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Pony fan inspired by great writers such as Pen Stroke and Conner Cogwork


This story takes place during Season 4.

Twilight makes a rare find in an antiques shop and travels off in search of a lost town; a town that holds the best kept secret in all of Equestria.

Her shocking discovery puts her on a collision course with Celestia and Luna who have been sharing a dark secret since the founding of Equestria.

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I'm curious how you can keep such a premise E rated.

You do raise a good point - I have steered clear of any violence or romantic involvement and introduced only mild peril in the hope that it can be enjoyed by everyone without worry of stumbling across something age inappropriate. I hope you think I've met these aims.

Thank you - you're very kind. I'm pleased you enjoyed it!


Did Twilight get immortal? It was a great story

This was an.... interesting story.

That was................................................ wasteful.

Thank you - so pleased you enjoyed it!
I can't see her turning it down, especially if Celestia and Luna are counting on her ...


I don't comment often, but I wanted to say I really liked this! Glad I happened to click on it by chance. A fav and a follow! Planning to see some of your other works when I have time. Will there be more, or is it a sort of ambiguous end? Either way, wanted to say I love how descriptive the writing is (something I LOVE when reading) and the story was very well done overall! Hooked me in quick and I raced through it to see more.

Wow - thank you for all the kind words and for the follow too!
Of course you're most welcome go have a look through my past stories; I hope you find more that you like.
As for Twilight, the status of her immortality has been debated in the fandom, so the end is kind of self-fulfilling, but I can't see her turning down a challenge especially when the Royal sisters (all three of them!) need her.
Look forward to seeing you again soon!


Thank you - stay with it, there's going to be some startling revelations as the story develops!


Thank you for your kind words!
Corona has a fiery personality and you certainly wouldn't want to cross her, but she isn't evil like Daybreaker, just hotheaded. Deep down, she's good, like her sisters, but has serious anger management issues. Perhaps in time she'll be welcomed back ...


It's little things like the ticket booth scene that make a story world alive

I see some wasted opportunity for drama here.
Your Twilight shifts her beliefs very rapidly based on a single book, in contrast to the series Twilight, who so idolised the princess that she literally went crazy at a thought of missing an assignment. A book would make her question things, but she'd likely look for more evidence, or more probably, asked the princess directly.

On the other hoof, I love the hair color thing. As a fellow conspiray theory writer, I can't help but smile at what you came up with.

Thank you - we've all met clerks like him!


Glad you like the mane color theory - that was the principal idea behind the story! The more you think about it, the more it just doesn't seem to fit right.
I kinda see your point about a single source book, but she's got no reason to doubt the authenticity of this centuries old untouched time capsule. She did stay up all night too, so I'm pretty sure she would have found some corroborating evidence as Princess Corona would have been so much a routine part of life at that time.
Thanks for your comments, and I am glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you - I'm so pleased you enjoyed it!
No plans for a sequel yet, but I'll bear it in mind; thank you for your support.


I do agree this needs one in my eyes

probably cause the secret is silly? idk...just now reading it

Thank you for adding this story to your favorites :twilightsmile:

was an interesting idea. :)

Please more! this whole site should be filled with these!

I was certain that she was overreacting.
Kinda figured out the ending before I read it. I mean, Celestia almost did the same to Luna, she was almost completely erased from the history, known only as Nightmare Moon and everyone thought that it was a fairytale anyway. And Celestia took over as the Princess of Day And Night.

This was an interesting idea.

Kinda wish there was more sleuthing before the confrontation, but I loved the idea of Twilight thinking a few steps ahead and how she had Shinning as here backup. That was a good idea.

Did not expect a "Real Third Alicorn" I really thought you were going to have Twilight be the third sister.

I would love to see this continue. Keep up the good work and remember "Have Fun With It."

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