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Discord has lived for quite a long time. Centuries as a ruler, a millennium as a rock, years as a reformed draconequus, it all gets very tiring. A nap is exactly what he needs. But when you live forever, time loses its meaning, years pass in the blink of an eye, mortals come and go like mayflies. And that's fine.
After all, any being that is truly important will live forever. Discord would never associate with anything less.

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This is the saddest, most beautiful thing I have read in quite a while.

What is this liquid I feel upon my eyes?

I just have to say, thank you for this.

No I'm not crying, don't be absurd. I'm not crying. I'm not crying. Im- Crying!

That's okay, I didn't need those feels anyway.

Great story as always

Comment posted by master18 deleted Feb 11th, 2014

that is the question about discord. he is a long living being. yet the one being he has ever grown to care for, to love, is far from it.
what will discord do when he realizes fluttershy will fade?

Definitely got a few tears from me. A very beautifully sad little story.

Mr101 #8 · Feb 11th, 2014 · · · Death ·

... Good to know my tear ducts still work.

................ You glorious bastard!

Only you can make me cry like a school filly!

This was the best discord / fluttershy fix I have read and she's not even in it! You have ripped apart my heartstrings and left them in a puddle of tears on the floor. Never stop writing! NEVER!

Discord's not the only one to get a broken heart from this story. Beautifully done!



Do you know how much that hurt my feels, bro?


I'm... I'm not crying....

I'm NOT!


Alright, I'm crying!!!!!!

ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRG -punches screen to feel manly-

What made this truly terrible was that Discord didn't at first even understand the significance of what had happened. And then it hit him. When it was far too late.

This is one of the reasons I hope that they all Ascend. Though, really, it just means they'll have the same problem with regard to other Ponies.

This makes me glad that I am not immortal.

...I hate love respect you for this.

Oh god, i hate seeing Discord sad. :fluttercry:

Also, immortality is a bitch.

Dayum... Never had that kind of a feel punch like that since My Little Dashie... And that was a train wreck...

This however was like a enchanted claw sharp as wolverines'. :fluttershysad:


That's just natures way of telling you that you're alive.

I feel the feels overflow within me.

It is a good pain.

This is a decent story. It is written well. It gets to where it wants. Has an interesting idea. No grammar or spelling mistakes that I can find. It just feels really off.

The characters just feel strange when I read this. I can understand an unknown change in Twilight given for her over 60 years has gone by in this story. So of course she has changed. Discord though. He just feels ever so robotic. Even from the beginning. I liked his entrance rather good. Though the constant use of Twilight Sparkle from Discord was just strange.

I can understand a shift in personality after learning of Flutter's death. But he acted so robotic even before he learned of it.

Don't get me wrong this story is good. Just for me feels off.

Thank You for this magnificent story. It was a quite a read :fluttercry:

So many feels :raritycry:

Immortality seems like a curse.

I feel like this needs to get to the feature box. It's very well written and one of the most touching things I've read in a long time.

3931866 Don't worry. We immortals won't give it to you.

We don't want to hear whining for eternity.


I wasn't ready for this feels trip

3934515 ha ha, very funny Alondro. But on the same vein I'm glad Kitsune only live around a thousand years. Forever is just too long.


I'm reminded of all the times this happened to the Doctor...

I need to stop reading stories about Fluttershy being dead. It's not good for my already-fragile mental state.

But excellently written. Really hits you square in the gut. :fluttershysad:

Brilliant story but I totally think you should mark it as tragedy :fluttercry:

I shed not a single tear.
Mainly because i'm getting angry of the "Twilight's an alicorn now so her friends will die and she won't!"
Its already been confirmed that she won't outlive them! :flutterrage:
*Sigh* I suppose it is just a story, nothing but experimenting with new ideas.

3936559 Yes, because her and all of her friends will die on the same day.

The difference between people dying could be hours, days, weeks, months or years. Somebody doesn't have to be immortal to outlive their friends.

Wauw. I mean, WAAAUUUW. That was really good.

Awesome story. It would be nice to see discords letter actually be read by fluttershy in heaven or whatever it is they go Elysium I think

I am not going to lie... the tears, they fell. *sniffles*

This story is definitely going in my favourites box, though. I love how you characterized Discord in this. He may be a god, but in some ways he is so innocent. To be honest, the tears fell the most when he had first come back and didn't understand what Twilight was trying to tell him.

The one part of this story I didn't understand was when Spike and Twilight were talking about the difference in aging between him and Rarity. What was the "five years" thing about?

3936559 Why does it matter what's been officially said? This is fanfiction; it's not always going to rely on canon events. Besides, you can't deny that the immortal alicorn theory makes sense. Probably the only reason it isn't canon is because it would be too sad for a children's show. They might even change their minds about it some time in the future. Who knows? *shrug*

As for not shedding a tear, I suppose it's just your perspective that counts, but I still find it hard to imagine that the story isn't touching in some way.

A) Canon is irrelevant.
B) Whether Twi is immortal or not changes literally nothing in this story.

yup. totally cried. Thank you for this beautiful one shot. :heart: :pinkiesad2:


If you paid attention, you'd notice that Rarity is still alive. Friends of similar ages don't all die at the same time, it is just that Fluttershy happened to die before Twilight and Rarity did.

This was fantastic, I was not expecting it to be as deep and powerful as it was. Bravo, good sir.


Damn it! There goes the liquid pride!

Damm man and I was listening this

while reading.
I making a river of liquid pride. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry:

3936559 If you want to read a Canon fic go ask in the official twitter of the official writers of the show.
Dunno why you looking for canon in a fanfiction site. This fic is touching and wonderful.

I was almost led to believe that Discord would go on a chaotic spree in a mixture of despair and mild freedom, but it seems that despair had won this round. Coupled with Discord's innocence, it was all the more tragic. :ajsleepy:

A good read indeed.


ahh good really good 10/10


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