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Harmony Charmer

♪ Kingdom of ships around me and it looks like I'm the queen ♫

The Grand Tour~

Hello, there, it is I, the sovereign and founder of this grand nation that is called Fort Otpia. My name is Harmony Charmer, but by many(mostly myself), I'm called the Queen of the Ships, The Duchess of SombraPie, Charmony (thank PhycoKrusk for that one), or, just plain Harmony if ya wanna keep it simple.

Here at Fort Otpia, we treat each other as equals and with respect. We may all be fans of a show about colorful ponies, but we aren't animals. At least, I don't think we are. It's cool if you are, just don't be a jerk about it.

Current On-going Series:

My Little Lovestruck: Love is Magic
Serving A Queen

Other sites to find me:
Tumblr(under work)
Wattpad(just recently brought into use)

My Other Nonsense

I play the MLP Gameloft game and I'm very fond of taking screenshots and posting them occasionally, but mostly because of these two morons:


If ya wanna check out my town, then add me! Friend code: 7c4c0

Welcome to Fort OTPia~

Credit goes to Spirit Shift for making this picture. Go give 'em a look-see.

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Are you okay?

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Have you seen Doctor Strange?

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