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"Tim, you're just so nice nobody could hate you. We all are secretly in love with you." ~bats


Walking away from the smoldering ruins of Golden Oaks, Twilight said she was fine. As she bid her friends farewell and settled into the new crystal palace, she said all was well. Why then has nopony seen her in days? When Spike comes running in a panic, Applejack decides to investigate.

After all, in a world filled with change, a pony can always rely on the comfort of a friend when in need. In this case, Twilight is in need of a friend, and Applejack will be there for her.

Prereading by Tchernobog and Carabutt.
Editing by Auramane and Zaphod.

Cover art by Rossby Waves.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 39 )

First Donny's Boy with Featured TwiJack, now you! What is this, a TMP reunion?


I was so happy when I saw Donny's fic in the box this morning. The time of TwiJack has finally come.

My feels, my likes, my favs - take them all, Timaeus. Take. Them. All.

Poor Twi, going from a warm happy tree house to a cold drafty crystal tree castle would kind of suck. I'm more of a log cabin fan as opposed to the glass walls myself. Happy to see it working out nicely for Twi & AJ. :twilightsmile::ajsmug:


And what am I, a wet noodle? :ajbemused:

Tim: About time you posted this! :P

5457785 Pffft. Please, Tcherno, a wet noodle?

More like damp rice :pinkiecrazy:

Evening folks. May I interest you in the story of our Lord and Savior, SparkledashiePie?

Love this story. it is so well written it could be pare of the new season. :heart::pinkiesmile::twilightsmile:


What I meant was that there was already a TwiJack in the box when I uploaded. And now, there're two! Happy day.


How the fuck did I miss this?

~Skeeter The Lurker


I'm just sneaky like that.


I got the idea for this story by listening to that song, actually. I was wondering if anyone would link it here :twilightsmile:

5460603 lol my story under the same name was "inspired" by haywyres song everchanging. Not that thebsong had anything to do with it at all but it gave me a name and I was like OK fuck it let's write

Better later than never right? :twilightsmile:

This was fantastic, and easily one of the best stories I've read about poor old Golden Oaks and the memories it left behind. Also, nice job with Applejack, every word sounded like something she would say.

Good work!


Twilight couldn’t wait to be able to call this place ‘home.’

Or alternatively, you could empty the castle, surround it in a shield and use magic to cause a resonance in the crystal causing it to shatter into tiny peices! The shield would stop the shards flying everywhere, Rarity would get more tiny crystals than she could ever use and you could move in with Applejack at Sweet Apple Acres!:twilightsmile:

Yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo this is ripe.

In all seriousness, fine work, Timmy! There were some really excellent parts to this story, and only a few nitpicky-Habanc-is-nitpicky things to boot! It might've taken you six months, but hey, this is great!

Also, you rekindled my love for Applejack shipping. She's so precioussss :3 (I might revisit some old Twijack just because of this)

Ugh. My feels cannot handle this overload of dorky, awkward love. Gah!

You know, I've been wanting to read this exact story since that episode aired. I thought, "Hey, this would make a great premise for a TwiJack comfort fic," and you pulled it off beautifully.

5461777 dude finding that resonance frequency would be a heck of a task to find, and then twilight has to pump stupid amounts of power into it

I now she put the equivelant of a small nuke into the ursa minor, but that's crazy talk, considering it might actually be in multiple parts and need more than one blast

Awesome! I love twijack, and you very easily did this shipping off.:-D

5466756 Yeah, it may be more than one peice, and yes it would take a lot of energy but not an impossible ammount for Twilight I reckon. Resonance can get a lot done with a little energy. Also, if that doesn't work, she could probably shatter it with raw force, yeah she'd have to blast away at it for days but she'd get there eventually.:twilightsmile:

Wonderful story, so many feels for golden oaks, but a new relationship might just fix thatthat :ajsmug::heart::twilightsmile:. Season 5 opening sequence will be interesting to see

I wrote a review of this story. It can be found here.

Nice story.
But there is a lot of "Twilight" and "Applejack" there.

Treading as lightly as possible, Applejack began searching the castle. She strained her ears as she wandered through the halls, listening for any sign of Twilight. Within no time she was lost. Each room she poked her head into and each hallway she meandered through was just as big and just as vacant as the last. The walls were barren and most rooms were just empty rooms. The castle seemed to swallow Applejack up in their emptiness. The silence, punctuated only by the clicking of her hooves, filled the halls. Applejack felt so small and smothered by it all. She couldn’t imagine anypony living alone in a place so large and empty.

Applejack couldn’t imagine Twilight living alone in a place so large and empty.

Applejack chided herself. Twilight wouldn’t be alone. She would still have Spike with her and Applejack and the others would be only a few minutes away. Applejack tried to take comfort in the thought, but her somersaulting stomach made it more than a little difficult. In a castle this big, Twilight may as well have been alone.

Applejack groaned as she climbed a short set of stairs. She cast a helpless glance around, pleading for the library—or better yet, Twilight—to reveal itself. As she rounded a corner, the castle appeared to have granted her wish.

A wooden crate, opened and half-unpacked, sat in the middle of the hallway. Books were stacked in small piles against the crate, ready to be filed away into a library. Applejack moved to the crate and found that it was next to a set of double doors that were ajar. Through the crack, she saw a hunched-over Twilight with her back to the doors.

Applejack breathed a sigh of relief. She had found the library; she had found Twilight. She reached a hoof out to open the door, but stopped herself. Raising an eyebrow, she regarded the unlocked and opened library door.

Didn’t Spike say that she locked herself in?

A sniffle caught her attention. Peering through the door again, what Applejack saw made her heart sink. Even with her back to her, Applejack could tell Twilight looked miserable. Her wings were hanging low and her tail was curled up around her. Applejack watched as Twilight raised a hoof to her lowered face, as if to wipe away a trail of tears.

Applejack had seen enough. The hesitation from before gone, she pushed open the door and walked to her friend’s side.

Twilight needed Applejack, and Applejack was going to be there for her.

Aj - 16
TS - 10

Twilight is not just Twilight. She is also Twilight Sparkle, Princess, Twi, alicorn etc.
Same with Applejack.:ajbemused:
Sometimes it's really annoying. Especially when you end sentence with Twilight and begin new with same Twilight :twilightoops:

Is love just about finding that individual and going out of one's way to make them feel special on a continual basis? That might be something to experiment with if I haven't done already, however my memory is crumbling like dry cheese.


May the author is talking about a different Twilight and Applejack.


Maybe not on a continual basis, but I'd think that part of love is feeling that someone is special, and more than occasionally showing that person how special they are. As time goes on, and as the people in question become closer and closer, the need to go out of your way to do something will likely be less felt. I think, for Applejack and Twilight, filling up a new home with good memories could (eventually) become simply waking up next to each other and planning each other's schedules for work and chores on a timetable that they stick up on the fridge.


Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. I saw the comment when you posted it, and then forgot to reply until now. Not using the names of the characters as often is definitely something that I need to work on in future projects. Thank you for pointing that out to me.

Huh, that was a really interesting read. I can relate too losing a home after living there for so long. Lived on my parents farm for twenty seven years before we lost it to a new interstate. They relocated and everything, and I got my own place. But it took years for me to call it home, because it wasn't home. You know? Thumbs up. :twilightsmile:

What happened yo Applejack's cart tho?
Wasnt spike supposed yo watch it?

I feel like this is supposed to be the story based around chapters 2 and 3 from Jukebox Scribbles. The only difference is it TwiJack rather than TwiDash.

I cried twice during this, I only cry once! You, my friend, are a feels thief!:fluttercry::pinkiehappy::pinkiesad2::twilightsmile:

5661095 You'd be surprised how subjective "Romantic Love" can be. It can range from a simple gesture- a hug or a small kiss maybe- to extreme measures such as S&M.
But to be honest, in a perfect world where work, social influences, and friends don't affect your affection for your "True Love" then I wish love would be how you described it. Making that special somepony(ehem, for formalities sake) feel different from everyone that you know and showing him/her how special he/she is to you.
But one can only wish and dream this perfect world :(

What surprises me most is the parallelism of the story's context with the 3rd episode of the 5th season, like the author foresaw the main problem before it even arrived XD

of course, not the solution thought (though I prefer this solution more by far)


I'm pretty sure we all knew that there was gonna be an episode talking somewhat about the destruction of Golden Oaks. I really wanted to get this finished before that happened and totally ruined my headcanon :rainbowwild:

And I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I read this after I saw episode 3 of season 5, so, I couldn't help but compare it:
Canon | Everchanging
Enjoyableness: 5/5 | 5/5
Moral: 5/5 | 5/5
Song: 5/5 | 0/5
Twijack: 0/10 | 10/10
Grammar: 5/5 | 4.99/5
Total: 20/30 |24.99/30

And the winner is.... Everchanging!

Congratulations, good sir! Job well done!

Good story u left it open for more chapters though and i know how life can throw monkey wrenches into the stories u work i have a side cannon story that follows hope and shadows cannon line as well one that uses pin stroke's oc Nyx and my oc dragon that i have drawn many years and i have one where it revolves around his life since i dont have edtiors i have to read through it and make all the changes and spell checks myself i hope to get them posted once i finish them all


I agree. This should totally be continued, someday.

Out of all the AppleTwi fics I've read, I think this one has to be my favourite. This really hits hard with its raw emotional power, and playing to Applejack's already present comforting nature. You've single-handedly turned my shipping world upside down, since now I'm considering jumping off the AutumnJack ship for this.


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