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Huh, what? Who's there?

Someone's watching
They're watching
What am I supposed to do?
I don't know, a dance?
But I can't dance!
Better learn quickly, then.

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Hey, thanks for the follow! What hooked you?
(If you don't mind me asking)

Sounds like my average weekend, always a good time

1332878 Eh, not too much. Been playing a game on steam called infinity wars that my friend got me into. Its pretty complicated, but it's really addicting. Other than that, I'm just fuckin around lol

Life, games and fanfiction. Been playing a lot of Fire Emblem: Awakening specifically because of the shipping.

It's funny, about the same time you said this, I realized that pairing Henry and Lissa has several parallels to I'll Always be Here for You. Shipping snuggle buddies is a thing.

Also been rewriting my personal project. I've been trying to write a fic that's based on Leverage (great show about thieves), but I've had to totally rewrite it because I believed some characters were pretty badly OOC. That, and when I find time to write, my inner perfectionist keeps pointing out details that bother me. I'll get past that, someday.

How about yourself?

Hey, what's up?

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