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Rainbolt never meant to get Firefly pregnant. In fact, he NEVER wanted to have children. Accidents do happen, though, and this one will leave the poor stallion with a sweet, daring, and spunky little filly named Rainbow Dash to raise and care for.

Cover art by the extremely talented High-Roller2108

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Wow... This story good so far and fell sorry for Rainbolt an Rainbow Dash

I didn't like this story.

Not at all.


I LOVED IT! :rainbowkiss:

Sorry, had to get that out of my system. Firefly has always been my favorite pony, though I always viewed her as Rainbow Dashes sister not mother. But, you made the whole Firefly-mom bit work like all the other Firefly stories I'v seen. I also loved how you made Firefly a teenage mom, I actually haven't even read a story that uses any pony as a teenage mom.

Here comes the things that made me angry and upset.



Now she looks like the bad guy :fluttershbad:

But all in all, I found this story amazing. Keep writing and never give up, I can see an amazing future for you if you keep being this awesome.

Sorry for the super long comment :twilightblush:

Now I'm sad why did she leave? :pinkiesad2:

Nice block of sand there, needs a Santa hat. XP

3632988 Haha, I love long comments. The reason I had Firefly disappear was because the story revolves around Rainbolt's struggles as a single father. She will be returning in a lately chapter, however :pinkiehappy: Thanks for the comment, and I'm glad you enjoy my story so far.

Love it fav/like/and watch good job!:moustache:

I'm now heart broken. I shall now commence sobbing in the corner. ( few hours later) OK I'm good now. Now to commence weight for the next chapter.

Short description, change perminately to permanently

I do hope Firefly comes back.

And I liked the twist, usually it's the father/boyfriend who ditches the mom/girlfriend, glad you changed it up.

(Also....um, Fluttershys only on there cuz she's a friend, right?)


She will be returning

the moment I saw that I threw my hands in they air and shouted "Yes!"

And I completely understand, it's just... They make such a beautiful family...I shall patiently wait for future chapters...

So... do they not have neighbors or are the neighbors just deaf?

Saw that coming a mile away. Poor Rainbow and poor Rainbolt. Makes me wanna cry:fluttercry:

Was she in heat? Because if she wasn't, there's no way for her to get pregnant.:rainbowderp:

Oh, and I added this to the 'Motherhood is magic' group...it has a fatherhood section, BTW, which is why I put it there.

I have not read a word and I favoriting it. <fangirl squel> Those sound rather unmasculine coming from a grown man. I don't care,:rainbowdetermined2:

Magical pony reproduction doesn't necessarily have to work like boring real-world horse reproduction. Ponies act more like humans than horses anyway.

But then again, mares all go into heat at around the same time, right? And I'm pretty sure that equine pregnancies last for 11 months. And Rainbow was conceived on Rainbolt's birthday...So if I'm adding that all up right, Firefly could very well have been in heat.

Women do not become crazy when pregnant. Pregnancy is not really some mystical insanity pill. It isn't. Seriously. Talk to a woman who has had a child. It's uncomfortable and they might get a little hormonal sometimes. It doesn't make them into gibbering wrecks on a daily basis.

“My water broke!” Firefly cried.

Rainbolt’s heart began to pound faster than it had in her entire life. “W-we have to go to the hospital!”

“We don’t have time!” Firefly argued, squirming out of the arms of her lover. “The baby’s coming!”

Uh... Yes they do have time. Labor takes more than a few minutes. Even an easy labor takes half an hour or more. And that's a super, super easy one. Early labor? I don't think so.

*reads note*:rainbowderp: *message sinks in*:twilightangry2: fffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu(i think you know where this ends)

3633936 Implying women are not crazy to begin with? Ha.
I was worried you were going to kill off Firefly during her birth. Wait-She's not dead in the next chapter is she!?

I guess I'm the only one who didn't find this very engaging. A whole lot happened really quickly, and I didn't feel emotionally connected to it at all. On another note, I'm not sure how many times you used the sentence "She's so cute when she..." but it was enough that it made it seem forced and unreal. I like the idea of seeing Rainbow's past from others' opinions, but I couldn't get into this one. It seems like a lot of other people like it, though, so good on you.

What makes me think Firefly is stupid is that she was the one who wanted to have sex with Rainbolt and got the baby because of it. SHE DIDN'T TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR HER ACTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:flutterrage:
Then again........I don't sometimes as well...........:twilightblush:

3633936 If you read the author's note, there's a link. In humans, yes, it doesn't start immediately, but horses are a different story. A hose usually gives birth within the minute their water breaks.

3633336 Yeah, there's no shipping between any characters from Friendship is Magic. I don't like tying in shipping to non-ship fics.

Good story, not that surprising with her leaving, although a very dick move to do it with a note.

This story(and some comments) left me deep in thought. It made me wonder how things got to where they are today. It all comes down to a choice. My roommate's parents had a similar situation where his mother got pregnant in highschool and then his dad married her. Later she went to get whatever those high school equivalencies are called and moved out of the city to a quieter area to properly raise a child. A lot later, here I am rooming with their 2nd child on a university campus. It's just sorta interesting where things can go in the future. Especially since we know Rainbow Dash is headed to become one of Equestria's great heroines. It's rather inspiring.

“You’re like, twenty percent cuter!”

D'awwwww! :rainbowkiss:

But anyway, Rainbolt, you shouldn't blame yourself when your girlfriend practically date rapes you.

You know... as sad as it is to say it, this is depressingly common amongst teen/out-of-wedlock pregnancies. I guess only time will tell if Rainbolt becomes the father Rainbow Dash needs.

3633936 This is Rainbow Dash's birth that we're talking about. Everything she does is fast.

unknown to many, the episode was not rainbow dash's first rainboom.

She rainboomed at top speed right out of her mother.

the doctors are being treated for PTSD to this day.

I fangasmed a little...

You’re a goof girl

Other than that I didn't see much. As for the content :rainbowderp: what the fuck.
I understand that he's probably a responsible guy considering he didn't leave her during the pregnancy (and no offence to Firefly fans (being one myself) it's just in this story) that cunt could get a pair and tell his face, and on top of that it's just a generally bad idea to leave a nineteen year old with a two month old kid, whether there a boy or a girl :twilightangry2:

Well that's all I have to say about that, other than the fact that you will be receiving a notification from me :pinkiehappy:

Teen mom Firefly...Hmm...

I'll do my best to finish this, but it's getting hard to read this. Don't get me wrong! It's wonderful, but I have a friend who's going through something like this...and...yeah...

But it's still really good!

I look like an ass now:ajbemused:

Firefly: Howdy Rainbolt! I'll drug you for make sex, so I can get pregnant and left you and our daughter.

Seriously, beautiful fanfic :derpytongue2:

Please, pleasssssee tell that me "Father Dear" here decides to ream her hide verbally when she comes back.

Honestly with the first three chapters this fanfic could be considered completed, but I pray it's not - I'm left with a feeling that I can't name after reading the third part, and I hope that this is picked up and we see some more of Firefly in the future.

3633936 My mother was. I mean, she got so mad at my dad one time when she was pregnant that she nearly divorced him. OVER CURTAINS!

3635611 Was your mother really any less crazy when she wasn't pregnant?

... I am very much unsure if I want to continue reading this because of Firefly's actions

Aren't Firefly's parents still in the picture? If so then Rainbolt could find out where she is from them and, even if he doesn't want to try and convince her to come back, at least have a confrontation. Plus they could help out with the foal; I'm pretty sure they wouldn't be too thrilled with their daughter abandoning their granddaughter.

Generally, the story needs work with the pacing, grammar and the dialogue. But the plot still seems pretty neat.

She's the highlight of my life, you are my life.

:applecry::unsuresweetie: Awww. :scootangel: Eww!
I suppose babies are like SCP-173, or Weeping Angels; don't look away, and above all don't blink.
I hope Firefly knows how much she f--ked up. If her boyfriend and daughter are so important to her she would have spoken to them about it right? Right? She knows she can't just saunter back into their life after this. How badly is she going to be bitch slapped?
3634968 Daring Do is her biggest fan, she should ask Rainbow for her autograph.

The feels... :fluttercry:

You gotta love 'em

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