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An influx of weather duties has left Rainbow Dash more overworked and exhausted than ever. With no funds to go on a proper vacation to blow off steam, Rainbow is trapped in a endless cycle of waking up, going to work, and going to sleep.

When Rainbow's responsibilities make even flying no longer fun, Twilight offers to let her stay at the library for an all-expenses paid staycation. Though a little unsure, it doesn’t take much convincing from Twilight for Rainbow to change her mind. Expecting to just find some peace and quiet for a few days, Rainbow finds that and much more.

My (extremely late & winning) entry for the Third TwiDash Group Contest.

Editing done by The Abyss and DarqFox

Cover art by Rossby Waves

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D'aawwww. Everyone DOES need a break now and again. This was good

Welp, that was fantastic.
This earns my vote for sure. Have a favorite.

I have to say, this is probably one of the best ways that I've seen the episode where Rainbow starts reading incorporated into a story. Normally they're all "Oh Rainbow started reading, I think I love her" but here you used to actually help set up a situation that's actually plausible and realistic. Well done my friend well done. Definatelly one of my new favourites.

Freakin Faved.

Imma press dis fav buten, an' you not gonna do nothin' bout it!

If it were to have some kind of epilogue I would certainly consider changing my top 5 :scootangel:

This is an amazingly written story and I loved the lead in. Fav and Thumbs up!:twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

Amazing work. This totally earns my favorite! :pinkiehappy:

Well. That was an awesome read. How I love finding an awesome story to read while already in bed preparing to fall asleep :twilightsmile:

This... was wonderful!:raritystarry:
An actual slice of life everyone experiences from time to time together with the best solution to it. And even presented in a funny way!:rainbowkiss:

So easy, laid-back and natural. I really enjoyed this.

It didn't feel especially rough, and it doesn't feel like anything is missing, so I think you've nothing to worry about in that regard. Very nicely done.

You know, they say that once you start going here, you’re going to have to give up one of three things: grades, sleep, or your social life.

That's exactly, word for word, what they told me when I started at my high school. I thought it was unique to us!

Dawwwww, they accidentally dated.:ajsmug:

Rainbow searched Twilight’s face. All of the exhaustion and stress had left Twilight’s features, leaving only peaceful, blissful expression. Rainbow’s eyes traced the contours of Twilight’s jaw, lingering over her gentle face and bedraggled mane. A tiny small floated onto Twilight’s lips, and Rainbow thought she heard her mumble Rainbow’s name.


“And Daring Do, with the Lazuline Amulet in hoof, took off into the darkening sky, leaving the temple of Naqsh-i Rustam behind her amongst the cries of revenge from her defeated foe. When she got home, she would be sure to cache in her vacation days. She smirked at the thought of the bewildered faces of her colleagues. Daring Do was the last pony they’d expect to take a sabbatical, but after this adventure, she learned that every now and then a pony needed to slow down and enjoy life while it lasts. The setting sun was testament to this fact, nothing is eternal, so you have to enjoy it while you can.”


Rainbow sighed and pushed the Daring Do book away. “I know it doesn’t sound like much, but if you didn’t slap some sense into me when you did... I dunno, but I probably would be more worse for wear. I don’t know how else to thank you for caring about me that much so... thanks.”

"much" for better grammar

Well-paced except in the ending; I understand you might not have wanted to draw it out after surpassing 10k words, but it still feels sudden compared to the rest of the story's pace. Better than most zero-conflict romances I've read though.

So much d'aww :twilightsmile: very nice story! Totally worth the wait! The way they became closer and closer (without even realizing it) felt very natural and all. Also, I particularly liked how you stayed clear of a lot of the typical "realization" monologue along the lines of "was she really thinking that way about her friend?" - I may have read too many of those around here :twilightblush:

Rainbow covered in milk, banana, and bowl left me laughing out loud for a couple of minutes :rainbowlaugh:

The inner grammar goat found a few rough spots:

A tiny small smile floated onto Twilight’s lips, and Rainbow thought she heard her mumble Rainbow’s name.

A relieved smiled spread over Rainbow’s own face to match Twilight’s, the tingling feeling returning once more.

They would either out on Twilight’s balcony huddled together with the latest Daring Do book or out on a stroll through Ponyville and the White Tail Woods.
I think this sentence no verb.

For now, she was happy to enjoy the moment with Twilight as the leaves swayed and fell in the cool breeze.

Good luck in the contest! I'll see you in the proverbial ring :rainbowdetermined2:

Loved it. Very cute.

To be fair, I haven't gone through this yet. Life whacked me with a book, and I'm not exactly equipped to deal with it. My edits should clear up everything The Abyss missed. Until such time, I, as a Grammar Nazi State-General, do not clear this work of fiction as Ferret Approved.

<3 DarqFox


Thank you for pointing those out. And yeah, the ending is a bit sudden compared to the rest of the fic. I'd blame contest related timing restrictions, but that was all my own fault anyways. After 12k and needing to get some editing done (though clearly not enough :twilightsheepish: ), I left it as it is and am happy with it overall. Thanks again for the kind words :twilightsmile:


Thanks for pointing those out too. I'm not sure if I ever ended up commenting on your entry, but it was really well done and left me fairly intimidated after reading it. Best of luck to you and all the other contestants! See y'all in the ring.

There were a lot of things I loved about this. But I think what takes the cake is just how natural the story felt. Rainbow and Twilight didn't seem to be pushed into a relationship because of the story itself. Instead, they gradually realized that they liked hanging out with one another, and this lead to a budding, yet unknown relationship until the very end when Twilight kissed her. How this was all done was fantastic!

Overall even though it looked long, it didn't seem like it was in the slighest. It was fluffy, enjoyable, and just plain cute. :twilightsmile:

Good luck in the contest! You kind of intimidated me with this BTW :twilightsheepish:


Thank you kindly. I know the feeling, your entry, along with elPossy's and killo's, intimated me quite a bit while writing this (those are the only ones I've had the chance to read so far). Best of luck in the contest to ye :twilightsmile:

Interesting. Interesting indeed.

*sigh* Just another place on my god damn read later list.

Great stuff mate!

This is likely the best shipping story I've read in a long time!
Bravo, encore!

No, really, thank you for this. I'm feeling the twidash flowing through my veins, as it always should be.

Twilight gulped but didn’t look away. “W-well... the breakfasts in bed, the snuggling together under a blanket, going out on day-long walks... it’s almost exactly like in my books.”

The irony...

And that's how Spike won the betting pool on when Twilight and Dash would start dating.:moustache:

Seriously though this was great, definitely going on my favorite list.

A brilliant story with a satisfying ending.

TwiDash is best Dash ship with AppleDash coming in second..

I liked this. It was cute but the physical aspect of their relationship was a little overplayed with how much they were hugging and Rainbow Dash kept her wing draped over Twilight's back at every possible moment. To me it looked like Rainbow Dash was coming onto her pretty strongly so the part where they aren't even sure if it's a date didn't completely sell it to me. It could have been more subtle so it would be less certain when she asked 'Is this a date?' Either Rainbow Dash was just feigning ignorance and had been intentionally cuddling Twilight to court her, or she is really liberal with her hugs.


I can understand why it didn't necessarily sell for you. The intention of the wing-hugs (especially their frequent appearance towards the end after Twilight agrees to go on staycation) was basically to show that the two were already dating but didn't know it. This is especially true as they were reading together on the balcony. I had hoped to show that they had already grown so close that they may as well have been dating by the end of it.

This was incredible. It helps that I have a weakness for twidash, but this was absolutely incredible. Bravo good sir.


I read this about two days ago, and I found it pretty damn adorable. I never thought Rainbow Dash would be so huggy, but I can totally live with that. Also, Rainbow Dash with a bowl on her head nearly made me make debilitating noises of cute. So I had to see what that might look like. I couldn't help myself. :rainbowwild: Rainbow Dash vs Cereal

Great and amazing story, love it.


Hugs everywhere (may have gone just an itsy bit overboard, but w/e). Also, new favourite Rainbow Dash pic.

3359763 NO PrinceessTwiDash

3360409 Damn... Princess Twi Princess Dash.

D'awwwww, that was cute. Expertly written as always sir. Thanks for making me realize I have no chance in this contest ya jerk ;p

Seriously, great story man. And I loved Spike showing up at the end. Classic.


Thanks! And are you kidding? You have no idea how much your entry intimidated me while I was writing this. I'm also very, very, very grateful I don't have to compete against Midnight Rendezvous in the 3.5 contest.

A great read though somehow I got the feeling it was too short for its own good despite having over 12k words. I dunno, but when I finished this, I had the feeling of something missing, something that wasn't done yet or had to be done, but can't put the finger on it.... Meh, probably me just being too tired to think straight. :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks for the fic. :twilightsmile:

Dope story bruh, Gotta love that TwiDash.

>the site cute

I believe you meant 'sight'.

Great story, I had lots of fun reading it!

The front door slammed, drawing a surprised blink from Twilight, ruining the special moment. The pitter-patter of feet climbing the staircase caused both Twilight and Rainbow to turn their heads, hooves still entwined and Rainbow’s wing still over Twilight’s back. A small purple-scaled head poked up from the staircase, smiling and waving at Twilight.

I shouted out loud, "God Damnit!!" And the I finished this story after a long leisure from my parents

I was very satisfied with the ending of this story. The pacing was wonderful and it ended in such a perfect way it gives me a fuzzy feeling inside. Thank you for making this.

It's almost too sweet. This whole thing is almost too sweet. I have very few complaints, and in fact, nothing to really bicker about at all. Sure, this is the second story I've read today in which Spike nearly kills the mood at the end. Sure, there was a small hooffull of minor errors such as discernable "discernible" or a period missing at the end of a sentence. But such things are practically trivial in the wake of such a beautiful and captivating piece. You did very nice work capturing both characters in their full personalities, displaying their deep care for each other, and while I cringed in detest at each delay of the inevitable romance, I was consistently implored to read on because of it. I extol you for your excellent display of writing prowess, and may I come across more fictional literature of even near such a caliber, I shall be most pleased. Thank you.

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