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What? Where am I? Well, I seem to have landed in some strange place that looks like the Sugarplum Fairy caught the flu. Time to make myself a new alias and try to blend in...


A reminder about DRM and why it's bad · 6:18am Dec 9th, 2022

I thought I may as well make a blog post, given that the International Day Against DRM is coming up. You can go read the Defective By Design team's writeup, if you want to skip mine.

Essentially, DRM is a technology that was originally designed as a copyright protection measure. This sounds... not terrible, at least at first.

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Assorted babblings I feel the need to say

Okay, so. For those of you who visited this page, I thank you. Not really sure why you would, since I have no stories, but I assume you think I have good taste and want to raid my Bookshelves. For that reason, some of my favorite stories are listed below. Check my Library for rather a lot more...

I also have a few blogs that I'd love for you to read or comment on. Take a look!

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Thanks for faving A demon in Equestria and Enjoying A Great and Powerful Adventure :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for adding Sunset In Azeroth to your files!

Thanks for tracking my tales. Horse Play has a chapter to go, but Restart is complete.

If you are tracking Cosmic Lotus, be advised that it is complete, as is my companion tale to it, Purple Point: His Life in Space. If you like the one, you should like the other.

I think at least one of those I been reading before, but it was marked complete? I'm not actually sure. Either way, I'll try to read them.
Just please don't wait too patiently; my list of stories is far larger than I currently have time to read. I'll get there eventually...

Thanks for the track! I hope I don't disappoint.

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