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The world is crazy. I am part of the world. I am crazy. Stay safe crazy pony people


Some accidents are small, and some endow you with the power of a godly ruler. On the opposite end of things, you lose your wings along with your ability to move celestial bodies, and you can't tell anypony. Why, because what would they think if the princess became a librarian? It's going to be "fine". Celestia just needs to switch back with Twilight before either of their true identities are revealed. All Twilight has to do is hold down the castle, fight off scheming villains, run the country, and worst of all... deal with all the noble ponies.

Rated teen for shenanigans and some more serious parts. Takes place at the end of lesson zero. Please tear this apart with comments. I like criticism. Comment if you have issues, don't leave me with a mystery thumbs down.

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Annnd Hilarity Ensues.

*snerk.* Bwuaaaahahahahahahahahaha!:rainbowlaugh:

Hm potencial to be a good story. Now you had to write how twilight get out of this mess


This has potential. I will be watching.

It's a decent idea, but it's littered with spelling and grammar errors, and some of the dialogue sounds strange. I'll send you a PM with some examples of what I mean, having taken notes through the first half of the chapter.

Keep it up, though. You're off to a better start than a lot of people. :twilightsmile:

630582 hey! are you coping me?

Good idea, but some errors exist. Still, keep it up. I want to see more from you.

I'm following this. Celestia-centered and potentially hilarious? Too good to miss!

However, if it takes a dark turn with Twilestia/Celesparkle unable to move the Sun and everything burning, I won't forgive ya! :pinkiecrazy:

(And, please, pleeeease keep the "troll" down. It's fun enough to have her in Twi's body, no need to make her mean.)

First of all, WOW. This took of like I never imagined. I should write while procrastinating more. I was supposed to be working on a 15 page paper on desert urbanization, but body switching, technicolored ponies pierced my brain and had to be removed. Also, I am saddened, as this fit of randomness, has obliterated the attention of my hard worked first story. :fluttershbad: It's like I trolled myself here. Wrapping up, I have three other ideas fleshing out, so check out my blog page if you care.

Oh and YOU GUYS ROCK! royal Canterlot voice.
Oh don't worry, there will be plenty of nervous, confused Twilight.:twilightoops:
Thanks for the help so far. Taking notes like a true Twilight would.:twilightsheepish:
well, you can PM me or post errors here. Like the description says, "Tear this apart...I like criticism." :twilightsmile:
There will be Twilight too.
There is no Dark tag here, so don't worry. As for the trolling, you did see the title right? I do see your point though. I would call what is going to happen mischief. Celestia is not mean, just board with bureaucratic garbage and this is like the ultimate vacation.:trollestia:


I believe in you then^^
And yeah, for some reason, posting a new story here summons a herd of fans xD

Did they swap bodies, or did Celestia possess Twilight?

in the short script, it said they will change body for a day. why not a week?

Well I guess it's not a spoiler. Celestia was going to long distance teleport to Cnaterlot, but Twilight interrupted her channeling magic and they switched minds. That happened just before the spell cast.

Possessing Twilight is an interesting prospect, but then I wouldn't get to explain how Twilight copes with this issue. If you want me to write that one I think I could pull it of in another story.:trollestia::twilightblush:

How long do you guys want this thing. I can conceive of a longer period, Celestia wants to enjoy freedom and Twilight gets a first hoof experience of the intricacies of government (maybe makes some changes), but I don't think they could pull it off for a week. maybe 2-3 days at most. Otherwise the mane six will look like oblivious dunder heads. Also, Luna is not that dense.

She's my avatar for a reason. :twilightblush:


Nope. Though now that I've read your first comment, I can see why you'd think so.

At least 2 days. Also, I think you should have Celestia send Twi at least one letter. Preferably explaining how to send a reply letter, and that she should try and learn from current situation. Otherwise I forsee Twilight completely losing it.

Was I too subtle when It said “Go ahead and send that letter. I would like to write a personal letter to Celestia.”? As in, she wrote a letter and sent it with the mane six's letter. :applejackunsure: I edited to make this obvious.

Also I edited the description, so it could be any amount of time. The next episode is Nightmare night. I could have Celestia be there in Twilight's body?

Wait, wait, wait.
Bodyswap fic? That's actually good?
YOU KNOW HOW RARE THOSE ARE? I can think of Of Two Minds and its sequel. That's all.

Oh, this is track-fav'd so hard.
33 to 0 ratio? That's impossible... there's no way a fic can be good enough that no one honestly dislikes it, yet still unpopular enough for trolls to leave it alone.


Oh, forgot about that, sorry. I guess since you didn't show us what Celestia wrote, it didn't register in my mind.

You might want to alternate between Celestia & Twilight each chapter. So next chapter would be from Twilight's point of view, then Celestia's the chapter afterwards, and so on, and so forth.

This is some seriously good story though. I eagerly await MOAR!!!


maybe 2-3 days at most. Otherwise the mane six will look like oblivious dunder heads. Also, Luna is not that dense.

I think Celestia is clever enough and knows Twilight well enough to fake it for at least three days. You're absolutely right about Luna, though. She's a thousand years old or more and, while socially awkward, is very clearly not stupid. I don't think Twilight could go one minute in a conversation with Luna without the Princess of the Night becoming highly suspicious, let alone a day or three.

Idea, actually: you should incorporate Luna's suspicion into the story. It's inevitable that she'll see something wrong, so you may as well have fun with it. Perhaps she starts investigating and trying to figure out who this "Celestia" is and what they've done with the real princess. It could lead to some fun confrontations and possibly even a mini-climax of sorts wherein Twilight is forced to admit everything and beg her not to tell. Of course, it can get a lot more complicated and/or crazy than that, or you can ignore my idea altogether; it's just something that sounds like fun in my own opinion.

I':twilightsheepish:m writing a Luna thing right now actually and I found a way to make twilight seem less conspicuous. more or less.

I fond a writing error:
“Were the same age, AJ,” said Rainbow Dash
The right one is this:

"We are in the same age, AJ," said Rainbow Dash

Shining, not Shinning. Other than that, I'm looking forward to more

Lol Spanner! Congrats on making the feature box. I'm going to thumb this baby up and favorite it.

Ah yes, the best time to write a fanfic is when your supposed to be working on a project. Work pays off over time, laziness pays off now.

I want to say 'bricks have been shat', but that doesn't apply to anything in this fic yet. However! Thy have gained another follower.

“Bro…Shinning Armor, your blinding me with you magic.”
you're, and your

"“Today I learned, not to touch Celestia’s flank.” The alicorn started to breathe easier, as it didn’t look like Celestia would be sending her to the moon. I guess she can’t right now anyway, letting out a short, hysterical giggle. "
I think the italics shouldn't be on all of the third sentence. I got confused there.

"Eeep! Twilight yelped."
quotes necessary

Good so far.

655640 :rainbowlaugh: Congrats man, I hope one day to make that darn feature box myself!

Well the inevitable dislike occurred around 66 likes.This has grown well beyond expectation. Thank you and future viewers. :twilightsmile:
15 page paper on deserts or this? Is the choice that obvious?
Why are bricks shat and by whom? :rainbowhuh: Thanks for the follow.
Fixed, mostly. Thanks for the comments they all help.
I think I'm okay now. You will make it and you deserve it!
Are body swap fics rare and bad or common and bad? I actually had not come across one yet.
Thanks man. This was most surprising.

Whoops, I missed one.
"“Today I learned, not to touch Celestia’s flank.”"
no comma necessary.

Thanks for making the corrections though!

655764 Thanks for your confidence in me and my story but I doubt I will ever make the feature box. But a pony can dream can't he?
Oh on a side note did you get that message I sent you yesterday?

I like it, i can't wait to see more! :yay:

Well the world is doomed shall we get to looting? Or do we wait for a building to blow up?

Love a bit of Trollestia in the evening! Can't wait for more, especially since you've got so many readers offering help and pleading with you!

Oh, I'm one of them! More please!


God job. keep it up

Pretty self-explanatory oh-shit moment. Find yourself in the body of a sun goddess? Yeah, that's a good time to start panicking.

Cnaterlot? Is that some new place in Equestria? :derpyderp2:

Ha ha ha. Fixed. Thanks for the pointer.

to change the text size you click on the dropbox next to where it says what font you are using

If I were to offer some additional constructive criticism at this point, it would be that your chapters are too short for the amount of information they attempt to convey! Try to offer a bit more in the way of description and narration between major events. The second chapter had Twilight confronted by guards, getting something from the library, hiding things and then fighting with Luna, and reading multiple letters from Celestia, and it did all of this in just over 2000 words; honestly, this could be expanded with better descriptions of what's going on, making things a bit more vivid. Getting straight to the meat of the events is cool, but you have to have some side dishes in there too, or else it isn't quite a meal.

I'll be awaiting the third chapter! :twilightsmile:

Don't worry, this is sort of the second prologue. The first day hasn't even begun yet and its two more days to nightmare night.

Interesting concept. Enjoying this rather playful tale so far, looking forward to more.

It's funny what when you wrote:
You feel beat at you own game, by a bunch of armatures
I couldn't work out if you misspelled amateur, or you were actually relating her own feeling of inability by comparing her to actual armatures.

"You feel beat at you own game, by a bunch of armatures.”

Heh. I cant imagine being beat at applebucking by a bunch of clocks feeling very nice.


I may have to implement my own plans along with this plan. The Carrot family is going down.

Oh. The hilarity doth ensue already does it? Continue post haste.

I'm starting to like Trollestia :trollestia:

You said Tia woke her up, I think you mean Luna.

Oh the carrot farmer called the Princess of the Sun a pansy and a weakling? Who is the rule rand who is the peasant!?

756547 thats exactly what i thought of when i read the title! :rainbowlaugh:
The Nostalgia Critic's review of that film is what came to mind :twilightsheepish:

His review of that movie was flippin priceless!!! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowwild::rainbowkiss:

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