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Arreis Of Avalon


Blep · 5:39am Nov 23rd, 2022

What if I just like casually started updating again in the year of our lord 2023?

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An Incredible Series · 10:17pm May 9th, 2015

While clicking randomly around FiMFiction today, I came across a strange looking fiction.
I read this, and thought "What? Why would this happen? Why would this nightmare, in particular, plague Twilight Sparkle?"
Then I read the author's note. I clicked a very special link.

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Oh neat. Pm me if you ever wonna talk on discord?

Hey, cool to hear from you! I'm not bad, though barely in this fandom anymore. I still plan to return to these one day, but I'm more on Ao3 nowadays lol. <3

Hey there man I'm here after restarting from nioniosbbbb(see my blog for that) and I miss talking to you. Are you ok? How you doing?

You still around?

I knew that Rainbow Dash would become something along the lines of Trust. Break it, and she breaks you kinda deal. But her section that I have written is... lackluster, to say the least. As for Pinkie Pie, I think she boiled down to Survival. Laughter to get through it all, you know?

I really really wanna go back and heavily edit this one. I never really had a plan for where this story was actually going. I think my ability to write has gotten better since I started this. I could do a lot better :)

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