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Have you ever posted an intellectual thread in a group, only for it to be deleted, because it's irrelevant to the group's creed?

Have you ever wanted to express your opinion on current events, or maybe some philosophical principle?

Do you have a fic that you think is really smart, but it's not related to any other groups?

Maybe you should consider joining this group.


1) We respect your right to have, and express, your opinion.

2) We also respect your right to have, and express, differing opinions.

3) Expect arguments.

4) Threads do not necessarily need to be related to ponies.

5) We will not condone:

- Name-calling.
Try to keep some form of adult respect for your fellow human.

- Self Promotion.
This is a place for intellectual conversations. Not your personal ad campaign.
(Feel free to post a thread asking for help on a fic, though.)

- Trolling.
This isn't a place for anger, it's a place for discussion.

6) There is an exception to every rule. Is there a reason I put "trolling" right next to this one? Yes, there is.

7) Arguments do not need to end friendships.

I started this group, because I was tired of being in the middle of a stimulating intellectual conversation, and then having the entire thread deleted, just because it was unrelated.

Plus, I think everyone wants to have a smart conversation. They just couldn't, because there wasn't any group for it, yet.

Special thanks for Elric of Melnipony, for making the new banner.

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Hello, everyone!

I just joined a minute ago or so and I thought I would say hello before I took part in any discussions.

Group 200042.
This is off to a wonderful start.

Hmmm... maybe I will gain inspiration from this side of the spectrum, now won't I?

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen.

Thank Pony! Someone who share's my interest! :pinkiegasp:
What state are you in friend! :pinkiesmile:

345363 After what Grant did to my home state, Mississippi, I'd rather not. They've already burned the whole thing down.

I am a secessionist; as such, I have a full-blown hard-on for a second Civil War.

If anyone objects, come at me brethren of the male variety.

I hope this is the group I've been looking for....

Quick! scroll down! She will get into your eye!

Also: Hi! :pinkiehappy:
I just joined this group and thought I'd introduce myself here :twilightsmile:.

I don't know if I will partake in any intellectual discussions, but I will most defnitely lurk :pinkiecrazy:.

Then again, I will probably stumble pretty quickly on some thread that interest me and I will not be able to stop my fingers from replying :rainbowlaugh:.

Oh, I'm also pretty new to the social part of FiMFiction, so any errors or missteps I make are most likely because of ignorance :twilightblush:.

Maybe we should start promoting the group a little bit to attract attention. Maybe casually drop the groups name into a conversation or something.

Thank you, and welcome:pinkiehappy:


I laughed.

Also, hello. I'm new to the group, and I didn't see an "Introduce yourself" thread, so I thought I'd drop a note here. Didn't feel right just jumping into the middle of a discussion without first saying hello.

The more I look at the group's icon. The more afraid I get to blink.

26 more members until we reach our first milestone of 100 members!


Don't worry. I got the joke.

I don't understand. I get the sarcasm wouldn't come through, but in the next sentence I'm mocking myself.

Does that not send the message?

[Apparently not, cause now I have 6 downvotes:fluttercry:]

326642 /)
I would like to see this group thrive. It would be interesting to see what topics of conversation comes up.

I just got so sick of there being nowhere to talk about smart things, just because they weren't pony related.

I made this group for people like us.


Sarcasm is difficult to communicate through the use of text. My advice would be to end it with the Trollestia emoticon next time. :trollestia:

4 negative votes! Do you people just stopped reading after the first sentence?!

Or is the joke that bad?:raritydespair:

"The Intellectuals" group. Pretentious much?:ajbemused:

And does pointing out your supposed pretentiousness makes me feel better about myself? Yes it does

I thank you for the gift you have placed upon my ego, you pretentious bastards

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