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New Scoots Chapter Tomorrow! · 3:17am 2 hours ago

It's more of an interlude to set things up for the next chapter, which will have a lot of action and emotions running wild. Will definitely be longer than the 1k word chapter that comes out tomorrow afternoon-ish.

I figured that it'd be better to publish something small rather than wait another couple of weeks and publish a bigger chapter. I hate making you guys wait for updates.

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I'm still waiting for mine to ship. :ajsleepy:

Ey babeh :heart:

You mean when you're reading a story? Sorry, I don't.

Hey The Abyss, do you know if there is any way to get the character themed formats back? I miss luna's stars in the background. Thanks!

You've been served.

kek :trollestia:


I know you were just making fun of how Americans call everyone a terrorist.

First of all, making blanket generalizations like that makes you look uneducated. Secondly, don't take an assumption as truth, and act upon it as if it were the truth. I'm an American, so choose your next words carefully.

I still think you dont like pinkie all that much.

You can think what you want. Pinkie's cute, tho.

Because you only wrote one story about her.

Just because I don't write about one character as much doesn't mean I hate them, and for the record, I have three stories about Pinkie.

Well you weren't answering me. And I know you were just making fun of how Americans call everyone a terrorist. I still think you dont like pinkie all that much. Because you only wrote one story about her.

  • Viewing 1,307 - 1,316 of 1,316
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