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Octavia and Vinyl Scratch couldn't be happier together, but the cellist's friends can't seem to see why. When Octavia has an important meeting, will the mare that's stolen her heart seal the deal for better, or for worse?

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Comments ( 38 )

I love this! Why doesn't this have more views? This is great! :rainbowkiss:

So... Much... YES!!!

Great great story, seriously, this deserve more thumbs up and favs.
Thumbs up and Faved

Most impressive. :ajsmug: Well written, superbly paced and featuring my favourite couple, Octavia and Vinyl. Simply exquisite. :twilightsmile:

This was a really good story cute and all good job!

Thank you for getting me into Octavia/Vinyl.

Also... Trixies real name is bellatrix!!!! That made my day.

Short, sweet and very good. Bravo I say :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

I went looking for good fic and happily found it! I find this pairing so intriguing and love all of the detail you put into the story. Instafave! <3

Fabrige was a bit...2-dimensional. I really couldn't see somepony like Hoity actually getting near enough to her to date, let alone get engaged to.

That and she was also more than just a bit generic. Painfully so, to be honest.

Other than that, it was a pretty decent Vinyl/Tavi story.

i can just read octavia's rant over and over again mutiple times and not get tired of reading it

also i think it was very lucky of Faberge that they were on the balcony and not inside the resturant otherwise alot more ponies might have walked out around her

Ah, what a fine little story! I was a little wary about a story starting off with them together, as often they lead to shallow/unbelievable relationships, but such was not the case for this story. Despite the length of the story, you did a great job of developing the characters and their relationship, and I'm particularly found of your take on Octavia. Vinyl as an albino was an interesting choice, and I applaud you for making her with red eyes for a good reason, instead of just because everyone else was doing it.

As another comment said, Lady Fabrige was a bit much on the cliched side, but I understand why you used her character. I do, however, agree that I cannot see Hoity being anywhere near somepony like that, if he has the character to be friends with Octavia and Vinyl.

Other than that, this was a thoroughly enjoyable read -- you did a great job with this. :twilightsmile:

Side note: I've always had this idea that Octavia and Vinyl agree on jazz music, so I guess it makes a lot of sense.

... WHY HASN'T THIS BEEN FEATURED??!?!!? :flutterrage:

(Also Trixie is Hoity Toity's kid? I don't even, wat. How. Whaaaa? You broke my brain there.)

This is a great story. I love the characterisation, and the plot, and the conflict, and just everything! I really don't see how this doesn't get enough views; I shall promote this among my followers immediately! :twilightsmile:

That was a very beautiful story. You did a fantastic job with the chemistry and love between Octavia and Vinyl. In addition, you created a thoroughly hateable character that received what's coming to them. I'm going to make a new section on my profile for this story; it deserves it. :pinkiehappy:

This was a good and enjoyable little story that did well in setting up the conflict, relationships and everything else. Well done, faved, etc.

"Octavia's maid, Windex"

I don't know why but I lost it at this, hilarious name. :D

GREAT story. I felt a strong connection to Vinyl, being a straight-edge musician myself. I haven't seen her portrayed that way in any other story. Save for a couple of grammatical errors, this is one of THE best OctaScratch stories I've seen on here.

Am I the only one getting a "bad gateway" message, then?

I am using a Gatewaytm computer. Perhaps I should discipline it?



Am I the only one getting a "bad gateway" message, then?

I am using a Gatewaytm computer. Perhaps I should discipline it?



Edit: didn't work. :fluttershysad:

I don't get why these stories don't become popular, sure they lack the excitement of stories that involve crises or emotional turmoil but sometimes it's nice to read something that's just plain sweet.

Good work.

I found this while preening through someones favorites. I enjoyed it thuroughly. A few small errors here and there, had just the right build up, climaxed nicely, handled the proceeding events nicely. Luna appearing at the end was a little forced, but did allow for a happy ending beyond the reinforced relationship.

D'aaaaawwww :pinkiehappy:


My sides are now floating away in space due to the laughter you have made me endure from the comment you made.... Well played Sir

Wonderful one shot! The snooty attitude of a Canterlot noble was captured perfectly. And what's a story without any Trixie. Thanks so much was a fun read! :twilightsmile:

This was a pretty neat and cute story.
The only small problem i had with it was the fact that you used the term filly in stead of mare.
When i read filly i think of them being around the age of the CMC or younger.
Other then that i enjoyed this story and i will be keeping a eye on what ever else you might write in the future.

i must say i squeed myself abit why reading this

This story was, and still is, ridiculously cute. Bravo!!

Great story, kept me entertained all the way!

This was definitely cute. I'm always surprised to find more OctaScratch that I haven't read yet, especially good ones like this! Great job sir/madam/whatever-the-hell-you-are.

I'm lovin' it!

This is so adorable!

“This is Frederick Von Horseshoepin, the pianist.”
“A what?!”
"A pianist!"
"Good night everybody!"
Couldn't help myself. Anyway, this was a pretty cute story. XD

Oh luna I love you. That was quite a fun read.

This was a short and amazing read! >3< Love how in the end, Octavia stood up for Vinyl Scratch. Love wins~

Well, well, well - wasn't that a fun ride! I always enjoyed seeing background characters interact with the mane cast, so I greatly enjoyed Spike, Twilight and Luna showing up. Your portrayal of Octavia and Vinyl was just as lovely and I really appreciated Fredericks consistent character. Still a little bit snobby, but a cool guy nonetheless.
What made me laugh for quite some time was Trixie. Not only showing up at all, but showing up as none other than Hoity Toitys daughter. I don't know how you got that idea - but it was just as awesome as it was hilarious! "Impress her with your manners" - at that moment, I thought "Ejupp, you're screwed!" - but what does it say about ones character, if even some brash, seemingly self-absorbed little brat like Trixie turns her back on one? I just loved that scene.
While I figured that Twilight would somehow search - and find - for a way to weasel around Octavias 'final word', I thought the solution would be Frederick, as he turned up at the dinner unexpectedly. Didn't even think about Luna. (Which really isn't good at all, one should always think about Luna... haaaw... uh... anyway...)
This was lovely and entertaining.

Thank you!

I truly enjoyed this story. Keep up the great work!

A most excellent story

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