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This story is a sequel to Working Towards The Future

This story follows up where Working Towards The Future left off. You should really read that story, and the first story "I'm Tired Of All This" before reading this. In fact, this description spoils those stories! So stop reading this and go read those.

It's been three weeks since the events of Working Towards The Future. Scootaloo is happy with Rainbow Dash and better yet, it's the day that Star Shine returns from Canterlot. Someone else who's just as important was also on that train. He's not too happy that the bane of his existence is still alive when he spent years thinking she was dead.

He's quite happy he can get his revenge though.

Rated teen for language and violence. At least one of them should happen. Tagged romance to be safe. Mild shipping may or may not occur. Also tagged Alternate Universe because, like the two stories before it, this fic totally disregards Season 3. It's set between S2 and S3.

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hmm i new the father would come back i just new it

I did drop more than enough hints it was happening :twilightsmile: It was the only place left to go outside little one shot fluff pieces.

Man, have I been waiting for this. Ever since I started reading Working Towards the Future I kept thinking "There's no way he's going to be able to finish this in one fic!" Knew it! Dude, I've loved this story concept since day one, and keep writing, or I will find you.

dun dun durrr... the plot thickens, oh god..man you sure do know how to start a story...I worry for Scootaloo, and Rainbow Dash

Dasponi You didn't tell me you already did it! I feel left out anyway great story, but I mad at you.:trollestia:

People thought Diamond Tiara was bad...wait until Scootaloo's biological father (he needs a name by the way.) I expect him to make Diamond Tiara to look like Scootaloo's best friend. However, I expect him to get a much worse punishment for what he is going to do to her and her adopted mother and 'older brother.'
Time will tell though.

3506881 Didn't you have 'Working Towards the Future' fav'ed. That's how I found out.

Whoops I did:twilightoops:, I am sorry:moustache:

interesting i hope we get to see scootaloo kick her old mans flank :scootangel:

In the words of one miss rainbowdash. THIS IS TOTALLY AWSO-OME. lol and a prequel is what I'm assuming is after the sequel or the story that takes place before all the other stuff happens right?

Also either way doitdoitdoitsoitdoitdoit.

This guy is in for one all-star class flank-whuppin' when he gets to town. :rainbowlaugh:

Man, it's going to get messy when he catches up with Scoots. I'm quite sure he'd never fly again, even if he did get out of jail in the place he was banished to.

Who downvoted this? I will hunt them down.....:flutterrage:

I'll keep on writing, don't worry. After this I have to take a break from fanfiction but I'll keep writing :twilightsmile: It's good to see you here. Hard to believe I didn't get a story finished even after so long.

Thanks. Glad to be off to a strongish start. It's all on middle ground from here on average. There's ups and downs. :twilightsheepish:

I dunno if I can do all of that. Not in one story at least.

Haha sorry about that. I did make it quite well known though. I made a blog post and even made a new update on Working Towards The Future :raritywink: I hope you enjoy the new story.

3506906 3506907
To be honest I've actually not thought up of a name for him yet. Nothing beats a crazy drunken bastard. Thanks for the continued support :pinkiehappy:

She'll have her hooves full doing other things but she'll try.

A prequel is the opposite of a sequel and is set before a story :twilightsmile: Part way through writing Working Towards The Future I wrote a prequel to the entire story that detailed Scootaloo's abuse and time in the orphanage. I decided against publishing it in the end.

I've teased violence so we'll see :trollestia:

I'm still not sure. We'll see what happens. I'm going to see what develops.

That's assuming he survives of course :raritywink:

There's only one person you're allowed to hunt down :rainbowkiss:


A prequel is the opposite of a sequel and is set before a story :twilightsmile: Part way through writing Working Towards The Future I wrote a prequel to the entire story that detailed Scootaloo's abuse and time in the orphanage. I decided against publishing it in the end.

I'm actually glad you didn't. I don't think I would have been able to handle it.:fluttercry:

3506507 has it really been that long since the last part finished? didn't feel like that long to me. *Shug* (3 days BTW same day if you include the bonus chapter)

3508997 I'm on it boss. The scent is fresh this shouldn't take long.

I am now worried for Scoots and what will happen to when Scootaloo’s biological father see her flying things might get real bad fast because of that right?

Hooray for abuse and plot twists!

Honestly, if you think about it, the only thing he has to do to Scooaloo to ruin her life is walk up to her at school and say, "I know where you live." then walk off. Although, more could be added to that to officially make her life a living hell. We shall see.

I have arrived to pass judgment and make comments.

It's a good start, looking forward to the inevitable stream of chapters that are no doubt going to fill my updates with notices and my heart with d'aw.

Thanks for the warm welcome in the AN, too.


Oh golly this will be interesting :p . Btw sorry for being "dead" so long but I just finished the last few chaptets of the other story and thought I'd tell you it was awesome as always :D

I'd say it wasn't that bad but it did take a while to write despite being a few thousand words. I had to constantly stop writing it.

People were anticipating the sequel before the end of the last story :twilightsmile: My guess is they meant that they've been waiting for the return of her dad since they found out he was alive and aware of her. I still have people saying "So what happened to Star Shine's parents?" It's one person but it counts. Okay it's my girlfriend. And she's suggested an origin story. But it counts.

I already have a stalker I'm afraid.

Things are going to get bad pretty quickly. Heck the next chapter, which I'll be uploading in a minute, is pretty bad.

:yay: The two best things in life :pinkiehappy:

Yeah but right now he doesn't know where she lives :twilightblush: Just appearing would do more psychological harm sure, but he's a nasty son of a bitch. What DT did was purely psychological, he's a nice mixture of psychological and physical.

Judging by the three downvotes I think people are judging it too soon :facehoof: There won't really be a stream of chapters, and actually there's not going to be that many dawwws, but there are definitely going to be some.

It's good to see you back :yay:

now rarity run to twilights house or the police as fast as you can.

Looking like Scootaloo's mother may have saved Rarity, but her fear of falling just might have doomed Scootaloo.:raritydespair: I wonder if Grey Feather even heard of the Elements of Harmony with how hard he was in the bottle. Anyway, see ya next chapter.

Please tell me that Rarity will call the police.

To be fair Twilight's house is quite capable of reaching the best copper in Equestria. Oh Shining Armor, you're so manly.

Nah he doesn't really know anything about them. This has the advantage of meaning he's got no idea what he's getting himself into though. I think that'd sober a person up pretty quickly.

...no one ever does do they? They really really never do. In her mind Twilight is one of the only ponies who can help right now but yeah, the police will actually get involved.

Seriously though, it never happens in a story. So many things in every story ever could be avoided if people just went to the authorities.

Oh, come on. Is Rarity a complete MORON? A pony JUST TRIED TO MURDER HER. Or is she just going to hole herself up in her boutique and wait for everything to be over, like a coward? Sure, we didn't expect any of the CMC to tell anyone in the previous story, but Rarity is an ADULT, a KNIGHT OF HARMONY, and I might add, A FRIEND OF RAINBOW DASH, and the pony who just tried to kill her is on his way to find RD and Scootaloo.

Am I the only one here who sees that calling the police, or at most, the other Knights, is the only logical thing for her to do?

I'll answer that question with a question. Other than when a princess is concerned, do we ever see guards, or any other type of law enforcement for that matter, in Ponyville?

NOPE Rarity is NOT Scootaloo's legit mother

i honesly had the feeling thay wernt related and i cant see rarity as a mother

I have had my fair share of coincidence in real life...so th03.deviantart.net/fs70/PRE/f/2013/314/e/b/spitfire___prize_winner_by_plazyma-d6tswlt.jpg


SHIP STAR SHINE AND RAINBOW DASH:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

So ill ask it why didn't she just lie to him she not the element of honesty after all that could have bought time to Get to twilight plus does rarity now any basic teleportation?

If Rarity were thinking clearly she would have sent him to Twilight's house instead, then gone and told Pinkie Pie.
I can't see any encounter he has with Twilight ending in any way but with him incapacitated and royal guards dispatched. Doubly so since Twilight remembers the LAST time she sent somebody to RD's house.

I was merely commenting on how no one ever goes to the police in stories and not saying that's what I was doing. Rarity is going straight to Twilight because in her mind Twilight is possibly the only one who could really help. She's the only Element (outside of Fluttershy, who is a bit of a coward and lives far away) who would be able to reach Rainbow Dash in time. She also has connections to the Princesses and the captain of the Royal Guard. Rarity is a fairly smart mare :raritywink:

Aye but I can imagine that someone might think that's what I was getting at despite saying numerous times she was dead. I was basically covering my own flank, so to speak.

Trust me, there's no such thing as a coincidence :twilightsmile:

I don't think Rarity would know much about teleportation. I can't really speak in general but I think when people are that frightened and that at risk, they might not think to lie. It's with going to police as one of those things no one ever does in a story.

You know that would have been a pretty clever plan. I'm so good at coming up with cunning and evil schemes but barely any that constitute the greater good :twilightsheepish:

“That's right Chicken.”

ugh i hate when peaplo call scoots a chicken :twilightangry2:

OOOooooooooooooooooooooooooh snap.

Star Shine going to rescue me:scootangel:

I think I know what may happen here. :scootangel:

3520718 Grey came from underneath the clouds.
I feel so bad for Star Shine. If they survive this (and I know they will :duck: ), Star Shine will know once and for all how he feels for his family (which is what they are.)

I LOVE IT...dont stop, dont let it end....keep going and going and going... dont ever let this fic die...I WANT MORE...SO MUCH MORE....

Eeyup, Grey Feather needs to die:flutterrage:

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! CLIFF HAGGER!!!! SCOOTALOO!!!! Celestia, why can't it be tomorrow?! I have to know what happens!!! And I Must. Kill. GRAY FEATHER!!!!!!!!!!

Grey feather is shaping up to be an okay villain. Let's see what he decides to do next.

Nice little chapter update, and a nicely placed little story about Star.

Onward and upward! (Or, in this case, downward at a high speed).

was good and i hope they bake scoots father into cupcakes when this is all over :pinkiecrazy:

If it helps, he's the reason she hates it too :raritywink:

I think there might be a few cracks and pops in there. I never thought I'd get to make a cereal reference, especially about something so serious.

Could be something different too.

If I had to give a total and proper reason, I'd say that he saw them from afar so he knew their general location and he heard them talking and so could guess their location. Failing that, the bottom of the cloud was shadowed where they were sat and he went for one and hoped for the best. Failing THAT, total sheer bad luck.

There's a sad tag and I'm a heartless bastard who killed off my own characters family. I like to think there's a chance they won't make it. No wait, a tragedy tag would say that they probably die :facehoof:

I'll never officially close the universe but the stories have to end so new ones can begin :twilightsmile:

I'm doing pretty good. Two chapters in and the death of the villain is being called for. It took much longer than that to get that reaction for Diamond Tiara :trollestia:

Be glad I updated it early and that you won't have to wait an entire weekend :twilightsheepish: There really wasn't much chance of ending this chapter any other way. I'd have ended it with Star Shine going back out to his new family, which would have been a nice ending, but it wouldn't have set up Scootaloo jumping after Rainbow Dash like that.

I'm not entirely sure what I'm getting at. It's half three in the morning here. WHEEEEEEEE.

Downward at a high high speed but hopefully we'll slow down a little. Oh I hope so. As far as scum and villainy go, he has an evil laugh so that's all he really needs.

As long as they're sweet and tasty :pinkiecrazy:

Gotta love potential death.

Makes the plot far more interesting.

They can do indeed. Even if Working Towards The Future never had one :derpytongue2:

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