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What this Group is For
A group dedicated to those sick sadistic bastards that take sweet joy in pointing out everything that is wrong in the stories on this site. This group exists as a compliment to the Literary Sins User channel run by the admins. It's dedicated to collecting all of the sinned stories in one place, similar to a playlist.

I urge all authors to add their sinned stories to the corresponding folders. Basically, if someone has typed a Literary/Fiction Sins comment to your story, you must add your story here. Thank you.
All featured story names can also linked on the front page of this group like so:
Experiments in Determining Alicorn Growth by Pen Stroke
About Last Night by The Collaborations of SpikeDash group members
First Impressions by Terrasora
Raising Rainbow by Pizzema Forte
The Education of Clover the Clever by Daedelean
Princess Celestia Hates Tea by Skywriter

Only Stories that have been sinned can be added. Meaning, said story must have at least one set of Sin comments

If the author of the story doesn't want to be sinned, or says to stop, then STOP, no questions asked.

Only Admins have the power to point out sins.

Anyone can become an Admin, but only if they can prove that they understand how to accurately represent this group. People who just go in, and actively bash stories, are not qualified.

Whether or not you have a published story on this site doesn't matter.

Those who become admins will gain access to log into the main Literary Sins user page.

Sins from the admins in this group are only to be done on stories under that name. Yes, you will have to log out, log back in under Literary Sins and re-find the story. The only exceptions are the ones that were in progress before the user and group were formed. (Example: the one above)

Anyone can suggest/request stories for others to sin, however, which stories actually get sinned are up to the admins themselves.

Admins are, in fact, able to sin each other's stories.

We are NOT reviewers, we are assholes who parody other assholes.

Sins can be very minor things.

Sins have no value, because if they did, they would have no real value.

If someone decides to sin a story, PLEASE check to see if it has already been sinned, if so, then back off and let them do it.

All questions and admin requests are to be directed at the admins

Remember: Every Story, no matter how perfect looking, contains sins.

When in Doubt, Pray to our gods

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I like how the picture just stopped at Harpo, Like he is a Sin in of its self... LOL...


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