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To earth ponies, there is little more important than tradition. Foals grow up taught everything from family recipes, songs, dances, to folk tales passed down from generation to generation. Of these traditions, none is more valued than a proposal, an offer to entwine your life with somepony else's.

To Bon Bon, nothing is more important to her than Lyra, and nothing matters more than making sure that her proposal is perfect.

Now, if only perfection wasn't so elusive.

And if only it was as easy to grow flowers as every other earth pony makes it seem.

Preread by auramane, Melon Hunter, and Carabutt.

Cover art by Rossby Waves.

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It prettiful <3


Only because you contributed the art. :raritywink:

7798605 :/ Demeaning comments to yourself results in booping.

This is really good. Also a bit odd that at 16 likes, it's in the Feature box, but eh.

7798946 slow day, fast performance, probably more views than you think given that it doesn't update quickly.

“Guess who's train came in early?

whose train

I won’t deign anymore attempts

any more

This was very adorable and sweet. Really liked the interactions of all the characters, and I'm glad you didn't go with the easy fix of Octavia just turning out to be insanely good at farming.


A bit odd, yes, but I'll take it! :rainbowwild:

I'm glad you enjoyed reading it. :twilightsmile:


Thank you for pointing those out =3=

I'm also glad that you enjoyed it! I actually did have something else in mind for the ending involving more of a helping hand from Octavia, but then while I was writing it thought this would be a simpler (and, hopefully, better) way to solve Bon Bon's dilemma.

Have a fave. You deserve it.


The feature box takes into account more than just the like ratio.

If you could explain to me how it works, that would be great. I've been on this site for four years, I've had three stories hit the Feature box, and I'm still completely clueless as to how that works. Lmao


I don't exactly know how, but it takes a measurement of traffic, comments, likes, dislikes, and total hits.


So much seems to get taken into account for the feature box algorithm that I've long since given up on trying to figure out the "best way" to get something figured or how to explain when something gets featured.

Regardless, thank you for reading! :twilightsmile:



7801822 Its a good story :twilightsmile:

Also honestly I've only ever gotten one fanfic in the featured box.

Omg this story was so good. Im happy I read this

Timae, brother, you've outdone yourself. I was in need of a good heart-melting and DAMN if you didn't provide it. Characters felt in-character, dialogue was voiced properly as far as I can tell, and I loved the way you crafted the lore of how proposals and pony magics work. Thank you very much for writing this and please keep making more.

<3 DarqFox

*sniff* awwww this was so sweet. Loved it so much.

Cute as an otter litter. Have a like good sir, you earned it :yay:

Cool headcannon world building and a super cute tale of love make for quite an awesome story. :ajsmug:

amazing work i'm going to make this part of my own head cannon now thank you.


Aww, that was a really sweet little story. I like how you built up the relationship with just using emotion and Bon Bon's desire for the perfect way to ask and how you ended it right on the perfect note of a flood of emotions just propelling her over the edge to the point of forgetting all the plans and just saying 'do it'.

Nice way for the earth ponies to ask. For a moment I thought Lyra had come back with wreaths for her. But no, she just really missed her. I also found it funny how Bon Bon kinda threw it all out the window and just asked. Yep. Definitely too much time apart

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