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Arreis Of Avalon


Absentia, Chapter 8: Fall · 1:53pm February 7th

It's all over. It's the end, finally, and both of them realize that. There's only one last thing to do.
Clear. Fly. Fall.

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An Incredible Series · 10:17pm May 9th, 2015

While clicking randomly around FiMFiction today, I came across a strange looking fiction.
I read this, and thought "What? Why would this happen? Why would this nightmare, in particular, plague Twilight Sparkle?"
Then I read the author's note. I clicked a very special link.

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2077698 after a long night of thought, i realized why im drawn to changelings... i have relied on others love, in one form or another, to keep me going, but never felt it myself. i have seen the horror humans cause. but also... the happiness.
after all i have gone thru my body is toughened, scarred and even crippled to some degree. much like a changeling, i am able to sense the emotions others have to a small part, and am draw to the good emotions. but feeling them myself is hard. mostly alien. its a wonder im still alive.
i would like to thank you for posting those stories. its new hope for me.

2077312 Wow... Thank you very much for your comment. I'm sorry you've had such hard times in your life, but I am very happy to know my writing could help change you in some way. I Am His Queen will be continuing, don't worry. I'm even contemplating (but don't hold me to this one) making it a trilogy, depending on how things go. Thank you very much for reading. :)

servent of the queen, and i am his queen...
those stories started me down a path thought id never find again. i have locked my emotions up long ago. with all that has happened in my life, i had to lock them away. (not even seeing my closest friend cut in half near me could bring a tear) even happyness. those 2 stories picked that lock, heck it picked the 13 locks i had on it. AND broke the welding seal.... 17 years of emotion... im in a sea of emotions without so much as a stick to keep me afloat. i want to see 'i am his queen' completed. great story with so much possibility.(and some dam good tools lol) keep up the devine work.

1930570 good for you:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

1930452 Oh, I'm not doing too bad. It's been a bit hectic around here lately, but in two days I'm going to a mini-con, so that's brightened my life lately!

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