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The Abyss



In the warmth of her cloud home, Rainbow Dash is about to turn in for the night when she hears Scootaloo crying outside in the middle of a vicious blizzard. Plucking the freezing filly from the snow, Rainbow hopes to provide some much-needed comfort for the otherwise tough young pegasus, but she uncovers a disturbing reality that she knows she cannot handle alone.

Knowing only one pony that could really help her out, Rainbow enlists Twilight’s help, determined to set things straight for Scootaloo. But what Rainbow doesn’t know is that in her efforts to provide a better life for the filly, her friendship with Twilight will develop into something more.

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gotta love scootalove. its best love.

3497996>>3498021 Thanks, I'm glad you guys approve! To be honest, it was nice to write a cute story! :twilightblush:

Oh, thank god. Going by your track record, I feared this would be a foalcon fic. Will read shortly.

3498030 HELL. NO. I hate foalcon. You will NEVER see me write that kind of garbage.

cute stories are my down fall lol.
i love them.

Aw... Not bad at all.

Well done.

~Skeeter The Lurker

3498041 That image doesn't work lol


Well, that's bothersome. Have the long version of the url then.

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Cutest story ever!:rainbowkiss:

it was good it needs a seqal so dash can adopt her or somethan but it was good


How has this not reached the feature box?

I:heart:this! This is soooo super!!:scootangel::pinkiesmile:


np. At least two other admins of Twilight's Library have commented on the story already anyways...


To be honest it was a well story, could have been longer but still, I give it 8 out of 10 cupcakes...with lots of icing.

3498063 I was considering it. I have way too many story ideas that need to be written though. :twilightblush:

3498071 Haha dang, really? Who?

3498065 Five minutes after I uploaded it, the story was literally in the number 1 position in the popular stories box, just waiting to get in. I was literally that close lol.

3498081 Good, good... I like icing.


Mayhem Darkshadow and Skeeter the Lurker are both admins. Of course, I'm the founder...


Cute. The perfect description for this. Its just so dang cute!

Gotta love some well-written Scootalove. :raritystarry:

Feel like maybe it could have been fleshed out a little more, though, because just over 2500 words is a pretty low word count considering all the material this story covers. But even so, I really enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

Have an upvote and a fav, my good fellow!

3498255 Ummm... you didn't fav my story :twilightblush:

Edit: There it is lol


Got hung up on something for a second. Sorry. :twilightsheepish:

I have read countess Scootadash stories.
I love them all.
Yours is no exception.
Have a like, fav, and follower

I feel like if Rainbow found out that Scootaloo's parents were beating her, making a joke about being out in the cold is FAR from the first thing she would do.
I know that if I were in her position, and I had some little kid that always looked up to me and stuff, and I found out that said kid had a family that was abusive, I would go to that house and beat them into submission and rehab.

Little Scoots is one of the best of ponies:scootangel:

Why do I read these

I cant stand the amount of feels


I think the only thing that broke my immersion was at the beginning. Rainbow Dash heard crying from inside her house during a blizzard, meanwhile Scootaloo didn't notice her standing in front of her shouting. A little inconsistent.

Still, not bad for under 3k one-shot.
First, tend to the child. THEN rain retribution upon the wicked.

:yay: I don't.. I can't ... I love this! Moar

Aaaand... FEATURED.


Great story, I dont know what it is about these two but they give me the feelz instantly. so feelz, such sad, wow.

I think you should continue the story....:pinkiehappy:

I do love the Scootlove's formula and it is a nice fic, but it feels a little rushed

Dammit, why cant I hold all these feels?

3497996 Truer words have never been spoken.

This deserves to be fleshed out more. You have an excellent base idea going! It doesn't have to be 200k word monster, but I think stretching the story out more would be FANTASTIC!:twilightblush:

3498816 The thing is that Rainbow barely heard something, and as she listened really hard, she was able to barely her somepony's voice. As for Scootaloo, she was in a daze, not paying attention to where she was going. :twilightblush:

I want to play Fight Song by Sister Sin, ride into Scoots parents house with a sledgehammer and a drunk goat and steamroll the place

I hope it turns out well for her. Good one shot. many feels

It really bugs me when an author makes a oneshot, and then leaves the chapter name "Chapter 1" at least name the chapter after the story if you can't think of a new chapter title.

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