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Biography that hasn't been updated in... long enough not to take anythinmg it says too seriously anymore.

If you’re reading this you can consider me genuinely surprised.

As per usual for a brony (or what I presume is usual) I like a lot of things that seem to conflict with the wonderful pristine world of Equestria. Namely conflict. In fact I like it to the point where I see it as a necessity of life. This doesn’t necessarily mean physical harm or war or death or even animosity between rivals, though it usually does end up like that. Simply one individual or faction of individuals striving for advantage over another. It prevents stagnation and maintains the forward momentum of society! :pinkiehappy:

Of course I see this as no excuse to be a heartless jerk and not help people in genuine need. Essentially help others to help themselves so they can compete and contribute to society. :twilightsmile:

But enough with the needless and boring philosophical and political crap. Like I said, I’m interested in well-made and rugged military equipment that was mostly bought on by Halo. Later I found myself falling into Warhammer (the Tau Empire and Necron armies if anyone is interested but these days I mostly buy the models to paint and look awesome) which led me into the war gaming community and to learn one of my favourite games, MechAssult Lone Wolf for Xbox and that it was based off of the matures universe BattleTech. :pinkiegasp:

The combination thereof has inspired many ideas of my own Sci-fi civilisations, their armies and politics. I have had a number of ideas for genuine novels in the works and for the sake of practice I indulged in Fan-Fiction (link to my .net account above) and that in turn led me to amusement at seeing titles like Halo and Dead Space crossed frequently with My Little Pony. A title I remember from a much younger age as one of the garishly pink franchise that always haunted that particular isle of the toy store. Assuming these titles were done purely for the sake of comedy I was a little baffled to find how genuine they were in substance. Eventually I decided to explore this uncovering a fandom of shocking size. :derpyderp2:

Wondering how on Earth such a show had grown a fan base of teenagers and gaming junkies (like myself at the time) I decided to check out the first episode or two. My first thoughts were that it was a fairly typical girls show with some interesting art at most. When Nightmare Moon showed up with her rather impressive design and back story I dared to nibble the bait. Then her form as Princess Luna appeared and I was hook-line-and-sinker-ed and simply had to find out more. It was a level of depth I honestly had not expected from a show aimed at young girls and their families. :rainbowderp:

It took me a couple more months for me to find Fim-Fiction and just as long to gain the courage to register an account, before which I used a file of bookmarks to keep an eye on stories I liked. I still haven’t cleared out the darn thing. (Still haven't, by08/2013.) :twilightblush:

And well, here I am. My first story in the works and may more ideas pining for attention. Cheers to the lot of them one day seeing the light of day. :applejackunsure:

Oh, and if I haven’t made it blatantly obvious in any comments of mine you've read yet I live here…

(Oh, and I'm not the guy in the video, sadly I'm not quite as awsome as he is. :ajsleepy:)

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It's cropped from paradise fillies by dvixie da6r6mg. That said it has disappeared from most places for some reason.

Yo, where's your profile pic from? :rainbowhuh:

Thanks for adding my Star Wars story to your shelf.

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I have returned from my glorious crusade to Manchester! (Summer Sun and first day of BUCK) · 11:29pm Aug 27th, 2013

Yes, I have returned from my weekend at BUCK! The Brony UK Convention. It was awesome. I wish I had a thesaurus now as the word awesome is a little too used to adequately describe it. It was so good I'm honestly looking forward to it next year more then Christmas. Granted, it was my first convention so that may be part of the reason it was so mind blowing for me but I'll be damned if that was all there was to it!

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