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Twilight Sparkle wakes up one morning to find she's undergone some changes. She shortly discovers she wasn't the only one. (New cover art by Jamey4 on deviantart http://jamey4.deviantart.com/)

Warning, this work of fiction contains multiple fourth wall breaks, massive silliness, and more than a trace amount of alicorns.
The author may or may not have snapped at times in the writing of this work, and it shows. Bring a towel, you may get wet.

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Hah. God this made me laugh. I saw the Title and thought, Nooo... It can't be... And then.. The authors. Five Stars for sheer spectacularity.
*Edit* Just as soon as I can get on my computer proper. My Current internet viewer is having issues with showing me the stars

Thank you, I had joked about this nonexistant guide recently, Then I decided what the hell, let's write it. If it made one person smile I am very happy.

You know, back in 1987, I was hit by a '55 Chevy, and they couldn't get it's hood ornament out of my skull! I was a pegasus, so now I look so badass! I'm kinda like a kit-car: A cheap imitation of something awesome!

Now we need a version for Pegasi becoming Alicorns, and a version for Earth Ponies becoming Alicorns, and maybe a version for otherwise normal parents raising their newborn Alicorn.

212903 inspiration! I like this :pinkiehappy: let me see where my brain takes this

Would that last guide include single parents raising a newborn Alicorn? I mean, Twilight has to have SOMETHING to read to help her out with motherhood...

I welcome the new overlord......Wait......Nightmare moon?

It was good and the idea is nice, but doesn't this fall under the category of a type of "manual" which aren't allowed to be posted anymore? I mean a guide is just another word for manual.

Still liked it though.

This was informative and entertaining :pinkiehappy:. Very fun read :pinkiesmile:

Very good and very funny. Well done!

I for one accept our new Alicorn overlord.

But seriously, this is brilliant. 4.5 stars.

212901 Well, congratulations! You're halfway towards becoming an alicorn!

Now, important: Do you, or does anyone you know, own or have access to a hang glider? And are you feeling particularly suic- err, I mean, adventurous today?

An informative piece, but comedy? The Alicorn Virus is no laughing matter. Hundreds of ponies have to be put down every year, spirited away from their lives and families in the dead of night, before the transformation can reach its full potential. I mean, can you imagine the havoc if it spread? Divinity running rampant, deities everywhere, the world being shaped and reshaped by the slightest whim of its inhabitants...

Don't think I'm exaggerating when I say "the slightest whim", either. Before Princess Celestia had learned to control her new powers, somepony with more sense of humor than sense slipped a sea pony into her bathtub as a prank. Now there are no sea ponies. I'll let you draw your own conclusions about the dangers of uncontrolled godhood.

213171 No, but I think I'm a god and I'm gonna overthrow Celestia!:pinkiecrazy:

*Ten years later, Is in Canterlot Palace, on phone*
*presses button, Arizona State University explodes*


That was funny, you should do more like this.

5 stars for you :3

(p.s, i also welcome our new overlord :pinkiecrazy:)

And there we go, featured. Now, please delete that disgrace Four of Two, mods, and then I'll be so pleasured. kthxbaii.

Hahahahaha, man... I'm just going to go ahead and add this to my little view of the FIM-verse. Celestia keeps a copy of this on her bookshelf, and any stories involving Twilight turning into an Alicorn would probably go so much simpler if she just asked Celestia right away if there was a book on the subject.

welcoming our new overlords like a boss
that is all

I wouldn't want to be an alicorn
I like mortality

Are you bucking kidding me? When you are 97 and still feel like a kid inside, you'll wish you had a thousand more wonderful years to be a brony. Things just keep getting better. Just think the Internet didn't even work well before '95. And if we lived forever maybe we would take better care of our planet, knowing we couldn't just f it up and dump it on our kids. And add a paragraph about over preening or you'll end up looking like Twilight until next molting season she OCDed the buck out of herself, and she now has bald spots in her wings and feathers stuck in her carpets!214408 OMC I forgot to track this now i have 6 chapters to read and no input.

213236 you my friend are awesome but im afraid i have already taken power :pinkiecrazy:

*later on the news* we have a shocking announcement to make as a-

*kicks down door my hands glowing red* me: WHATS SHOCKING?! YOU WILL ALL BOW TO ME!!!

212961 I'll admit I hesitated to submit this for that very reason, but what I was attempting was to write a fictional nonfiction pamphlet if such a thing makes sense. I decided to write the type of text twilight herself would search for in this situation. The Manuals were written with humans in mind, telling them how to use their "units" (haha double entendre) What I was trying to write here was intended for the reading of fictional characters. I could I suppose have framed it within a story but since the story would largely consist of "Spike! I have wings! help me research this!" followed by "Oh thank Celestia, I have ruled out x y and z, now to go to canterlot for my further studies/political coup" it would not have made much of a story. Knightly seems to concur since he approved the submission.

214591Dang it! Dang it! Dang it! I wasted a good Ren and Stimpy reference to be OVERTHROWN?!

214491 you have to realize. death is for the best, If there was no death there would be ten time the people on the earth. No not just people the population of every living organism would be exponentially larger. I would rather die with my friends than outlive everyone on the earth. Death is a necessary part of life.

dam I didn't know I had a philosophical side

Very informative, i found this very useful.

214603 im sorry but my mind just works fast and i had everything planned out like :pinkiecrazy:
except the last part, i got a bit drunk at the after party :scootangel:

The overthrowing part should be censored for the sake of peace and freedom. After all, we don't need a second tyrant.

Erm, one question. Exactly what have I become if these wings turn out to be similar to that of bats? :rainbowderp:

214728 an excellent entrant to the night guards of the lunar republic.

''omg'' i did thisand i became a ... ALICORN!!!!!!!!!!!:trollestia:

212903 How about humans becoming alicorns as well?

214671 You better be sorry, boy!
*Listens to '90's rap music, opens switchblade*

214634 I'd rather live forever. Young, healthy, and having lots of kinky sex!^_^ To live eternally.

215120 i wouldent try that if i were you, its not safe to run around with sharp objects.
*pulls out chain-saw* as for me i have a license and all that other stuff. oh and i also have one of these :pinkiecrazy: its time for a different side of 'cupcakes'!

215139 You wanna go, son?!

*starts up 1973 Cadillac Fleetwood Series 75, listens to "Pinkie's Lie", and then the "Peter Gunn" theme song, loads Thompson "Dillenger" machine gun*


(Stereotypical Irish cop voice, reminiscent of the Bugs Bunny cartoons): All right, all right, what's goin' on in here!?

((Well, you did the right thing by submitting it.)) Dr. Cann, I think I saw his thesis somewhere. Dr. Thissdens, I'll admit I haven't heard of, but a Ph.D in Pegasus Studies means Cloudsdale University, doesn't it? Good school. I just hope he wasn't an undergrad at Cloudsdale State, as that's a total party school.

215126 Me too, except I'm a virgin because I don't actual like sex, but shipping is fun to read, and funny, and kinky too. I think you have to be a pony first to become an alicorn. So you are half way there. Oo, oo, I do hugs and kisses, if anyone want's some. Oops to much red wine.

I hereby welcome you, our new overlord.
Thank You! Glad to know someone appreciates me.

215250 excuse me
215278 (cuts down the middle.) Now then. where were we? oh yes. *starts glowing.*

I cringe every time I read about how alicorns have to deal with the issue of immortality. This one is funny, but the part where you write about immortality makes me actually sad.

And now I finally know why living forever is actually a terrible thing, and why many powerful immortal beings in fiction/games/movies often go completely out of mind.

Anyone noticed that the Love Poison from Hearths and Hooves episode was used on an Alicorn ? OC Alicorns are canon :trollestia: :facehoof:

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