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What? Where am I? Well, I seem to have landed in some strange place that looks like the Sugarplum Fairy caught the flu. Time to make myself a new alias and try to blend in...


My least favorite feature of updating the OS · 1:42pm Aug 16th, 2018

As you probably didn't know, I am a fan an of open-source software.

There is one place where I feel that it fails badly, however: the desktop environment. (But Window$ 8+ has messed that up too, so it's not like there's a loss. :trollestia: You may actually note that Windows has many of the same "features" that I complain about. Also, the less said about 8, the better. I've never seen a worse start menu, and 10 hasn't completely recovered.)

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Assorted babblings I feel the need to say

Okay, so. For those of you who visited this page, I thank you. Not really sure why you would, since I have no stories, but I assume you think I have good taste and want to raid my Bookshelves. For that reason, some of my most favorite stories are listed below.

It's not at all inclusive since I can't always match the name to the story I am thinking of, so it might get skipped in favor of one whose name I can (not that this makes it NOT one of the best stories I have read, but simply that my memory is horrible). Also because the site won't seem to let me add more than three favorites boxes here.

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I think at least one of those I been reading before, but it was marked complete? I'm not actually sure. Either way, I'll try to read them.
Just please don't wait too patiently; my list of stories is far larger than I currently have time to read. I'll get there eventually...

Thanks for the track! I hope I don't disappoint.

Hey, can I get a full-size version of your profile pic? Thanks?

I wanted to thank you for going through Changeling and commenting on each chapter. It's great to see what a new perspective on the story is during a first read!

Okay. Good to know; it sounded interesting. I'll move it back.

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