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Chewy loves her mother with all her heart, but how can she stand out from the dozens of other love-hungry nymphs? By being the cutest of them all, of course!

Story set after Chrysalis was run out of her former hive.
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Note to self: Google proper procedure for cuteness-induced heart attacks. Once that's done, clutch left arm and collapse onto conveniently placed mattress.

D'awwwww... Wasn't sure if 1,000 words would be enough to get this story's point across, but...

That was adorable!

It's a cute read. :heart:

This made me want a changeling so bad

Awwww. :heart:

Too cute...

:heart: And it arrives. :heart:

Where did you get the picture?

I found it over on Derpibooru. Move your mouse over the pic and a source button will pop up.

Chewy had a brother . . .Gassy But nobody liked him.......:pinkiegasp:

:heart: Chewy

I think I got a cavity from the sweetness. I'll send you my dentist bill later. For now, this gets a fave.

I should start putting disclaimers that I'm not responsible for what happens to you if you read my cutefics. All of these medical bills are starting to pile up!

Yeah, I wanted to wait until after all the holiday stuff had passed.

Hehe, at this point, I'll take anything cute from Equestria and be happy with it.

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The Derpibooru has a link to it as well, but it's also on deviantART--> Link

Congratulations, you have given me diabetes.

Stick around for my Daily Dosage of Cuteness blogs; you'll get a fresh helping of diabetes every day. :P

Instant diabetes induced by the overabundance of cuteness from this story. Have a fav and a like my good sir.:moustache:

This is adorable.

This, combined with the cover image? Perfect.

D'awwwwww! :scootangel: So cute, brilliant writing as per usual Abyss!

this is soooo adorable! A little bit more sweetness and I get diabetes :heart::heart::heart:

Cute, but don't mesh well with canon. As we see in Thorax memories even a newborn changelings tend to be rather aggressive.

This was extremely cute.:yay:


Nature versus nurture plays a pivotal role. Chrysalis herself is raising her nymphs and admits to being out of practice. Who's to say how a changeling nymph raised by ponies alone would turn out? Heck, look at spike.

That's a terrible example. By dragon standards he's severely stunted, over-educated, and far too much pony morality in his head to be a proper dragon. I mean, he's kind and thoughtful. Yikes...

I'm certain there's more than a few fics on that very question although the ones I recall weren't very serious or a "refugee" plot with a drone running off with a nymph. Finding that "blank slate" style plot is tricky.


Nature versus nurture plays a pivotal role. Chrysalis herself is raising her nymphs and admits to being out of practice.

A problem that in Thorax memories we see a Chrysalis who looks pleased as she watches over freshly hatched lavralings who angrily hiss on each other. So it looks like that she likes them that way.
And another Thorax memories when he played with his dollies in the corner and everyone (excluding his brother) think that he weird and bully him.
Well, although maybe Chrysalis learn something after events in her old hive.

By dragon standards he's severely stunted

Not sure about this. Twilight explicitly and many time said that Spika is just a baby dragon. WOoG said that in "dragon years" he from eight to ten years old. And compared to Ember, who I assume are fully adult, he not that much smaller.
Dragons in canon show us an incredibly broad set of phenotypes. From Godzilla-sized Torch to a smaller than human Ember. So it's possible that Spike is naturally small.

That was a nice story... And cute... You dont know how hard that was to say:pinkiehappy:

ddaaawww such a sweet story.
a vary happy story.

“I learn from da best, Momma!” Chewy said in her own voice. Her wings were impeccable, same with her mane and tail; everything was perfect down to the smallest detail, save for her smaller size and the excessive amount of chest floof.

I imagine Flufflepuff with a tiny horn and wings, with Twilights colour scheme. Either that or something looking like it was drawn by captainpudgemuffin

Chewy later goes into space and takes the form of a Wookie on board the ship belonging to a scruffy nerf-nerder. :trollestia:

that's the most adorable short story i've read so far!
got my upvote!

This has been a very cute and adorable late night read and the ending simply topped it off :heart: I didn’t expect Chewy to solve the issue this way!

The flow of the story was steady, the dialogues balanced and the characters... well, in character. I’m glad that Chrysalis still had some roughness in her behaviour and not only some baby-lovin’ kindness. The grammar and spelling were solid, the only issue I noticed was a little inconsistency in she/her/they/them used to refer to Chewy. Anyway, thank you for this read! :twilightsmile:

"It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!"

I'm starting to think the same thing.

Looks like this will not be the last time you'll be writing about cute changelings (YAY)

My thoughts exactly. When I saw the picture, I just HAD to write something cute about it, even if it was rather short.

Haha, what if Chewy the changeling was really Chewbacca all this time?

urk! (thud)

Noooooo don't die on me, dude!

Aww, this is so cute! Why did Chrysalis get a plush of Twilight, though?

So that she could teach her changelings to hate those that had caused her much grief. Look at the source picture; it's a little bit bigger and uncropped. There's a lot of cuteness running wild in that pic haha.

This is the most adorable read ever. There is only one image that describes my happiness of this.


Thank you for making this. :twilightsmile:

You said it, Chewy.

8651868 I think you have a silly crossover to write.

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