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"The body exists only to verify one's own existence."

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Some Tweaks to Nighttide Star · 9:11pm Sep 30th, 2017

Art by ventious

No major news, just some editing of the original story, content revisions, a character makeover, and sprinkling of chapter illustrations. Details below the break for those interested.

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Report Vertigo-01 · 216 views · Story: Nighttide Star · #nighttide star


Hey there! Thanks for checking out my page.

Who am I?

- A 28 year old egghead with six figures of college debt.
- B.S. Psychology, M.A. Marriage and Family Counseling.
- Lover of sunsets, rainbows, tired eyes and smiling faces.
- Fan of shipfics and sad tales, but I love getting invested in a good adventure too.

Feel free to check out my other stuff as well:
Tumblr - DeviantArt

A Touch of Vertigo - Stories I've pre-read or edited

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2548098 Well, thank you for the follow and hope if you check out any of my stories that you enjoy them. :twilightsmile:


You know what's weird? I was over at the Fimfetch archive just yesterday scrolling to see what stories of mine had been added, and I saw another Vertigo – specifically you! Crazy timing! :twilightsmile:

A fellow Vertigo? :pinkiegasp:

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