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Pony fan inspired by great writers such as Pen Stroke and Conner Cogwork

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A beautiful, if short story. I only wish Twilight had had even a little bit of a happy ending. :fluttercry:

Thank you for your kind words.
It is bleak as she tries to hang onto the last memories of the love she shared with Celestia, but time is dispassionate and I have tried to capture her last desperate attempts to remember their love before she eventually forgets her.
Sorry this sadfic doesn't have a happy ending - I’ll make it up to her in another story sometime!

So from what I get, Equus is slowly but surely freezing into a new ice age as the sun enters its final epoch, and Twilight may well be the last living being on the planet.

And she is leaving the now dead world behind? The emotional bits kinda got overshadowed by what's happening to the planet for me.

It's highlighting the passage of time and illustrating how challenging it would be for Twilight to keep Celestia's memory alive for so long, once every tangible record of their love has been devoured by time.


Damn, wish I could write such an inspiring narrative :ajsleepy: - very nicely done.

Thank you for your kind words.
I wanted to explore how immortals would cope with loss, and the result hit me harder than I had thought.
I'm pleased you liked it. :trollestia::twilightsmile:

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