• Published 7th Mar 2018
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Too Many Everything - Daemon McRae

Eighteen girls. A two-week trip to and from Miami Beach. Five cars. This story is about one of them.

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Car Talk 2 (Truth or Dare 1)

Author's Note:

I felt slightly risque this morning.


“Oh come on!”




“It’ll be fun!”


“...when we get to the hotel I’ll do that thing with the silk gloves you like.”




“Yay!” Adagio cheered, bouncing cutely in her seat. They’d long since left the plaza, their stomachs full, and had only passed by one or two cop cars pulling into the lot when they’d left. Adagio had been bugging Sunset for a game of Truth or Dare since they’d merged back on to the highway. “Ok, truth. Hmm… Oh! So when did you figure out you were a lesbian?”

The girls in the back seat, to their credit, had been doing a good job up until that point ignoring the bickering between the not-really-a-couple-but-please-stop-making-out-in-public duo in the front. With Adagio’s question, however, Trixie’s ears perked up at the thought of juicy gossip, Sugarcoat tilted her head slightly towards the front of the cab, and Maud sat up and paid attention. Whther to be polite or because she was actually interested, it was hard to tell. (Although she was, in fact, interested. Truth or Dare was her favorite game next to Rock Hunt, which she’d been playing on her phone till then).

Sunset shrugged. “Wasn’t hard. The majority of Equestria is either lesbian or bi. The gender ratio is super skewed. Like 5 girls to one boy.”

“Wait, how have you not gone extinct with numbers like that?” Sugarcoat asked.

If Sunset dared take her eyes off the road to give her the look she was holding back, she would have. “Uh, cause sex is awesome? Most stallions usually don’t have a problem with multiple girls trying to hop their rod. Polyamory is super common over their. Actually, it would be weirder if I was straight; mares who like guys exclusively are pretty uncommon, especially since the free world is led by two of the most attractive beings on the planet, and they’re both female. As for me, I guess a better way to answer that would be to say when it was I figured out I didn’t like boys at all. Although that’s not much of a story in and of itself. Found a stallion I thought was the acceptable definition of cute, threatened to tell Princess Celestia if he didn’t come make out with me, and only got 5 seconds into anything before I figured out that none of my switches were flipping. Honestly, I think I scared him so much that he really didn’t care that he wasn’t doing it for me; he just wanted to leave.”

Adagio crossed her arms and pouted. “Well that’s boring. Totally wasted a turn.”

Sunset rolled her shoulders. “Eh, try harder. Anyone else want to play?”

Sugarcoat shrugged, Maud nodded politely, and Trixie bounced like a rabbit on a pogo. “Ooh, ooh, Trixie LOVES Truth or Dare!”

Adagio eyed her like prey. “Oh, realllllyyyy?”

“Ah, ah, ah!” Sunset scolded. “MY turn. So… Sugarcoat. Truth or dare?”

“Truth,” she answered casually, to no one’s surprise.

“Ok...” Sunset considered. “If you had to pick one girl out of this road trip to drag into a hotel room for four hours of the most exhausting sex you could manage, who and why?”

Shimmer expected her to at least mull the question around in her head for a second, but without a moment’s hesitation, she answered, “Twilight Sparkle. And I’d make her dress up as that demon chick from the Friendship Games while we do it.”

Adagio purred lightly. “Mmmm, that sounds deliciously transgressive.”

Sunset’s raised an eyebrow into the rear view mirror. “And why exactly?”

Sugarcoat sat up, rolled her shoulders, and gave every indication she was now completely engaged in the conversation. “Because of all the people I’ve ever met, no one, and I mean NO ONE, needs to get fucked harder than Twilight Goddamn Sparkle.”

There was a general murmur of consensus around the car, and an ‘Amen to that!’ from Adagio. Even Sunset had to agree. “Well, you’re not wrong. I mean, I love the girl like a sister, but if she doesn’t get some soon she might turn into a grumpy cat lady. And she’s STILL the only one of us with a boyfriend!”

“I have a boyfriend,” Maud said stoically.

Sunset almost swerved off the road. “WHAT?!”

Trixie rolled her eyes. “Yes. As much as it pains the Great and Fabulous Trixie to admit, Maud got a boyfriend before I did. And he’s… um...”

Adagio’s phone chose that exact moment to ring. “Yes? Oh hi. Yes. Really? Ok, hold on.” She fiddled with the Bluetooth controls for a second. “It’s Pinkie,” she explained.

Soon the car came to life with Pinkie’s voice. “His name is Mudbriar and he’s actually the most annoying human being I’ve ever met and he’s nowhere near good enough for my bestest sister friend ever ever but she likes him and he’s not bad to her so I have to pretend I like him while he’s around even though I’d rather sell all of my party supplies in a garage sale!”

The girls, sans Sunset, all turned slowly to look at Maud, who was grinning ever so slightly. In fact, the only reason they were sure she was grinning was the fact that she answered with, “I know.”

“Raaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh!” Pinkie exclaimed, then hung up.

Sunset smirked lightly. “Are you really just dating him to annoy your sister?”

“It’s Sugarcoat’s turn,” Maud answered.

“...hmmm,” said Sunset quietly. She’d have to keep an eye on that one.

Sugarcoat turned her attention to Maud. “Truth or dare.”

“Dare,” Maud said.

“Ok. I dare you to… no we’re headed to the beach anyways. How about… no, you just said you had a boyfriend. Oh, ok. I dare you to read out the last text your ‘boyfriend’ sent you,” Sugar said finally.

Maud pulled out her phone and tapped it a few times. “Well, his last text was about the flooring in his house, so… oh. He’s sent a new one.” There was a pause as she read it, then something amazing happened. Maud Pie… blushed.

To describe it in words would be an insult. The only justice the literary arts could do for such a sight would be to describe the reactions of those in the car around her. Trixie fanned her face furiously as her eyelids fluttered. Sugarcoat’s eyes widened so intensely that not only was she sowing a genuine emotion besides scorn, but the involuntary flexing of her face muscles forced her glasses off her face. Adagio crossed her legs tightly and bit the shoulder of her seat as she was fully turned around and staring at Maud with nothing less than barely restrained animal lust.

Sunset had long since pulled the car over and was panting intensely as she muttered extremely NON-sexual phrases to herself. “Football. Bad math. Stupid people. Football. Bad math. Stupid people...”

Maud swallowed a few times, and read the text out loud: “I hope you have a good time when you’re at the beach. I’d say you should look for rocks as pretty as you, but sadly we remain on this side of the divine curtain. Have fun, and be safe. I love you.”

The phone rang again, this time through the Bluetooth system. Sunset almost punched the screen to answer the call. Over the phone, Pinkie called out, “Aaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! I still hate him! But less so!”