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Rarity has a problem with the way Spike snuggles with her at night. Instead of holding her in his arms like she wants, he simply lays on top of her, smothering her every night. She hates to do it, but she waits until he falls asleep and then pulls herself out from under him, curling up into a small ball in what space is left on the bed. She knows things have to change, but after she brings up the subject, she fears that she may have just done more damage than good.

Edited by Alcatraz
Cover art by Siansaar

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Very cute fic.:heart: 10/10 would read again.

Comment posted by FamousLastWords deleted Jul 23rd, 2015

I almost keeled over from the many d'aww factors. Awesome snuggle fic. I did find a few errors, though.

especially after not seeing for the entire day.

her stress melting away like butter in a hot summer day.

6236913 Got those, thanks. :heart:

6236909 I'm glad you like it, but can you put the first part of your comment in the spoiler tags? You're ruining the story for everyone else if they decide to check the comments first.

6237225 Whatever floats your boat, man.

“He told me that dragons like to sleep on their treasures... and steal their breath. Like cats.”:pinkiecrazy:

Sorry. :rainbowlaugh:


This is so true, my cat loves to sleep on my chest and I've gotten use to his furry hide on my face. :rainbowkiss:

Is it just me or is this story lacking any real source of conflict?

I mean it's basically:

:duck: I don't like the way we snuggle
:moustache: *overeacts for no discernible reason
:duck: OH No Spike wants to break up with me!
:moustache: Nope everything's fine.

The idea isn't bad, but I think the resolution could use some work.

Now this was incredibly cute.

6237425 What relationship doesn't have issues great and small?

6237270 Thanks bud. I didn't mean for you to delete it, but to merely but it between the spoiler tags.

6237425 Been in a relationship for years... yup! Small fights like these happen often. Slice of Life doesn't always need a big conflict but that was a fair question and comment.

“He told me that dragons like to sleep on their treasures.”

Comin' in from left ballpark and smacked me right in the face! The sweet, sweet, sappiness!

Loved it.

6237570 Ah. Either way, problem solved. :raritywink:

Great story.

I like potato.
And this story.

6237896 Hey bud, like I said to another person, can you edit your comment so that you don't spoil the story for others? I would appreciate it.

It's adorable and I love it umg :rainbowkiss:

Spike should have an alter ego.

Rarity said, essentially, "There's this thing you do that makes me physically uncomfortable."

The correct way to handle it would have been to respond, "Hmm, that is a problem. How can we fix it?" or possibly "Don't care lol" if you're a jerk like that.

Instead, Spike got upset and stopped communicating with Rarity. I honestly can't understand why he took it so personally.


Mine don't, but that's because I would rather take a break from the relationship than put up with any unpleasantness.

You'd be surprised how often problems disappear when you literally won't tolerate them.

6238656 But then those problems will eventually resurface.


You'd think so, but in my experience it doesn't work like that.

I am currently involved with two different women, both of whom I have been seeing for over a year. They don't know each other, but they both know I'm not monogamous. Before them, I was in a 3-year relationship with a woman I loved very much. Also non-monogamous.

Every single one of these relationships has had zero drama. No arguments, no fighting, no loaded questions or irrational statements or in any way being put on the defensive. Just all the love, sex, and affection I want.

If drama really were incoming, it probably would have happened about 6-18 months into the relationships, around the time the New Relationship Energy tends to wear off.

6238738 Really two women? That is amazing and it must be true cause who goes on the internet and lies?

6238749 Now that you mention it I was wondering where that smell was coming from. But surely he wound't lie to impress us?



I'm sorry, I didn't even think about how my statements would be received. You're right, if you haven't been exposed to this sort of lifestyle firsthand it can seem quite unrealistic. And there really isn't any way for me to prove my claims on the internet.

Wow, I did not think this one through at all.

6238763 Experienced that lifestyle. You are talking out your arse.

6238775 That and the dude is a bastard for fucking around behind their backs. So either you are full of shit or a scumbag take your pick


Is this a case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing?

6238790 Oh damn dude burn. Also I once had a threesome with my two bosses. They caught me looking at porn and decided to help me out. I guess that is the benefits of being self employed and working at home.


I don't know what to tell you. This is what I've done and it works.

It may help to know that what I practice is not traditional polyamory (if you'll forgive the oxymoron). My behavior has its roots in meeting and sleeping with women in a relatively short amount of time and expanding the relationship from there.

Well that was fluffy and cute. EXPECTATIONS MET!

Very nice work.

6238833 Thanks! God knows I had to get around to writing some cute Sparity sooner or later. :twilightblush:

UGH, you ALWAYS put a smile on my face with your stories. And this was exceptionally great – I don't run across a whole lot of decent Sparity works.

Great job, as always. :raritywink:

Wow. I had no clue I sparked so big a discussion and missed supporting my opinion of it.

I like the way it ended, though I do find Spike's reaction to be a bit overdramatic and could have easily come off as emotionally manipulative, so that made me a bit uncomfortable.


I don't really see where Spike is overreacting. All he does is calmly get up and leave the room. Sure, he may have closed the door a little harder than he meant to, but still. Also, they aren't that deep into their relationship in this story for him to be living over there 24/7, so spending a lot of time apart isn't that big of a deal.

6238033 Sorry about that. :twilightblush: Does that work?

Sorry I'm late. Read the story and went to sleep.

I see everyone overreacting here. It's written well, I'd expect no less, but the story told is redefining emotional instability. Sorry, no.

I can see why people feel theres an over-reaction but it's actually not that, it's a case of how implausible the situation is. An over-reaction can still be plausible and feel fine but some of the reactions just don't fit I guess. It's possible with a larger world and more character development actions like these woulds make more sense or be expected. I think one part specifically that I felt was a tiny bit off was that Rarity did the right thing by wanting to talk it over and be honest and was kind of berated by twilight for it. We even have Spike being concerned, noticing something is off and asking what is wrong. a believable/plausible reaction would have been confusion at what Rarity said, not hurt, perhaps even defensiveness as in 'Well that's how dragons cuddle with their treasure' or the like. If you were going for the miscommunication angle then there needs to be actual communication ;)

That said the story was well written from a grammatical point of view and flows pretty well so the critique is only given because it's a good story and future stories can be even better <3

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