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Raising the sun isn't an easy job. Celestia knows that better than anypony. It requires vision and creativity, and she can only do her best work when the inspiration strikes her.

But, as is true with all good art, nobody else cares about that.

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If ever anyone inscribes an epitaph upon my hewn basalt tomb, they will note that this story indicated the beginning of my decline into madness.

I make no apology for that.

Ew gay

All hail the pet rock. Also cow x minotaur otp. Also also I am expecting chapter 2.


Oh La Barata, you continue to amuse me!:trixieshiftleft:

Nice story here:moustache:

... I'm not sure who the Minotaur Ambassador was supposed to sound more like, Hulk Hogan or the Ultimate Warrior. Either way, he was hilarious.

Buff Wellington... :rainbowlaugh:

And then the sequel will star Gray Days the pony, who wishes to drain any and all color from the sky and make it an eternal, drab eye sore.


Quite the trump card, Celestia has. If everyone complains about when to raise the sun, she can just pass it off to Luna for a week.
And Luna likes the cold and the dark. :pinkiecrazy:

I would suggest Horace that His Madness might declare the griffon lands shift to a time zone some six or seven hours later. This will, perhaps, cause some difficulties with international trade, travel and communcation, but think of the pet rocks! :pinkiecrazy:

The featured box is so screwed.

So you're going to be crowned ruler of all griffons? That's an acceptable way to go, I guess.


Dammit, you're right!

You continue to release more and more stories, and I am just over here . . . not reading them.

And I have to complete a memoir tonight for school. And then I have a math project due by Friday.



And then after that comes two days of straight reading.

After that starts my work week.

4002101 ʎɐƃ ʍƎ

Most marvelous, my good sir.


Good one :rainbowlaugh:

I think I'd like these Gray Days, or at least Luna being in charge. I like the cold and dark.:scootangel:

Interesting concept.
Keep up the good work. Deus tecum.


Exclamation of disgust at this which bears a striking resemblance to the derogatory terminology used to describe stupidity which was originally associated with homosexuality, and before that, the high of happiness.

Hilarious :rainbowlaugh:
Now I wonder if Celestia would have preferred the snakes in her bed :trollestia:

Luna, truly a most nefarious of schemers. She deserves her victory!

That cow. Those puns.



Somehow, I'm completely ok with that.

~Skeeter The Lurker

4001581 are we obligated to feature any and all of your stories at this point?

Cause, well, you're featured more than darf and all.

Aw man, I kind of want to see these OC's in the future. I especially liked the concept of His Madness (even though I wouldn't want to work for him).

I guess that's the problem with Original Characters that you actually like...you quite often get to spend so little time with them. (I'm still a little sad when I think of the fact that I'll probably never see Mallow and Geno get anything more than a cameo appearance in an official game again.)

Decent means you can go further. You can't go further than rock bottom.


RIP darf, he will always be with us. Hopefully in spirit.


Mine is the tragic story of a man who hit rock bottom. Then climbed back up. Then hit rock bottom again. Then climbed up again. This story is merely another curve downward on the sine wave that is my life.

At least you get back up! Some of us are stuck down here.

I chuckled lightly throughout, and lost it at 'DID SOMEBODY SAY... FIT?” and then again at 'whey'.

Sweet mercy, this story had so many puns. I love it. You need to write more comedy stories, Obselescence! This is Hail to the King level funny.:rainbowlaugh:


I went and slaved over a hot MS Paint window for five minutes to create the above masterpiece for you after that skype chat and you don't even have the gratitude to use it as a cover art?

You're a sick man.

All hail the Helix Fossil

Haha, best pony is genius.

I feel a bit sorry for... well, every other thinking being in the world. Gray Days must be miserable.

4001581 'begins' your descent into madness? :rainbowhuh: I think we're all in the sub-basement now...

4003871 I came close to being under the sub-basement.

Lord Foghorn?

Breakfast was a few eggs cooked sunny-side up


Why do you feast upon unborn chickens for breakfast, when you are a horse?

Oh, and this story is flipping hilarious :rainbowlaugh:

And nor should you!

Favorite bits: all of it. :rainbowkiss:

What, what, you can't end it like that!
Scheming Luna is best Luna.

It shall be a monochromatic dream world.

Admittedly, the Grey Days do sound pretty awesome. Calming, serene even.

It was enjoyable. Nice to see a story of Celestia handling diplomats. And I agree with early mornings. I wake up at five and love to ride my bike to work with the sun shining on early hours. :twilightsmile:


They sound wonderful, must be like when a day is cloudy for weeks and it's all sheathed in a nice grey. It's just so serene.

4005210 I think I'd petition for a minimum number of grey days every year... that'd be nice, methinks.

This story was amazing! *throws story on ground* ANOTHER!!!

Almost every conversation with Luna ended with at least a little ominous muttering

This is fantastic and makes too much sense not to be true.

It seems to me one could just adjust His Madness's clock such that it said it was noon when the sun rose. Or get a ventriloquist to make his pet rock say something treasonous. Of course, the problem with madfolk is that there's no predicting how they might react to... well, anything.

Also, Buff Wellington is fantastic, as is the entire minotaur nation.

In all, a fantastic slice of Celestia's life. Thank you for it, Obs.

Rather interesting concept with a sun goddess having artistic periods. Don't think I've ever seen that one before. Props.

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