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This story is a sequel to Schadenfreude HATES MAGIC

Schadenfreude has always played by the Rules of the Game. Break a rule on the list? Get a punishment. Break four? Well.

Twilight Sparkle, on the other hand, was new to the Game, although familiar with the players. Which she really should have thought about when she tricked Schadenfreude into violating multiple rules on the list at once.

So for Schadenfreude, it was a month of community service. For Twilight Sparkle? A trial by fire of working side by side with her new employee.

And the School of Friendship's newest substitute teacher.

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This story is a sequel to Schadenfreude Does a Thing

Schadenfreude does not like magic. Whenever it shows up, he gets hurt. Now, he has his own, personal curse to deal with, and had no one left to ask but the Rainbooms.

Who, if they can stop laughing, are more than willing to help fix his problem.

Oops, sorry. Hers. His? It's complicated.

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This story is a sequel to The Adventures of Schadenfreude

Schadenfreude goes to get a pizza for Blueblood. It goes about as regularly as a fiberless diet.

(With a special guest! Kind of. It gets weird. You've been warned.)

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Once, during a brief conversation between Luna, Celestia, and Discord, the Spirit of Chaos lets slip a piece of information that neither he nor Luna could possibly know, having been imprisoned for a thousand years. Upon further interrogation, Luna confesses that neither she nor Discord were truly imprisoned for the millenium they were absent.

They resided in Tirelic, a parallel world where the night never ends, where abominations of terrible origin and conspicuous means make trade and commerce, and where everything is more than it ever could have been anywhere else. A land where beasts and ponies, gods and mortals, and everything in between made their homes, their lives, and their living in the place that should be impossible in the plane of existence that is improbable.

The world where Tirek won. The world where he still rules.

And where he's been waiting for Celestia for over a thousand years.


An old collab with RainbowBob, including original Author's notes/commentary. We never finished it, so it's posting as complete because that's all there is! I tried finding it recently and it had disappeared everywhere! Except, of course, my cloud drive. Heehee.

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This story is a sequel to The Adventures of Schadenfreude

Once a week, Spike gets his friends together to play Ogres and Oubliettes. It's his favorite game. This time, he has DIscord, Big Macintosh, Shining Armor...

and Schadenfreude.

The bard.

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This story is a sequel to YOU HAVE BUCKED UP NOW.

Twilight Sparkle has had it up to HERE with having to dole out punishments, reprimand authority, and in general be left out of all the fun things. So when the Cutie Map sends her on her own expedition to foreign lands with a bunch of her friends and a bird pirate, she jumps at the opportunity.

There was a lot of booze involved. And shoggoths.

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This story is a sequel to The Adventures of Schadenfreude

Schadenfreude has nothing to do. He's bored. Bluey's gone for a few days, his friends are all busy, and, oh, Ponyville is on lockdown thanks to the apocalypse.

Really he just wants some froyo.

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This story is a sequel to NOW YOU BUCKED UP.

When a new, strange kingdom of magic is discovered to the far west of Equestria, the Royal Sisters take an entourage and investigate. Which nearly sparks ANOTHER international incident.

Once again, they don't bring Twilight. And ONCE AGAIN, she's left to clean up the mess. Which involves yet another very long letter.

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It's finally here: summer vacation. The girls celebrate by gathering all their friends (-ish) and piling into a bunch of cars to drive down to Miami Beach for what is hopefully an amazing weekend. Unfortunately, they have to get there. Which involves five cars, eighteen teenage girls, and thirteen hundred miles.

One car, in fact, the very last car, is a hodgepodge of stragglers: Adagio Dazzle, not wanting to spend eight hours a day in a car with her sisters; Sugarcoat, by virtue of being late to the party; Trixie Lulamoon, the tagalong; Maud Pie, who just wanted to spend time with her friend Trixie; and Sunset Shimmer, the unfortunately generous soul who decided to drive them all.

Here's hoping her generosity lasts longer than that cliff edge does.

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This story is a sequel to The Adventures of Schadenfreude

Sunset Shimmer doesn't ask for much. She has great friends, a good life, good grades, and has even made peace with her mentor, Princess Celestia. Everything else, she works. for, and she's happy to do it. Including the forgiveness of her fellow students.

Deciding that the best way to make up for her mistakes with the student body, especially those of the last Fall Formal, is to take this year's Formal into her own hands, she applies for the position as Chairman of the Planning Committee. Unfortunately, it seems that some of the teachers haven't forgiven her, either. So they decide that, if she truly wishes to make up for her mistakes, she must do so by working with a member of the student council, it's Sergeant at Arms, as co-Chairman.

Which is me. Pleasure to meet you. I'm Schadenfreude.

And this is how the world ends.

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