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It's springtime in Equestria and Twilight Sparkle and Princess Celestia find themselves out of sorts despite the gorgeous weather. Luna and Rarity both think they know the reason behind their moodiness and set out to make sure that true love blossoms - but will an unfortunate misunderstanding keep the two star-crossed lovers apart forever?

Illustration courtesy of nightmaremoonluna, adapted from a sketch by bri-sta.

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Dammit, Scotch... I'm in the middle of a different fic! To quote the Terminator: "I'll be bach."

..... first?

:heart::heart::heart::pinkiesmile: Butterscotch fic here as well!

Oh yay, this is on FiMFiction now~ Tracking. <3

It is here! :yay:

Omfg you uploaded this story here. I love you even more now.


Pros: A fic referencing a classic play. Being the insufferably huge English Renaissance Drama dork that I am (Just look at "The Equestrian Resident" and "The Unsuitable") this is a big thing. Mega dork points for me :twistnerd: :twilightsmile: And, you have a following, so you're doing something right to be sure.

Cons: A personal thing here- Really? Another Twilestia fic? Does Celestia really have nothing better to do than play out another creepy case of Wife Husbandry (She's been in a guardianship position over Twilight for years, this is not even a very not-creepy case of Wife Husbandry which actually can exist, because it feels more like a Jail Bait Wait than Wife Husbandry) with her student? Or is it another "powerful mentor/close guardian absorbing misplaced feelings of reverence and awe from a young charge" Twilight story? Not as creepy, but can be if Twilight goes all Fatal Attraction or Basic Instinct on her. So, is it tender-meat-sheparding, filly-hungry Celestia or bunny-boiling, hair-sniffing Twilight?

I'm enjoying the story so far, but if it weren't for the slow ass pacing I would be enjoying it far more. :twilightoops:

Damn it, I was just about to go to bed before I saw this pop up... Mind you, I'm not complaining, it was quite the enjoyable read.
Really looking forward to the next one, including whatever crazy antics Luna might have in store. XD

High tea... Oh come on! There are puns and then then there are painful puns, and that was a particularly fine example of the latter. High tea indeed, I don't know....

“Oh, just leave that to me, Twilight!” said Pinkie Pie, clopping her forehooves together in excitement. “I’m completely competent at controlling any kind of crazy cantankerous contraption!”

Damn, this chapter has some clunky dialog.

Man.... I hate it when i see a great fic, then remember i was cought up on another site... :( I still wait!

I was very hesitant about this story but i'm glad i read it

Your George W. reference just about killed me. :rainbowlaugh:

You've got great flow and an impressive ability to convey emotion. I'm glad you're writing for us!

>Twilestia fic
>Starts with Rarijack

“I’m completely competent at controlling any kind of crazy cantankerous contraption!”

:moustache: Say that ten times fast.

Were you going to update this soon?

:yay: OMG butterscotch! i love your work! ive been on your deviant art page almost everyday :rainbowlaugh: i will make sure that i read every single fanfic you write. :ajsmug:

i love this fic! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy: 5 stars for you :trollestia:

I'm at how this started...Let's see how this plays out...

If anything, That's a damn good example of Onomatopoeia (which just took me 4 times to spell right).

when will the next chapter will be out?

I <3 you butterscotch

I see what Luna did there. :trollestia:

nice chapter :)
When will the next one be up?

Woot! It updated!

196068 Ahhh... little big there with the image. I adblocked that one instance of it for now, but it's quite a nuisance for most people I'd imagine, what with it being five times the length of the page.

Reading hurts... I couldn't stop laughing neither stop trying to suffer severe head trauma...

But we never got to find out where Pinkie Pie's dream was going! :pinkiegasp:


Good stuff.
Looking forward to the next one. =3

Yay! It updated. I loved this chapter. I'm looking forward for more!


Unable to resist the stallion's overwhelming charm and physical attractiveness, Pinkie throws herself upon him and they engage in a night of passionate intercourse. She "awakens" the next morning to find that he's gone, but he's left her a note telling her that he's left to return to his quest to avenge the murder of his parents. He also reveals in the letter that he's half demon, and that there is an ancient prophecy saying that their child will either save the world or destroy it. Apparently he sought her out because he believed that she was the only mother who could instill such joy into her child's heart that he would be certain to make the right decision. Pinkie awakens (for real this time) in a cold sweat, but quickly realizes that it was all just a dream and returns to life as normal. Lately, though, she's been putting on a little weight, and wanting peanut butter and pickle sandwiches at the oddest hours...

Happy now? :trollestia:

Have you been reading Beating the Heat?

Off and on, I've read the first two chapters so far.

That was a funny chapter and I loved it. I don't have many spedific comments because... well I just don't know what to say :twilightblush:

Great as always Butters.

Finally a new chapter!

ARGH! She teases us!

I hope that Alicorn, Pinkie was dreaming about is real xD

I'm impressed, this story was on my "it's ok" scale when I read the first 2 chapters. However in the latest 2 it has grown on me significantly. Add me to the list of people eagerly awaiting the next chapter.

My predictions?
Apart from the two obvious pairs of :ajsmug: x :duck: and :twilightblush: x :trollestia:
But also :fluttershyouch: x Luna (We need a face for her...)
Now here is where it's more complicated.
Perhaps :rainbowwild: x :pinkiehappy:
That or :rainbowkiss: x Spitfire and :pinkiesmile: x :moustache:

I vote Pinkie and Spike will get shipped with sweets rather than each other.

Some seem to over look the subtle hints at FlutterDash in favor of LunaShy.

Huh. I just found out that I'm not tracking this story yet.

How is that?

*tracks, rates*

Excellent work, Butterscotch.

It's about Celestia damned time! :pinkiehappy:

However, I have a few complaints. Most notably, the chapter didn't feel at all like a next chapter in a Celestia/Twilight story. There was little to no romantic development on their part, but rather just a huge (and, I'm sorry to say, needlessly drawn-out) dinner party. I still like this story, I just hope the next chapter will be more Celestia/Twilighty.

On a more technical note, there were a few awkward word choices here and there along with some grammar issues, such as "Princess's" instead of "Princess'". And, "hugely" might be a word, but that doesn't mean it doesn't sound really weird to use, "largely" probably would've been better, or rearranging the sentence to use "huge" instead of "hugely". Or "widely" or just don't use a size descriptor at all, "grinned" implies a large smile.

Looking forward to the next chapter. :twilightsmile:


198071 Ship ALL the ponies!

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