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The sudden and unexpected loss of Fluttershy was one of the most tragic events to have struck Ponyville in living memory, and most of her friends have struggled to accept the fact that she is gone.

It's a good thing Discord isn't like most of her friends.

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... it's too early to have my Feels kicked this hard... :applecry:

Right in the feels... and the funny bone as well:facehoof:

Dammit discord your supposed to prepare properly, it's the first time seeing fluttershy in the after life and you mess up the script :ajbemused::facehoof:

Also there should be a sequel when the rest of the mane 6 dies and discord goes to see them all. That would be hilarious, I can just imagine the reaction on twilights face :rainbowlaugh:

Both funny and tragic. I feel bad for laughing. I really do but I can't stop. *face palm*

I laughed.

Wonderful reference to TNG: Tapestry

Finally -- a positive twist on that whole "outliving" thing, for once!

...........I love that this is a thing, I just hate I never got my version out first. XP Congrats on a good job!

No, that can't be, Discord can't be god. The universe is not so badly designed. :twilightangry2: :rainbowlaugh: Funny fic, too bad Discord didn't give Fluttershy a chance to go back in time and fix her mistakes, such as not making out with Rainbow Dash when she had a chance.

At least there's little chance of Discord going rogue again after their deaths. Unfortunately for them their afterlives probably won't be that peaceful either.

That is definitely a Discordian Demise Demense.

... Actually, considering how easily he makes reality do tricks and standup comedy for his amusement, Discord being God, or at least the local God, wouldn't really surprise me. He certainly has the power for it.

Either that, or he and the Tree of Harmony are two halves of what was once God, and he got the lion's share of the more physical powers, while Harmony got the conceptual stuff.

Huh, now I have a new headcanon...

This was pure, unfiltered Discord and I love it.

Y'know, i kinda feel sorry for whoever has to keep reality in check in Equestria.

Between discord and Pinkie's antics and Twilight's knack for attracting and/or dealing with ancient eldritch abominations and world altering lunatics with too much raw magic (No offense, Starlight) it's a wonder they haven't run out of replacements for all these broken dimensional walls and natural boundaries. :rainbowlaugh:

Also, sheep-trumpet, totally need to get me one of those. :pinkiehappy:

I feel like this needs a sequel. The rest of the Mane 6 trying to comfort Discord, and he's trying to act sad without blurting out the funniest thing Fluttershy said during their tea party last week.

This was the perfect combination of touching and hilarious. Have your 100th like. :yay:

Maybe the others would be a little bit jealous of Discord, but I would think that they would feel better knowing that she's doing great and that they now have another chance to say goodbye (maybe have Discord give her a letter from all of them). Hell, he should mention that she's hanging out with Applejack's parents just to throw Applejack for a loop. :rainbowlaugh:

Discord waved a hand dismissively. "Blasphemy. You're lucky I don't smite you or cast you out or something. The bottom line is, your life ended about five minutes ago, under the inept ministrations of Doctor Beverly— hold on, something's not right here." A stack of papers appeared in Discord's hands, and he flipped through the large document rapidly. "Oh phooey, I've got the wrong script!"

That was a great Star Trek episode.

Oh, right in the feels!

Oh wait, right in the funny bone. Eh, go figure.

Great story!


Sequel. Also, Discord's gonna be waiting a long time, you know, like forever before seeing Fluttershy again because of Twilight. :ajsmug:

Discord is definitely hard to write, but you pulled it off pretty well! Kudos.

A fantastic balance of solemnity and hilarity, neither cloying nor excessively over the top. Great use of the Apple parents, and the TNG reference was delicious icing on the cake.

Also, I have to admit, you did surprise me. I was expecting the trumpets to sound like kazoos.

Thank you for this.

When you're friends with Discord, you have a friend for lifeever. :)

Discord waved a hand dismissively. "Blasphemy. You're lucky I don't smite you or cast you out or something. The bottom line is, your life ended about five minutes ago, under the inept ministrations of Doctor Beverly— hold on, something's not right here." A stack of papers appeared in Discord's hands, and he flipped through the large document rapidly. "Oh phooey, I've got the wrong script!"

I see what you did there. ;)

Okay I had to look at the comments a few times to finally realize the tng joke

Now you've done it! You've given Discord a reason to want Twilight dead! Hijinks ensuing in 3 - 2 -...

I have never experienced a beloved character's death in such a positive way before. Well done. :yay:

And then Discord killed them all, such a happy ending

:rainbowlaugh: He can't do that, though, since when Twilight tells Fluttershy who killed her, Fluttershy won't be friends with Discord anymore. :rainbowwild: I guess Discord's lost Fluttershy either way. :ajsmug:


Discord claims to be more than 28 billion times older than the estimated age of the universe itself. Waiting until the literal end of the world probably won't be too much trouble for him, at least if you were to take his word for it. :raritywink:

Well, true, but technically it's possible that the Alicorns will still live after that. They are immortal, after all. Whether that means they can't die by natural causes or that they literally can't die no matter what, is up to you to decide. :ajsmug: P.S. I'd personally choose the latter, as that's funnier in this situation. :rainbowwild:

That's why Discord sets up countless Rube-Goldberg machines to try and kill Twilight, only to give up when they all fail and get random other ponies, literally throwing in the towel ... that then hits Twilight and somehow kills her.

Any idea on how Fluttershy died? If it was sudden, maybe a heart attack? Or preferably something quick and painless.

Good old discord. One of the most fun mlp characters of them all.

This was good.

funny. I like it.

8389957 She was gruesomely devoured alive by Parasprites that Twilight messed up a spell on and turned into tiny versions of Langoliers. :fluttershbad::twilightoops:


8388557 He's still younger than Stan Lee. :raritywink:

Twiggles, you inequine monster!

8455292 Oh she only suffered for, like... a minute... two tops. :fluttershbad:

Button Mash, on the other hoof... what horrible way to go...


First I cried. Then I laughed. Then I cried from laughing so hard. Get me off this rollercoaster we call life Discord Visits the Afterlife!

That freakin' episode aired in 1993 - why the hell does he still have that script?!?

Yeah, sounds about right for the god of chaos. Loved it.

If you had that script would you have gotten rid of it?

................... No. No I guess I wouldn't. Fair enough. XD

"W-well, it's just... as far as I'm aware, nopony else is capable traveling to the Elysium whenever they want," said Fluttershy. "My friends are probably devastated that I'm gone, and it must be very hurtful for them to think that they won't see me alive again. I'd hate for them to be jealous that you're able to come here and visit me when they can't."
Discord placed a finger to his chin. "Hmm... I hadn't quite thought of it like that. 

I seriously thought that after this Discord would simply teleport everypony from the funeral there and cheerfully proclaim that the problem was solved. While everypony gaped and freak-out and Applejack's parents happily went to talk with their children.

That last line. I swear, that last line! Genius!

lol, Great short story! I half expected Discord to just, take Fluttershy back to attend her own funeral LOL!

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