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Tempest Needs Ear Scratches and Cuddles! · 7:19pm Yesterday

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Aw, Twilight looks so cute! *boops*

Just dropping by to see how long it took for that new Magnaluna pic to make its way here. I'm not disappointed.

Hey Abyss! Hope everything is going great at the new job, Finally had time to catch up on some of my reading backlog. Namely Scoots and From lost to loved. Scoots as always is spectacular, interested to see whats going on with Twi and her sickness. From lost to loved was an interesting read and i need more. I'm really liking how Tempest and Twi are interacting.

Anyways just wanted to drop in and let you know my thoughts!

Happy writing!

Silver Whisp

Hope your new job is going well :derpytongue2:
I realized I hadn't seen a DDOC in awhile, but a new job is a priority. Congrats :yay:

Your profil pic is just soo Cute and floffy!

  • Viewing 1,471 - 1,475 of 1,475
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