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Care to support me and my stories on patreon? Who else wants to snuggle a cute, adorable, and super snugglable pone? =D

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I'll Do Anything for You: New Chapter! · 1:20am 15 minutes ago

It's only 1.4k words, but at least it's something. Contains lots of feelings and snuggles, though!

The chapter after this one is gonna have some good AND some bad news.

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My Best Romantic Stories

  • I'll Always be Here for You After Rainbow finds Scootaloo trudging beneath her house in a vicious snowstorm, she takes her in, only to discover something shocking. by The Abyss 92,997 words · 41,021 views · 3,733 likes · 172 dislikes
  • I'll Do Anything for You Twilight and Rainbow have just started a new life with their newly-adopted daughter, Scootaloo, but the filly’s old parents have returned with a vengeance. by The Abyss 39,341 words · 12,874 views · 1,194 likes · 94 dislikes
  • From Lost to Loved Faced with redemption or prison, Tempest accepts Twilight’s hoof in friendship, though she fears how much trauma Twilight has endured. She takes her place at Twilight’s side, but when she starts falling for her, things only get more complicated. by The Abyss 6,854 words · 2,520 views · 319 likes · 41 dislikes
  • My Filly, Nightshine Jason's life has grown dull. After months of living in Ponyville, he can't shake the feeling that there is a void in his life. Then, one day, as he watches a family play in the park, an idea sparks within his mind: why not adopt a pony of his own? by The Abyss 54,762 words · 16,430 views · 2,047 likes · 152 dislikes

My Best Snuggling Stories

  • Sisterly Snuggles Luna is on a mission and she will not rest until her mission is completed. Her objective? To snuggle with her big sister. by The Abyss 1,314 words · 8,716 views · 843 likes · 26 dislikes
  • Sibling Snuggles Distraught after waking up from a nightmare, Marble Pie finds comfort from an unexpected pony. by The Abyss 1,734 words · 3,880 views · 390 likes · 20 dislikes
  • Snuggles and Cuddles Twilight Sparkle is lonely. So lonely, in fact, that she spends many months devising a plan to get Rainbow Dash to snuggle with her in the hopes that doing something so intimate would let Rainbow see just how much she cares about her. by The Abyss 12,341 words · 9,343 views · 796 likes · 44 dislikes
  • Rarity's Cuddling Conundrum Rarity cannot stand the way Spike snuggles with her. Instead of snuggling the normal way, he likes to smother her by laying on top of her every single night. Rarity tries to talk to him about it, but she fears that she did more damage than good. by The Abyss 3,490 words · 6,747 views · 618 likes · 48 dislikes

My Best Naughty Stories

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Yeah, me too haha.

glad to see your stories progressing

Heh, yeah, that's pretty adorable!

Ooo boy... Hmm.

I honestly have no idea, but here's my all time favorite cute image that's come out of the fandom.

What's your favorite SFW snuggle pic?

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