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First thing that I wrote

Silver Spoon was trotting through the corridors of the Canterlot castle, acompaning her family for a royal anouncement, her family been one of the fews honored to be there and obviously richest in Equestria along with the Diamont Tiara's family. She wasn't want to be there, all the royal meetings have been always too boring for her, she would prefer been with Diamond Tiara hassling those stupid blank flanks.

When she enter the room see all the royal families of Equestria, some embasadors and even she saw those six ponies that bear the Elements of Harmony, "Why they are here, they are simple commoners, and been the bearers doesn't give them nobility titles, well maybe that librarian yes, only for been the princess student, I don't like her, but at least, judging them for her faces, I'm not the only one who doesn't want to be here" - Silver Spoon think.

One inside in the main room of the castle, when her family went to salute the princesses, she saw a big and muscular stallion, blonde mane, perfect teeth, "Oh Celestia, that's a stallion" - Silver Spoon think as apear a blush in her cheeks.

During the meeting she was following the stallion, seeing how he put in they place those waiters. "He knows what he wants, that remeber me when those flank flanks loose a bet and they have to be our servants for a week, delightful".

Once he cross the path with that librarian he say to her. - "Oh Hello Ms Sparkle, mm, I don't think you should be here, this is only for nobility and your mare lover illness isn't welcome, is a shame, if not for that, we should have been a charming couple, instead of been attached with that rainbow maned pegasus, what a waste."

- "At least I'm agree with you, I don't want to be here, neither my friends and my mare. We only be here for the princesses." - Twilight said whithout trying to hide her anger.

- "Well then, move along, I have an anouncemen to give" - Blueblood said while continuing her path to the throne section.

"Oh Celestia, he really knows how to put in their places those commoner, admirable, I should remeber his words when Twilight or Rainbow, give us a call for teasing those blank flanks" - Silver Spoon think and her blush increase - "I think I'm in love with him"

- "Good day, appreciable guests, and not too appreciable" - Blueblood say, giving a glare to Twilight's group - "I am here to anounce my compromise with the daughter of the one of the nobles families of the Crystal Empire, Ms Diamond Dust" - The mare advance to the throne section, giving to all guest a glare, like saying that they don't have the right to see her.

"Wait, what??!!" - Silver Spoon's eyes beging to watering and feeling her heart in pain - "Damn you Diamond Dust, if only I were older...."