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"Except our own thoughts, there is nothing absolutely in our power." -Descartes

Fluttershy and Discord have become very good friends lately.

Now if only she could convince him that she's not in his imagination...

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Interesting idea.

Obs wrote a thing. Tremble in fear...

Liked b4 featured.:rainbowkiss:

Ew gay

3865442 This fic is biggest faggot.

Boy, you certainly touched on a LOT of psychology with this one...

...Feel like I need a shrink now.

~Skeeter The Lurker

There are few occasions where I know for absolute certain that I'm going to love something before I read it, and like/fav preemptively. Maybe three in the last year (sequels notwithstanding).

This is one of them.

A sqorglethox, like the one before, trotted past them. She waved at it with an errant tentacle, but it hardly even seemed to notice her, much less Discord.

Great, now I'm not sure Fluttershy isn't a figment of Discord's imagination.

Really, with that much power, how could he tell?

... Wow. That was certainly something, and not the sort of something I expected you to something either. It was a very something something for sure.

The featured box is screwed.

Imagine that you could imagine everything.

Easy: Whack him with a cosmic frying pan a few times. :trollestia:

And then Discord turned several unnamed background ponies into fruit.

Ever read William Tenn's "The Brooklyn Project"?

I can only assume Discord senses the changes going on around him, even if no one else does. But really, wouldn't it be more fun if he didn't?

Obs, I know you love me, but you didn't pay the licensing fee to use my name.

I think you broke my brain... :twilightoops:

At least I know I'm not a part of his imagination, noticed the lack of skeleton in my arm immediately.:ajsmug:

At least I know I'm not a part of his imagination, noticed the lack of skeleton in my arm immediately.:ajsmug:

Why did Fluttershy turn into a squid/octopus for a little while? Or did I accidently skip something?

Ah yes. The old "How to know if you're an all-powerful, crazy god of chaos?"-spiel. The answer is "five tons of flax", of course.
I wonder if Celestia ever visited Twilight with a similar question...

Oh Discord, you whacky omnipotent being you.

Had fun reading this one. The changes were a bit blatant, but the effect wasn't really impacted by this. Also, you got to use 'errant tentacle' in a sentence describing Fluttershy - that's got to count for something!

Comment posted by No more account deleted Feb 12th, 2014

Hope this is just Chapter 1. So many possibilities with it. And loved how Discord could change them without them even being aware of it. Bet he could do the same with other aspects as well, like personalities, speech patterns, maturity, and more.

To me, he could effect nearly anything. But, souls and willpower is something no deity can truly control, at least not directly. Influence and control are two different things, however.^_^ And souls and their willpower could explain how even lowly mortals can surprise him. After all... whether or not he created something, there's countless proofs in life and in fiction that 'just because you created something, doesn't mean you can control it'.

In regards to changing others, bet he could cause Rainbow to act quite unlike herself easily if he chose, and she'd never even notice. XD Thing is, if he changed somepony without them noticing... would others notice instead? That could be quite chaotic... the changed pony thinking they were always like that, and everyone else believing otherwise.

Oh, or he could change the memories of everyone except the pony to be the victim, so as to test to see if it could lead the individual to think they really have changed and would need to ask Discord to change herself back, when in fact, she's not the one whose memories or personality has changed. That could be interesting, in regards to the stubborn Rainbow Dash. XD

Obs, why is it that you constantly come out with interesting stories? I need to read something by you.

It doesn't really matter now, does it? If he's really that powerful then all he needs is to say six little words... "I want this to be real."

After all, debating the nature of existence is an awful lot like arguing semantics.

So the reason he's secretly in love with Twilight is that he really likes arguing with himself? :twilightblush:

Luckily, the third-person perspective here allows us to confirm that Fluttershy does indeed have an independent existence of her own. Hooray for the circumvention of existential dilemmas!

Oh, here's a thought for the real reason why the Elements worked on him. Until the 'humans' started to observe his world from their reality, Discord himself was unaware of how 'fake' his own world was. And us, watching his world, is what awoken him to this fact. Who knows? Maybe he could pull what he did with Fluttershy here by changing things without their knowing, do so in such a way to appease the fans somehow or something.

mid reading still but

Fluttershy stopped to think about it for a moment. She raised a tentacle to scratch her head


best line/moment/joke I have seen

one more

She felt all her hearts beat faster in her chest just thinking about it


stop it I cant take it anymore its way too damn funny for me for some weird reason :rainbowlaugh:

She waved at it with an errant tentacle

awww man I finished it, and now I join the legions of confused readers :twilightsmile: by the end I was expecting Fluttershy to say something like "Discord, when are you giving me my hoofs back?" :pinkiecrazy: Like Fluttershy being calm about all the weird changes where just her way of giving Discord a prank of her own, but now it could very well be that Discord indeed created the ponyverse :pinkiecrazy:

3866040 Doubtful. Are you sure your brain isn't running on fat16?

3865924 Two possibilities. One, Discord is right and Fluttershy really IS a figment of his imagination. Two, his assumption of this caused his magic to turn Fluttershy into whatever it was she turned into while modifying her mind temporarily so that she was unaware of the fact she'd been changed. That's probably what he meant by "I think I’ve already proven my point. You aren’t quite real. If you were, you’d have noticed."

mmm, I think I like it. I like it a lot :twilightsmile:

3866419 Thanks! I tend to miss things like that. I guess that's what I get for a being a hasty reader.

3865924 Discord was proving to himself that Fluttershy wasn't real by changing her appearance and seeing if she'd notice. Since she didn't react to suddenly having a tentacle, that meant that he was controlling everything and that in fact, the world around him was fake.

wow. very trippy. loved it

Damn. That was really good. One of the most thoughtful takes on Discord's status as an omnipotent being. I'm pretty sure it's all in Discord's head (at least, that's what this seems to be pointing to), but I do like how Fluttershy still managed to surprise him at the end. Kind of sad, but since it's from Flutter's perspective we only get a glimpse at that side of the story.

3866448 Which of course is not necessarily true, because Discord's magic could easily also cause Fluttershy to be oblivious to the change.

I guess i wasn't really paying attention, because i didn't notice anything wrong until i got to the part with the squorglethox. I did a double take there.

Cogito ergo sum, but I'm not too certain about the rest of you.

3866561 And if his fears can manifest themselves without his wanting them to (which seems to be implied by what he said earlier about the Elements of Harmony), his fear that she wouldn't notice might make her not notice without his actually wanting to: there's a terribly problematic "observer effect" going on here.

On the other hand, Equestria's sky wasn't orange in the past (as far as I can remember. :pinkiecrazy: ) so there's a question as to whether this is "Canon" Equestria...

(Of course, someone might call Discord's perhaps-bluff. "Ok, if you're so powerful, let's see you _actually_ create another full-sized planet! Up there past the sun and moon, with it's own sun and moon! And make its dominant species, hm, monkeys! Yes! Upright-walking giant naked monkeys! Who have a super-civilization based entirely on material forces!")

PS - Rene Descartes lived long before we figured out the existence of the subconscious, of course.

I don't get why the sky was orange at the end when everything was suppose to be back to normal, otherwise I loved it.

As soon as Fluttershy's 'hearts' started beating faster I knew there was something fishy going on.

Does the origin of anything outside yourself even matter if you're a sufficiently powerful being?

In this case, if you want something to be, it is. It can made retroactively. It can be made to have always existed. You could make something that's existed before you did, and erase the truth of your action from yourself. So yeah, meaningless.

Though I guess if you want to nitpick, you can argue that a sufficiently powerful being can't hide the truth from itself. But that brings up the old argument "Is there a being powerful enough to be incapable of suicide?".

I think I'll stop here. Paradoxes give me headaches.

Woah. That hurt me on the inside- Like all my feelings just mish-mashed into one giant ball...
I need to go lay down; Think about life for a bit

3866274 Does it really? Discord does have a vivid imagination, and the letter was on her table when the story began, so there isn't actually any part of the story without Discord

Comment posted by No more account deleted Feb 12th, 2014

"Give Fluttershy the D."
-Rene Descartes

He was a wise, wise man.

3867119 One word answer to that: sunset.

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