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Akasuna no Sasori

Let me show you my favorite puppet.....


Galu! Welcome to my user page!

Name - B.K. (Nickname)

Country - De Deutschland! (Germany)

Nationality - German

Religous beliefs - Christians, I must ask you to stay a distance of at least 50 ft away.

Special Talents - I can speak Spanish, and a little bit of Sindarin. I'm still learning, but I'll be there in a year or so.

I have written a few stories, but I really enjoy anime crossovers where the ponies are slaughtered. My content is usually dark, but I don't tag it as such unless it really deserves it. Read some of my stuff and judge it for yourself.

Past usernames, in order:

1) Akasuna no Sasori
4)Akasuna no Sasori - Current

People I have proofread for:

1)Lionblaze103 - Inner Demons

Major Site Achievements!

1) Troll a moderator (Alexstrazsa)
2) Have a story considered dark enough for Knighty to delete it.

Swear fealty to His Grace, King Stannis of The Wall!

Famous birthdays I care about:

1) Robert Edward Lee - January 19, 1807
2) Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson - January 21, 1824
3) Adolf HItler - April 20, 1889 (My birthday was 7 days later. Coincidence? Or evidence of a cosmic force at work?)
4) Mark Wahlberg - June 5, 1979
5) Matt Damon - October 8, 1970
6) William "Bill" Clinton - August 19, 1946

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882497 Well, you can troll a moderator without being banned.

But, Alexstrasza was pretty butthurt, because I carried the trolling on for over 3 days.

So he gave me a 24 hour ban, and I trolled him again a different way. Wasn't banned, and I got to troll him.

How does one troll a moderator without being banned?

I can feel your butthurt. It's such a shame people nowadays don't have the brain to ignore something they don't like. It's like... their opinion differs, so then it's like, they have to go out at the other person and spend their time trying to make their life worse. That's just rude... You're a rude person. :( 0/10 would not date

881284 A good troll admits when he's a good troll. And I know I'm a good troll. Not the greatest, so you're right. I'm not the king....yet.

881232 A good troll never admits to being a troll therefore you are not the "king ".

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