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The magic comedy hoers.


I'm sorry I've been so busy. · 1:29am Yesterday

I have no idea when updates for anything are going to happen. Between family drama, me moving into my new trailer, and a bunch of other shit, I've also been working on my new Youtube channel. It's called Gamin Daemon, and I've already got a Let's Play on it for Here They Lie. Not all of the episodes are uploaded yet, because I scheduled them to upload weekdays at noon PST, but the game is done, and the last episode is scheduled

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Thank you very much for the fave!

came here because Schaude did a thing, and then the world was saved thanks to... the strangest pony ever!

Thank you so much for the favorite! I hope you enjoy and please like, we might hit front page today.
Also leave comments! I like talking to people, it's nice to make friends.

Tea or coffee?

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