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For all crossovers dealing with Hasbros Transformers. G1, Beast Wars, Robots in Disguise, Unicron Trilogy, Animated, Prime, and Live-action are all welcome here, and any combination as well.

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I got a Question dose any remember a soundwave and shockwave turn to ponies story if so I like to know if it still up or not?

Someone should make a primus or unicorn displace

So it was lmao right in front of me and i missed it how funny xd.

I know that story, it's ironic that you ask this in a group that was started by the author of said story. It should be in the movieverse folder.

What about a shattered glass crossover

Hello, i am looking for one Transformers crossover fiction and am hoping that someone here knows it. Basically the premise is that a Human gets taken or something of the sort and gets turned into a Human/Transformer hybrid by a Decpeticon (or something else) and gets sent to Equestria and i also believe Optimus and other Autobots make a appearence, i have tried searching groups, and Fimfiction itself but am unable to find it, story is either a year older or more.

Do we need a TLK Crossover?

418991Still doesn't make sense to me... but if that's what the officials say, that's what they say. Probably comes down to one or the other coming about because of the other's success I'm guessing.

They are both considered part of the aligned contintuity. Even though it doesn't really make any sense the two are part of the same canon.

No I means that its where all stories go

I hated they vid.

413433 I like the idea of JL & A

Which one do you think is more interesting:
Transformers vs Godzilla
Justice League vs Avengers

Why are their no stories for robots in disguise. The 2015 series is good and I hope Hasbro dose a crossover with mlp. They are teasing it.

Wait... why the heck are Transformers Prime and War for Cybertron lumped together in the same folder? They're clearly not part of the same continuity. If anything War for Cyberton is cannon with Generation one! :trixieshiftright:

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