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Bonus Chapter for The Royal Belly Scratcher? · 1:20am Last Friday

You guys want it?

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My Best Romantic Stories

  • I'll Always be Here for You After Rainbow finds Scootaloo trudging beneath her house in a vicious snowstorm, she takes her in, only to discover something shocking. by The Abyss 94,577 words · 40,379 views · 3,702 likes · 168 dislikes
  • I'll Do Anything for You Twilight and Rainbow have just started a new life with their newly-adopted daughter, Scootaloo, but the filly’s old parents have returned with a vengeance. by The Abyss 40,826 words · 12,545 views · 1,183 likes · 94 dislikes
  • Snuggles and Cuddles Twilight Sparkle is lonely. So lonely, in fact, that she spends many months devising a plan to get Rainbow Dash to snuggle with her in the hopes that doing something so intimate would let Rainbow see just how much she cares about her. by The Abyss 12,408 words · 9,138 views · 785 likes · 44 dislikes
  • My Filly, Nightshine Jason's life has grown dull. After months of living in Ponyville, he can't shake the feeling that there is a void in his life. Then, one day, as he watches a family play in the park, an idea sparks within his mind: why not adopt a pony of his own? by The Abyss 52,672 words · 15,592 views · 1,989 likes · 146 dislikes

My Best Snuggling Stories

  • Sisterly Snuggles Luna is on a mission and she will not rest until her mission is completed. Her objective? To snuggle with her big sister. by The Abyss 1,314 words · 8,541 views · 836 likes · 26 dislikes
  • Sibling Snuggles Distraught after waking up from a nightmare, Marble Pie finds comfort from an unexpected pony. by The Abyss 1,734 words · 3,786 views · 389 likes · 20 dislikes
  • Sunset's Sunrise Alone and afraid, Sunset Shimmer has been living off of the streets in Canterlot ever since she ran away from home. On a particularly cold night, she's out searching for something to eat when she bumps into the last pony she expects to see. by The Abyss 5,893 words · 6,642 views · 586 likes · 24 dislikes
  • Rarity's Cuddling Conundrum Rarity cannot stand the way Spike snuggles with her. Instead of snuggling the normal way, he likes to smother her by laying on top of her every single night. Rarity tries to talk to him about it, but she fears that she did more damage than good. by The Abyss 3,490 words · 6,629 views · 615 likes · 48 dislikes
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Already am a judge. Sphinx said me and three of my friends can judge as well.

feel like judging again instead of entering the competition this year?

Das a lotta blogs! :v

Can your next Cuddle fic be about Nightshine please?

GlimGlam deserves all the hugs. :twilightsmile:

Meanwhile, tempting to submit a story to your Frisky Ponies blog, but I don't have any clopfics that have been published in the last thirty days... I suppose I'll have to wait until I write a new one...

It's nice. *hugs the glim-glam*


You changed your avatar!

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