• Published 30th Jun 2019
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The Missing Princess - Bronyxy

Twilight finds an old map and goes off in search of a lost town; a town that holds the best kept secret in all of Equestria. Her discovery puts her on a collision course with Celestia and Luna who have shared a secret since the founding of Equestria.

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4 Confrontation

It was just turning dark when the train pulled in to Canterlot station and although Twilight had desperately needed the sleep, her mind had been alive with all the variables in play, as she wound herself up thinking through worst case scenarios, her tired mind unable to stop it.

A few late evening commuters got out at the same time as her, but otherwise the station was bare. She felt exposed making her way through the darkening streets until she arrived at the castle where the guards recognised her approach and saluted, allowing her in through the main entrance. She felt like a fly entering a spider’s web and shuddered at the thought of what spiders did to flies.

The corridors echoed more than usual, and it was a lot chillier than she remembered. She wanted to turn back and run away, but knew she must not; she had come this far, she would not be able to live with herself if she didn’t see it through. Luna wasn’t in the throne room holding Night Court, so she went out onto the balcony, the next most likely place.

The air outside was sticky and sultry after the clamminess of the castle, the change making Twilight shiver briefly as she acclimatised. At the other end of the balcony was a dark form occasionally rearing up and weaving spells with her forelegs. Upon hearing other hoofsteps on the balcony, Luna planted all four hooves on the floor and turned her head.
“Twilight Sparkle, a pleasure” she greeted with a gentle bow towards her visitor, “We were worried to learn of your abrupt departure yesterday. I trust all is well?”

Twilight’s demeanour was more businesslike than Luna could remember, and she stopped short of the midnight blue mare in a stance that looked imposing even given the size difference between the two mares.
“What ails thee?” asked Luna, now clearly picking up that something was wrong and reverting to olde Canterlot speech.
“We need to talk, Luna.”
“Very well. Here or perhaps a more private venue?”
“What happened to Princess Corona?”
Luna froze.
There was a long pause during which the silence roared in Twilight’s ears. Luna knew something, that much was obvious and so Twilight braced herself physically and magically for whatever would come next.

Luna lowered her head and placed a forehoof forward, then began a slow walk past Twilight and into the castle. No invitation was given but she followed the Princess of the Night at a safe distance. They proceeded along a familiar route that led to a door with a sun emblazoned on it.

Luna knocked and waited.

Twilight’s pulse raced as she forced away the urge to hyperventilate.

The sound of a latch echoed in the stillness of the corridor and Twilight thought she would scream.

The door opened slowly revealing the familiar white mare with flowing blue, lilac and green mane; somepony she had always looked upon with absolute trust and friendship. Until now.

“Yes, Luna. How may I help?”
“There is something that Twilight Sparkle wishes to discuss, Sister.”
“Good evening Twilight. I am sorry I got so caught up with visitors yesterday. What do you want to talk about?”
Twilight seemed to develop tunnel vision with everything but her focus on Celestia fading into a blur. She was scared now, but adrenaline was pushing her forward.
“Princess Corona” she said.

Celestia’s face creased into one of pure shock as she gasped and stepped back raising a forehoof defensively.

Twilight stood firm, half a dozen of her most powerful spells prepared and ready to fire at whichever of the two Princesses would make a threatening move first.

Celestia regained her composure but her face suddenly looked sad and she seemed to have shrunk at those two words. Her mouth began to work, but the words did not come. She backed up and withdrew into her chambers leaving the door in an open invitation for her two guests to follow.

Celestia looked visibly shaken as she lay down on the floor in an unthreatening manner, followed by her sister who did the same. Twilight’s resolve refused to let her follow their lead and she stood in an aggressive stance facing them both.

“Corona was our sister” said Luna.
Was?” queried Twilight, “She’s immortal; what do you mean was?”
“An unfortunate choice of words, Twilight” comforted Celestia, “Would you not care to join us? We mean you no harm.”
“Tell me what you did to Princess Corona. Then I’ll decide if I feel safe or not.”
“If anypony was ever going to find out, I knew it would be you” whispered Celestia sadly, “How did you do it?”
“My secret, Celestia” asserted Twilight, although it came out as more of a growl, “You know all about secrets, don’t you?”
“Some secrets have been harder to carry than others over the centuries” said Celestia, glittering pools of tears starting to form in the corners of her eyes, “You have been the brightest and most able of all my students, but also the most dangerous. You have control of magic beyond your young years, you are a brave and fearless fighter, and now you have become my Inquisitor. The time had to come.”

Twilight started to feel sad for this most powerful and regal of ponies, now reduced before her eyes, but kept her guard.
“Have you seen pictures of her, Twilight?”
“Yes” she replied without embellishment.
“She was beautiful, but had a quick temper. Inevitable, really. In the same way that Luna hides her feelings, she wore them proudly and acted accordingly. You will be aware of my original role?”
Twilight nodded, refusing to release her from her penetrating gaze.

“Well, keeping order between day and night, light and dark was much harder than it may sound. Corona would lash out physically and Luna would defend herself with magic. One day, she pushed too far. She had worked on a spell using earth pony magic that would cause the earth to swallow Luna up and bury her underground forever, banishing the night. I found out and confronted her. She was scornful and started to cast the spell on me. I felt the earth starting to rise up and knew it would envelop me, so I struck back, summoning all the magic at my disposal. She had laughed at me and was caught off guard when my magic struck her. We kept fighting as the earth continued to consume me, but I had already resigned myself to an eternal lingering death, just so long as I could stop her and thought nothing for my own safety.”

Twilight watched as Luna broke down in tears and felt her own eyes start to sting.
“I prevailed and banished her to the sun” continued Celestia, “But I was transfixed by a spell half-finished and stuck in the earth until Luna found me. The spell was indeed powerful, and Luna worked tirelessly for weeks trying to research a new class of magic to set me free, while all the time I could feel my body growing roots and becoming one with the earth itself.”
“That's horrible” interrupted Twilight, looking shocked.
“Yes” replied Celestia sadly, “One day when scientists can image the sun they will see her as clearly as they could see my dear Sister on the face of the moon.”

“But what about all those volumes of earth magic?” Twilight persisted, “Why isn’t it known today? It would make crop growing and food production a much easier business.”
“Luna worked hard to free me from the bonds of Corona’s spell and between us we agreed that such a fate was so awful, we should remove the worst excesses of earth magic so that nopony would ever have to live under its threat again. Judge me as you please Twilight Sparkle, but Luna and I have kept Equestria in balance and harmony. My battle with Corona was the closest I have ever come to defeat, even against Nightmare Moon; if we were to bring her back, I do not believe she would allow herself to be beaten a second time around. So whether you consider my banishing her to be the safest action for ponykind or an act of personal cowardice, I await your verdict.”

Celestia hung her head, and now the story was out, gave in to centuries of guilt-ridden tears, a broken mare. Twilight was stunned. She hadn’t expected this outcome and suddenly felt guilty for what she had done. Luna moved over and stretched a protective wing over her sister, trying to ease the pain of memories, each hoped they would never have to relive.

She looked up sadly through her watering eyes, meeting Twilight’s gaze, “Tia is not a monster; she did what she thought was right and very nearly died the most awful of deaths. Even though she banished me too, she was right then, and I believe she chose the right path with Corona too. Whatever punishment you believe fitting, we will not challenge you, but do one thing for me; give me the same punishment as her, for we are both culpable.”
“No Luna!” Celestia interjected sharply, “My actions are my responsibility! I was the one to banish her; I will not allow you to accept any punishment!”

Twilight’s eyes were stinging badly now, and an itch had developed on her muzzle that demanded to be touched and release her own tears.
“I’m sorry” she whispered as the first of her own tears fell.

Time weighed heavily on the sad party of three alicorns, each fighting to come to terms with their own guilt and their own fears. Twilight never thought she would have been standing in judgement over her mentor, but the more she thought it through, the more she came to appreciate the burden this must have been for her. She raised her head and spoke, “Celestia, you said that I am the brightest and most able of yours students; how far is this true?”
“Completely. You are the only pony in all of Equestria to have ever completed a spell left unfinished by Star Swirl the Bearded, which is all the more surprising considering your young years. Also, you are the only student to whom the Element of Magic was attracted.”
“Will I become more powerful than you, Celestia?”
“Given time, yes.”
“Could I develop a magic that would be able to tame Corona?”

Celestia thought for a moment; “Yes, but it would take longer than one lifetime.”
“Then grant me more than one lifetime.”
“I … I cannot sentence you to immortality, my Faithful Student; it is a curse to watch all those around you die, to keep losing friends in one endless procession.”
“Also, you would never be able to have foals of your own” added Luna, regret heavy in her voice.

“I would have both of you as friends, wouldn’t I? What more family would I need?”
“It’s still a very big step” Celestia cautioned, “But we would stand by you.”
“Then let me grow in magic so that one day we can release Corona. She has made one mistake, but we cannot sentence her to banishment without release, that’s unethical.”
“That would provide a solution” concurred Luna.
“But I, we, cannot allow you to pay such a high price for the mistakes of others” Celestia contested.
“Can you see a better alternative?“ questioned Twilight.
“It is within my gift to confer immortality, but it is a magic I have never used. Luna, I would need your help.”
“Of course Sister” she replied unquestioningly.
“Twilight, your request should be considered most carefully. Meet us one month from now and confirm that it is still your wish.”

Twilight let herself out and made for the guest suite she had occupied the night before last and collapsed on the bed, asleep before she hit the duvet.

“I dare to believe” ventured Celestia, “That maybe this nightmare could soon be over.”
“I agree Sister. Twilight Sparkle is unique. If she is prepared to forgo her own mortality, then this curse may yet be lifted.”
“I have no idea how she found out” pondered Celestia, “I was certain we had destroyed all traces.”
“When one faces the enquiring mind of Twilight Sparkle, one can be assured that she will pursue her aim until she reaches her goal.”
“Let us hope so, Luna” said Celestia, rising to her hooves with an optimism she had not felt in centuries, “Let us hope so.”

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You do raise a good point - I have steered clear of any violence or romantic involvement and introduced only mild peril in the hope that it can be enjoyed by everyone without worry of stumbling across something age inappropriate. I hope you think I've met these aims.

Although a bit fast paced, it’s a great story, you deserve more followers

Thank you - you're very kind. I'm pleased you enjoyed it!


Did Twilight get immortal? It was a great story

This was an.... interesting story.

That was................................................ wasteful.

Thank you - so pleased you enjoyed it!
I can't see her turning it down, especially if Celestia and Luna are counting on her ...


I don't comment often, but I wanted to say I really liked this! Glad I happened to click on it by chance. A fav and a follow! Planning to see some of your other works when I have time. Will there be more, or is it a sort of ambiguous end? Either way, wanted to say I love how descriptive the writing is (something I LOVE when reading) and the story was very well done overall! Hooked me in quick and I raced through it to see more.

Wow - thank you for all the kind words and for the follow too!
Of course you're most welcome go have a look through my past stories; I hope you find more that you like.
As for Twilight, the status of her immortality has been debated in the fandom, so the end is kind of self-fulfilling, but I can't see her turning down a challenge especially when the Royal sisters (all three of them!) need her.
Look forward to seeing you again soon!


Thank you for your kind words!
Corona has a fiery personality and you certainly wouldn't want to cross her, but she isn't evil like Daybreaker, just hotheaded. Deep down, she's good, like her sisters, but has serious anger management issues. Perhaps in time she'll be welcomed back ...


Thank you - I'm so pleased you enjoyed it!
No plans for a sequel yet, but I'll bear it in mind; thank you for your support.


I do agree this needs one in my eyes

was an interesting idea. :)

Please more! this whole site should be filled with these!

I was certain that she was overreacting.
Kinda figured out the ending before I read it. I mean, Celestia almost did the same to Luna, she was almost completely erased from the history, known only as Nightmare Moon and everyone thought that it was a fairytale anyway. And Celestia took over as the Princess of Day And Night.

This was an interesting idea.

Kinda wish there was more sleuthing before the confrontation, but I loved the idea of Twilight thinking a few steps ahead and how she had Shinning as here backup. That was a good idea.

Did not expect a "Real Third Alicorn" I really thought you were going to have Twilight be the third sister.

I would love to see this continue. Keep up the good work and remember "Have Fun With It."

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