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This story is a sequel to First Meeting

Years have passed since Octavia Philharmonica and Vinyl Scratch first met on the platforms of Canterlot Station. In the short time that they spent together, they became the best of friends. Then they separated, both of them returning to their homes, meeting one another with less and less frequency as time went on. Within a few years, they had only memories of each other, impressions of the fillies that they used to be.

And then they met again, in the hallways of the Canterlot Conservatory.

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Ok I have been waiting for this. Straight into the favorites with you now, and a preemptive up-vote because I know this is gonna be great.:yay:

I am doing the same thing because is 2:33 in the morning. I should go to bed before I start talking to myself like I did last week.

An eight to one ratio, well deserved I say. In two thousand two hundred and nine words you've done it again. *Bows respectfully* Very well done Terrasorra, and thanks for impressing this old, jaded, cynic. It isn't done nearly enough so :yay: for you.

I do like how Vinyl and Octavia's "relationship" has matured in that Octy isn't so infatuated with Vinyl as was shown in the previous story. :twilightblush: Now to wait for the inevitable. :trollestia:

Yay! More happy Octascratchy love!

Huh, definitely worth reading, and no, I probably won't compare it to University Days. That one was unique and its own. I don't think it'd be fair to University Days or First Impressions to compare the two.

Instead, I'll just wait for the next chapter to arrive, because I'm sure it'll be good :derpytongue2:

*cough cough*



Oh man I've been waiting for this, also hope Long Play is in this as well and not just mentioned. In the end its still great.

I can't compare it to University Days. That story and this one are distinctly different; sure, it's the same ship in a similar setting, but that's like comparing every TwiDash to A Bluebird's Song.

They're separate pieces, and I'll judge them separately.

*proceeds to fave this one as well*

“But you’re my pillow!”

oh I loved that line

I've been so looking forward to the equal that was alluded at this is awesome

Woo! Sequel! Also: I've seen it called Octav3 (as in Pon-3 - don't ask me how either is pronounced) or OctaScratch, so whichever works I guess.

Woo, sequels! I will wait impatiently for updates.

I certainly look forward to what you'll come up with.

I'm going to go ahead and say: MOAR NOW
Also, straight into the favourites you go. Upvote for reasons.

I always like to call the ship TaviScratch, not sure why (probably because I like Tavi far more than Octy for her nickname). Anyway, another story of Vinyl just wanting to love Tavi and Tavi making it difficult. I'll look forward to it as I always do.

I can't wait to see where this goes. A fav and a like for you, good sir.

Sweet! Sequel!!

Aye, a lot of school settings are fun to do, especially with these two because they are similar and yet oh so different. :pinkiehappy: I did one myself, and have yet to have anyone compare it to University days, so I think it's proper to say that most (if not completely all) are going to be able to judge this (I can already tell) wonderful story on its own. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Can't wait to see what happens next! Also, I like how Vinyl is still VERY much attached and yet Octavia seems to have grown out of it. I wonder why...? :trixieshiftright::twilightsmile:

lol lol looks like strach hasn't given up on her crush love the fact that big sis is there to be both pusher and watch dog to them hahah so wheres lp at.

First Impressions by Terrasora
Spoilers inbound Please read the actual story first!

Why is the title called first impressions when those two already met as children? Ding!

“Tavi, stop moving so much! That was comfortable!”

Scene implies, but does not contain, a lap dance. Ding!

“Your room is your responsibility, Miss Scratch, not Miss Philharmonica’s.”

Sister teacher trying to be too professional. But judging by her personality in the previous story, this is to be expected. Still a sin though Ding!

“This is my floor, Octavia, I know every student staying here.”

Overly professional sister teacher drops professionalism by calling her student by her first name when she just called her miss philharmonica just a second ago. Ding!

Harmonia arched an eyebrow. “ ‘Warn you’? I would have thought that you’d enjoy it. A pleasant surprise to have your marefriend so close.”

Overly professional sister teacher is secretly a troll Ding!

“Professor Philharmonica.”

Overly professional sister teacher is suddenly acting professional again. Ding!

“as both your teacher and your sister, I hope that Vinyl won’t become a distraction to you. Not to mention that she’s two years younger than you are.”

Harmonia wants her sister to enjoy having vinyl close, but doesn't want her to be distracted by her. Ding! Also Harmonia hopes that Vinyl wont be a distraction when she just witnessed a perfect example of her being a distraction. Ding!

Harpo Parish Nadermane

From here on in, I'll just assume that mostly everpony in this story has either British or American accents Ding!

Anyway, Notes”— here, Noteworthy gestured back towards the cafè

Owner names cafe after himself like a chump. Ding!

“isn’t quite open yet, but I’m sure that I could find you two something if you’re hungry.”

Friends with benefits Ding!

Vinyl quite content to be left to her thoughts and Beauty Brass not quite prepared to attempt conversation again.

One sided awkward silence. Ding!

Harmonia felt quite sure that she saw a two-tone blue mane in the very back of the room.

See a two-toned mane and automatically assume that it's vinyl's. Don't check the style of the mane, glasses, or the eye color. Any of those would be a better indicator than the oh so common mane colors. Ding!

“Let’s begin the year.”

As both Brass and Harmonia stated, the year doesn't officially begin until the next day. (my friend tells me that this isnt a Sin but screw him) Ding!

I am not, however, looking forward to the inevitable comparisons to University Days

Bringing up University Days. Basically meaning if their weren't going to comparisons before, there will be now. Ding!

because I'll retreat like a Clefairy in the Safari Zone.

Referencing a pokemon that is not Rapidash. Ding!

OctaScratch (SchoctaScrath? OctaSchool?)

No mention of the also commonly used TaviScratch ship name. Ding!
Current Sins Count: 17

4576314 I not quite sure whether to love this comment cause I love cinema sins or hate it because I love cinema sins :facehoof:

4576415 lol thx. Difference is, with literary sins, I can fix stuff like that. Done! 4576314

I am so excited to see you continuing this. :pinkiehappy:
Also Tavi seemed abit... I dunno... rude to Vinyl.
Though things do change over the years, and maybe she is just trying to figure stuff out and what not. Anyway I cant wait to see this continue


That sounds complicated and intense somehow.

The first story of them was adorable, and this is starting out rather promising. :3 I do hope that no serious kick in the pants is nessisary for this to continue, because I like your writing style and I do want moar. :D

Of course you're worth reading! The second that I saw your story, I squeed with delight. I live thus first chapter and can't wait to read more.

When i saw this story in the featured box i clenched my ass so hard it's density became that of a neutron star.




I approve of this sequel. Keep up the good work. Carry on.

4578355 I'm sorry, :facehoof: but I'm going to add a sin just for that comment there. Ding!
4576314 Change! Current Sin count at 18.

Yay! A Sequel! While I thoroughly enjoyed the first fic due to the fact that it was so heart-explodingly-DAWW as well as a very interesting narrative along with the side story with Long Play and Harmonia. Their characterizations were wonderful and very well done and their chemistry is different compared to University Days, so I think you have that going for you. Plus you got the older sibling side to this so that's another thing you got more than University Days.

Anyway, hope to see more chapters of this soon!:pinkiehappy:

DawnFade's University Days is a exquisite read, but every author has his vision and makes a different picture.

First Meeting was a really good read so cant wait to see how this will go, and hey you never know how good you are until you go against the best.


This is why I love reading the comments. ^^

I haven't read it yet but the reson I clicked on it was because I recognized the cover art. The artist being one of my favorites. Then when I read the disruption it said when they first met at the train station I'm already knew what cover art was going to be for that

This looks good so far, I'll definitely be tracking. Keep up the awesome work!

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