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After Rainbow drops an offhoof comment about never dating, Pinkie decides to set her up on a date. A blind date.

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Very sweet :twilightsmile:

Question, is this a simple clopfic or is it going to be a long-running story? :unsuresweetie: Most Sex tagged stories you see are oneshot clopfics, and it happens that people do forget to set it to "complete" if it's a oneshot only.

loved it! fluffy and cute, with plenty of squishy bedroom stuff to come (hehe) later.

And, that's all I need, I know what's coming next so I'll show myself out. Goodbye! :)

Seriously though, lovely story, I'm just not here for clop.

...I liked this. :twilightsmile:

The more 'plot' the better:trollestia:

314 #7 · Jun 2nd, 2014 · · · Blind ·

4482211 Thanks! I didn't think I was going to do that good of a job on it :/

4482396 It's going to have three chapters total: This one (the intro), the second one is the clop itself, and the third one is the morning after (also clop-free). I did intentionally leave it incomplete ^.^

4482466 Well it won't be happening in the actual bedroom, but yeah :P

4482493 I'm glad you liked it then! That's why I separated it like this :twilightsmile: The third chapter (which will be the last) also won't have clop if you want to come back for that :)

4482540 Forgive me while I go to the hospital, as I think I just died of happiness :D

4482559 Oh, there's plenty of plot to come :)

Alight, just wanted to know. I'll read it at some point :derpytongue2:


4482644 I hope you enjoy it when you do :twilightsmile:

4482639 Oh noes! Don't do that! You still have to finish the story... :fluttercry:

314 #11 · Jun 2nd, 2014 · · · Blind ·

4482681 I think I might hang on long enough for that :P

I don't know what you're talking about, man. This was adorable.


4482864 I think it's a requirement that authors are self-deprecating :P

4482882 well, yeah, there' that. But that requirement is fulfilled once you dis yourself the first time on a good piece. Let me tell you, this story was a work of art.


4482893 Aww, that warmed my heart. Figuratively, that is.


4483005 Thanks!:twilightsmile:

This was really telly in several places. The overall structure was fine, and the underlying idea reasonable, but the specifics felt a bit lacking.


4483163 O, the eternal struggle of authors has inflicted its blight upon me! But seriously, thank you for pointing that out. I can't improve if I don't know where to start :) If you thought that was telly, you should have seen it before it was edited XD

4483178 In that case, I'm glad I was able to give you a good fic and I hope I don't disappoint :twilightsmile:


If you thought that was telly, you should have seen it before it was edited XD

This is actually how I start a fic, too. I get the necessary bits down, then go back through and replace the telly with showy. Apparently people like it.

Added this to my read list :pinkiehappy: I like a good, happy bit of erotica. There's too little of that these days.


4483271 I know your name. I was looking at your page the other day but I can't for the life of me remember quite why. But I have read your stories in the past and found them quite enjoyable :)

Spoilers: It's good, happy erotica. Even though I like kinky stuff, this isn't ^.^


Spoilers: It's good, happy erotica. Even though I like kinky stuff, this isn't ^.^

And that just bumped it up the list :pinkiesmile: I'm a very vanilla person, honestly. I was kinda hopin' it would be, but it's good to hear that from the, erm, horse's mouth. As it were.


4483365 Pah, I'm not a horse, I'm a pie.

And I figured out why you sounded familiar: your doors story is on my RL list. Which means I'll normally get around to reading it within a day or two, but I think I'll go read it now :)

4483393 We should write a triple Twi/Dash erotica megabomb to end all mega bombs. With our powers combined, no pony can resist puffy purple pucker and dash doughnut.

That was very cute. I will be looking for future updates. You've got a favorite and a like.


FimFiction might implode.

4483449 In sticky, bubbly mare cum.


4483453 Now that I would love to see.
4483433 Buck. Yes. I just read Noble's clop and mindblowingly amazing doesn't even come close.

4483446 After reading your stories, I'm half tempted to call you senpai. Can I do that? You're that awesome.

i want to like this story, but the thumbs up is at 69 and I don't want to ruin it :rainbowlaugh:


4483560 Eh, there may or may not be 69-ing in this story, but that would have been perfect. I'm blown away that it even made it to 69 though :D

It's a nice set up. Little cliche'd but still nice. I do have a specific problem with the story though, it's a formatting issue, but I've seen it be so prevalent that I need to point it out as a practice that needs to stop.

“I’d say we can deviate a little bit. By this point, we were supposed to be sharing that romantic kiss over the table followed by stargazing and, if everything went well, a uh, make out session.”

The change in font size is both jarring and really hurts the flow. It can easily be avoided by adding a few more words to it. Not to mention I can't think of a single instance of this sort of thing in a book. I'm actually dumbfounded as to why it allows you to change font size in the first place. It's especially annoying for me since the change in font size doesn't scale up with settings (my monitor's kind of far back on my desk, and the cable's not long enough for it to be moved, so I read with the settings set to large. With these sorts of changes, I'm literally leaning up close over my desk to even read what it says).

Anyway, I excitedly anticipate more of this, and congratulations on the feature.


4483652 The reason people do it and I did s because it shows a sudden drop in volume. Combined with the fact that it is usually used with Fluttershy, its connotation is that the speaker is suddenly timid, quiet, and nervous about whatever they just said. I though it helped to show that instead of outright saying how her demeanor changed.

But, regardless, I'm happy you liked the story :)


The same thing can be accomplished like this:

“I’d say we can deviate a little bit. By this point, we were supposed to be sharing that romantic kiss over the table followed by stargazing and, if everything went well, a uh–" Twilight lifted her head and looked side to side, then leaned up close to whisper in my ear. "A make out session.”

A rough attempt to do the same thing, but I hope it gets the point that Twilight is nervous across, says that she's whispering, and digs a little deeper into her character (she's shy about intimacy) without formatting gimmicks. Except for the italics. You can probably leave those out, honestly.

4483728 Oh I understand why people do it. It's of my opinion that it's a cheap shortcut, however, and its use does more to damage the quality than help it. There are a lot more, and better ways to write a shy character, or a character with a demure moment than size=10.


4483858 4483875 I'll go back and change it tomorrow. That is one of the problems of self-editing :P

Cute story so far with a very nice setup! I hope you follow through with making an actual story out of this as opposed to just having a frame to hang clop on. Sex is good, but having an engaging story with good sex is much better.

Triggers: Sexy Sex. And some more sex.

I fail to see how those are triggers

Clopping? Un-Needed. it was cute


4484139 It's going to be three chapters, but I'm also using this as a launching platform to write other stories in the same "universe."

4484808 Because it lets people know that it's plain, romantic, vanilla sex. And I found it kinda funny :P

4484832 And that's why the next chapter is clop-optional. And then third chapter is more cute.

Okay, Rainbow Dash's legs in the story art is really, REALLY bugging me. God, they look so weird. :rainbowlaugh:

Sorry to derail things, but come on, man.

Crossing out text is super fun! You should just cross out all your text! :rainbowkiss:

how do you do that?

You know, you could just mark this is as complete and mark it as teen so that a lot more people could see it. And then, just put all of the clop in a separate story for those who want to see it. This way, you get more views for both stories, and everyone gets what they want.

....i have no idea why i like to read this stuff beause all i do is read it...i guess it lets the 3 people i crated in my mind let off steam

Will we see some of the other dates/fuck sessions?

A bit rushed, but still very enjoyable to read.

Did I miss something? I'm pretty sure there wasn't any clop in there. Did it get deleted...?

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