube corner that was interrupted by Twilight telling Starscream that that Celestia wanted to start seeing him.

After that it was months of Starscream hardly ever at home or Ponyville in general. Twilight got to spend all sorts of time with him and at one point she suspected something more sinister was a hoof. But the few time Starscream was seen around and at home he made it clear that romance was the last thing on his mind and Twilight didn’t seem like the mare that would do that. So she quickly ruled it out. They did eventually get another date but it seemed more like an outing as an older sister and little brother, because Starscream was turned into a colt, thanks to Doctor Whooves little experiment to get Starscream’s Cybertronian form back.

She chuckled at the memory “Hey, remember that time the Doc turned you into a colt that one time?”

Starscream gave a warm smirk, which to Rainbow Dash that was a step in the right direction “Yes, you seemed to enjoy the little charade more than I did however.”

“Come on Screamer, everypony wants to be a filly again.” She chuckled actually looking back at her childhood “I’m sure you probably could’ve made some serious bits off that thing or at least the Doc.”

The ex-Decepticon chuckled “Really, well I suppose being able to go back to a sparkling would be something that would appeal to some ponies and Cybertronians.”

“Sparkling?” the sky blue mare questioned. “Like foal transformers?”

“Our youthful stage you can say.”

Rainbow Dash was finally able to sigh with a bit of relief, it seemed she was finally able to make Starscream think off subject and focus on more relaxing thoughts. He was stressed, much justified, the last two days was the longest he’s spent in Ponyville in a long time.

“Well, hey you never told me much about your foalhood…or sparklinghood or whatever.”

The stallion shrugged “In all honesty, there really isn’t much to tell.” Starscream explained, chuckling at the ironic statement “I was just a normal sparkling with the talent of flying and desire to explorer. After that I became a scientist…you know the rest from there.”

“Really, that’s it?”

“Just another bot from Cybertron, nothing spectacular really.”

The mare shrugged slightly disappointed that he wasn’t going into detail. Starscream did tell her about some of the adventures that Skyfire and himself had but he only told her a bit of the many he had. The night before Megatron attack Canterlot six months ago, Starscream told her how he became a scientist and little of his exploration but that’s really about it.

She knew he wasn’t saying everything, considering all the things Twilight learned about him and she didn’t know somewhat peeved her. And she really didn’t know why. Was she just not that conversation worthy? Was Twilight really more conversational than many give her credit for? Granted she asked and Rainbow never really asked. But at the same time ever time they were together something always got the seeker annoyed and angry speaking to him seemed like a bad idea. And right now keeping him calm seemed to be the most logical choice.

“Primus…” Starscream chuckled.

“What?” the pagasus asked curious, considering it seemed a little out of nowhere.

“Look in the field.” The ex-seeker commanded. She did as told just saw day.

“Look at what?”

The stallion chucked again “The sun isn’t set correctly, the shadows are learning to forward this time of day, seems to be a bit delayed.” This was more of a theory but he could tell there was a subtle error in the sun’s position.

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes, she controlled the weather and she didn’t know any of this. “And you tell this by shadows?”

The stallion nodded with a cocky smirk “Of course, I told you I mastered the skies…and in more ways than one.”

“Alright don’t rub it in!” she groaned, she could tell he was get some sadistic pleasure out of this. Decepticon or pony he was still Starscream.

The seeker kept his signature smirk but lowered it slightly as he looked back at the empty field “Any word about your other ruler?” Starscream was usually one to never let anything get by him but he’s been mostly dealing with the Autobots than the ponies as of late.

Rainbow really didn’t want to bring anything up but at the same time, with all of this going on, it was more than just unavoidable “Eh, I don’t know, I guess this would explain the painfully obvious position of the sun who-ha.” She said annoyed but the ex-seeker was internally laughing.

“Yes…so that means Luna is doing to the sun now…” his smirk disappeared but he didn’t seem to get angry but rather annoyed.

“Look, I know what you’re thinking but I think we have something else to worry about right now.”

Starscream shook his head but faced her and made one nod “Agreed, we have something else to worry about right now.”

--Sugar cube Corner--

Bumblebee was alone by the nearby the small bakery mostly just standing there. If anything, he was just another guard that was bigger than the ponies and was made of metal. Not to say he still didn’t feel like a sore thumb to some degree, ponies that walked by would glance at him, mostly out of curiosity, some gave an untrusting glare and others seemed to try and ignore his existence.

Unlike the other Autobots, Bumblebee actually wasn’t entirely used to this. Bumblebee was known, and took some pride in, was the fact that he was able to socialize with organics fairly well, whether it be humans, or whatever. But here, it seemed to be a little different. The organics were either afraid of him or were just surprised to see him. Perhaps it was the fact that this planet wasn’t technologically advanced as Earth and other planets he’s been to but it just seemed a bit strange to him.

“I guess my little claim to fame just wore out.”

It was at this point he noticed a familiar pink mare hopping out of the small bakery with a friendly excited smile. He had to admit that seeing that was a bit strange. While the ponies of Ponyville were trying to move on with their day but this one seemed to be a little more a joy in her step or bounce in this case.

The yellow Cybertronian rolled his optics “Great…not this again…”


The Autobot sighed “Hi…how are you today?”

“Oh I’m fine! I know things have been a bit weird on the whole group but I’m always looking up!”

“I can see that.” The yellow bot said as he finally gave her his full attention, turning to her “What makes you so jumpily…all things considered…”

“I don’t know. I just like to have fun…and Parties!” she exclaimed as she bounced around the taller metal being “But I guess being the Element of Laughter helps too.”

“Elements of Harmony?” the bot questioned before quickly regretting it “Oh no…”

“Oh! I’ll tell you all about it!”

“I’m sure you will…”

--Twilight’s Library--

Twilight assorted a variety of plans she came up with for an emergency evacuation. She was hoping that the Mayor would actually approve of them in case it had to come to this. She hoped that the punctuality of these plans would help out in her cause. The Mayor in a sense ‘pocket vetoed’ the plans she originally sent to her.

A few weeks after the incident with the Decepticons originally, Starscream causally warned them about Megatron returning. She immediately tried to get some kind of evacuation routes made if the town was ever attacked again but the Decepticons. She submitted it to the Mayor but she never made notion of it since. And Twilight herself seemed to forget it as well, having to worry about other things at the time.

Twilight was currently at her desk using an inked feather to writing and drawing out plans on scrolls. “Spike, do we have any more ink?”

The purple and green dragon was upstairs carrying a few books as well as a few scrolls. “I think so, we got some last week.”

The mare nodded as she used her magic to looked into the draw of the desk and found a two ink bottles. She took one, removed the cap and continued drawing her plan.

Spike went to the desired book case started to return the books “Didn’t you do this already like a few months ago?”

“Yes, but I don’t think the Mayor is going to remember those.” She said aloud think internally she thought the exact opposite “After the attack yesterday, hopefully the Mayor will be more motivated to approve of them.”

Spike rolled his eyes as he put a book away “Shouldn’t the town itself be worrying about that?”

Twilight nodded but wasn’t facing Spike. He was right, this is usually an issue the town worried about not a recently moved in librarian from Canterlot. But it was in Twilight’s character to get involved in something that she was good at but perhaps that’s why the Mayor ignored her original plans. She really didn’t know and she didn’t want to judge a mare of which she didn’t know very well…though the little interaction they’ve had hasn’t been a good first impression.

“Yes…you’re right. But I think a small town like Ponyville, I don’t think it worries much about these kind of disasters…well I don’t think anypony does but you know what I mean. Ponyville is not like Canterlot, where it’s a Capitol city and protection of such a large city is very important.”

“Whatever” Spike shrugged as he climbed up a nearby ladder to put another book.

Twilight dropped her telekinetically controlled feather and sighed “Anything from Princess Celestia?”

Spike thought it was a dumb question but didn’t think much of it “Nope, all the letters you sent doesn’t seem to be getting answered.”

“Great…” she said sadly before getting back to the plans. What was wrong with Celestia? “Has Luna sent anything?”

“No, not yet at least.”

This point the door was opened and closed and it was Shining Armor that walked in. Twilight turned her attention to the door and saw her brother approaching with serious but at the same time relaxed expression. “How are you doing Twiely?”

“You know you can knock right?” Spike said rudely as he stared to got to a self and put the scrolls away.

Twilight agreed but ignored both Spike and the lack of knocking from her brother “Hi Armor…how are things outside?”

The Captain nodded once while looked out to the door where he just entered before turning back to his younger sister “Fine actually. Aside from the Autobots, not another one of these machines coming about.”

“Cybertronians.” Twilight corrected “And that’s good.”

“Although I can’t seem to kind the red, black, and silver one.” He said thinking aloud, not remembering his name.


“That’s it.”

“Oh, he’s still in his pony form.” She explained “He felt that after a certain ‘incident’ he should remain as so.”

The white stallion internal had a sense of accomplishment but knew that neither her sister or Starscream himself was happy about this “I wanted to make it clear to him, I’m only trying to protect you and everyone else…”

“I know but it’s been six months!” She didn’t yell but she did make her voice firm “And when he was first stuck with us, he was under our hoof.” She explained further “Within the last few months Starscream and I have been visiting Celestia and I can assure you he hasn’t harmed any pony. A little judgmental and a bit short tempered” she made a small chuckle at a few incidences she remembered “but trust me, he’s not going to hurt anypony.”

Shining just remained silent kept a scowl. He was looking out for his country’s safety. To be fair, Twilight knew more of what’s going than he did and knew practically more about everypony and everybot here than he did. Perhaps he has been a little too skeptical with everything but that didn’t mean he was letting his guard down.

“I know…I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay; I think all of us are on edge right now.”

It was at this point they both heard a loud burp. The two unicorns looked up see Spike holding a rolled up scroll. Spike looked at it for a moment and saw the name “It’s from Luna.”

Twilight had a slight disappointment from the fact it wasn’t from Celestia but didn’t show it. Using her magic, she grabbed the scroll and read it.

Dear Twilight Sparkle,

I have information I wish to share with all of you. My spies have informed me of a planned attack on Canterlot from the Decepticons. I’m going to keep them there in case anything else develops.

Because of this, I’m going to request the Autobots to come to Canterlot. However, I’m going to request Starscream remain in Ponyville. From what I understand he’s the fastest and can quickly come to Canterlot for the fight. I wish for him to remain in case the Decepticons return to Ponyville instead. I’ll be by soon.

I regret to inform you that I have no information about Celestia’s whereabouts still. I’ve sent a few letters but I haven’t received any back. I’ll inform you about anything about my sister.

Princess Luna

“What is it?” Spike asked.

“The Decepticons plan on attacking Canterlot.”

“How she figure that?” Shining asked.

“She sent some spies to watch over the Decepticons’ Space Bridge.” She explained as she put the scroll down “Starscream’s to remain her though to watch over the town in case it the Decepticons attack this town again.”

“So…” Spike said aloud “What do we do?”

“We’ll talk to them and tell them Luna is coming.” She said “Let’s just get them together for now.”


“It is done!” a voice cried out in the mind of Unicron.

It was finally complete. The large being was complete, whole once more. The planet size being millions of miles away from her planet was done. He wasn’t entirely the same though. The head was a little different; it now had a similar horn to Celestia on his forehead. The armor was brighter, it wasn’t just a dark orange but brighter and the sliver was now white with a light glow. Celestia herself was the same as before, just much taller and more power coursing through her.

“Good.” The day Princess said with a smile “With this new power, we’ll be able to protect Equestria against all threats and finally end this needless bloodshed on Cybertron.”

“Then you’re in luck.” Nightmare said with a smile “Both leaders are on Equestria.”

“What?” Celestia said surprised turning to her, for a lack of a better term, enemy. She was looking at a series of monitors that were at the center of the brain of the large being. What she saw was the battle on Equestria between the Autobots and Decepticons.

“No…I’ve been absent all this time when Equestria was attacked?” Celestia said in worry but all of a sudden felt reassurance all of a sudden from nowhere.

“Worry not Princess” Unicron said “We shall go to your planet and restore order...”

“Very well… when we return” Celestia turned to Nightmare “You will leave my sister alone!”

“And all the injustice she has made?” she prodded but was quickly silenced by a shoot of energy knocking the spawn back sliding back.

“I will worry about my sister…and her injustices I was not informed about once I take care of Equestria.”