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Literary Sins

We're assholes who probably have too much free time, and love to point out everything wrong with stories.


Welcome! · 7:30am Jul 25th, 2014

Welcome to the Main Page dedicated to those sick sadistic bastards that take sweet joy in pointing out everything that is wrong in the stories on this site.
If you don't know what we do, then here:

This is a parody of Cinema Sins. We go to stories that we like, and point out everything wrong with it(spelling/grammar errors are ignored), though not in a hateful way. Mainly, this is for entertainment and comedic purposes. It might also help out the author in their writing.

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I gotta be honest: you're actually more annoying than you are funny. :unsuresweetie:

1287236 ...I'm just jumping on the bandwagon...
(Cliche. DING!)

Haha, jokes on you.
You just proved my point!

I'm sorry, but I have to do this:

We don't sin stories that we haven't started, but are already over 100k words long. (That is, unless one of us want's too and have gotten permission.)

Too is not needed here. It should be just to. DING!

We don't sin clop, (Also, unless one of us wants to.)

Also is not needed here. DING!

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