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Finding herself with wings and unusually powerful magic, Twilight Sparkle proceeds to have breakdown after breakdown, until with the help of her friends, she confronts Celestia and Luna about it... And learns that she's a far more important little pony than she ever imagined - for all the wrong reasons.

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I'v, seen this before, seems very much like another fic.:moustache:

Hmm... very interesting. I thinking that Twilight becoming an Alicorn is very unexpected if it cause Celestia to faint. I wonder how this story will stack up against the other ones of this type.

@Wilhelm II, German Emperor, there a a few Twilight-becomes-Alicorn fics knocking around. I for one have been writing one for several months. Even though it's a similar premise to GaruuSpike's, that's most likely unintentional. Besides, might as well give it a go, see what someone else's take on the genre is like:twilightsmile:

There are a few stories simlar to this around, but this one seems to be going in an ever so slightly different direction. Will look forward to more

The pace seems a bit rushed and sketchy, perhaps, but it's off to a fun start. I'll be tracking.


Nice way to end a chapter confusion


Nice way to end a chapter confusion

Owch. Sorry Twi.

Great premise. I've seen a couple of these Twilight-Sparkle-Wakes-Up-As-An-Alicorn, but without paying attention to that, this is written well story-wise.

Great job with Pinkie, defiantly in-character and expanded just a tad. I like it. And for the Princess's reactions, Excellent.

Not many issues with grammar and spelling, always a good thing. :twistnerd:

Eager to see more!

-The Librarian

Wait... So Luna freaks out and slams Twilight through the castle wall??? Or am I reading the last paragraph wrong?

I don't think Celestia will force Twilight to stay at the castle, but this is assuming that Luna doesn't kill Twilight over what she thinks was harming her sister.

I think Twilight would probably have one rather large breakdown but with help from Celestia and her friends everything should turn out alright.

Oh my... :rainbowderp: Luna thinks that it is an assassination, doesn't she?

got to admit, laughed my flank off at pinkies surprise and twilights resulting reaction

AWESOME! Twilight the Alicorn... has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? :rainbowkiss:

Duchess Twilight Sparkle... has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

:moustache: You my good sir got my attention please keep up the good work.

Luna vs Twilight Place your bets ppl :pinkiecrazy:

I've seen some Twilight-Wakes-Up-As-An-Alicorn fics, but this one is both the farthest progressed and the most interesting one I've seen yet.

O-shi!!!!!!!!!!!! can't wait for next chapter

83711 Discord Will totally win 10,000 bits on him :derpytongue2:

The plot so far is very good, It may seem rushed but under the circumstances I believe that events would be moving rather quickly. I honestly want to see a twilight alicorn story were she wakes up and is like "I'm an Alicorn now, Awesome," but that's probable not practical and wouldn't exactly make a good story.

It's an interesting idea, but the story is terribly rushed. You would have done well making Everything twice as long. As it is, it's hard to take anything seriously. All the exaggerations make this read more than a comedy than anything else. There's just no weight along with the events.

I've also got to ask why in the world you think All of them would make such frankly absurd leaps of logic? I could imagine one or two of them possibly thinking that Celestia would make Twilight stay at the caste. But all of them? What... Exactly do they base such an absurd notion on?

And on that note, what's up with all the fainting? Spike makes sense, but Twilight herself? I suppose system chock from having literally grown to twice her size and added wings coupled with the chock of discovery and near starvation explains it for her, but then you have Celestia faint. That's just... Absurd. This is a pony who have been alive for thousands of years, even if this is something she had never expected would happen, this isn't a plausible reaction. It's one of the most out of character actions I've seen with Celestia Ever. I suppose you might have some interesting rationalization for it, but I just can't see it.

So, yeah. I don't think this story is very in character at all so far. Which is all of course personal opinions. But as something more concise, I would say that I think there's too much slapstick to take the story seriously, and it's jumping from scene to scene without reflecting on what's happening. It feels rushed. But as long as you're having fun writing it, all's well :).

"but then you have Celestia faint. That's just... Absurd. This is a pony who have been alive for thousands of years, even if this is something she had never expected would happen, this isn't a plausible reaction. It's one of the most out of character actions I've seen with Celestia Ever. I suppose you might have some interesting rationalization for it, but I just can't see it."

On the other hoof, she has been alive for thousands of years. She is likely not use to being suprised anymore.

It feels like this fic idea was stolen from "Responsibility." Like the author took one look at the fic and decided to write one similar overnight.


Very much like the Responsibility fic, but thats not a bad thing. like the comment I posted on that fic. I would like to see more "turn into alicorn" fic's out there. Though it be nice to see some that are other ponies, and not just Twilight.
like... Pinkie Pie! that would be a stitch :pinkiehappy:

Any one who knows where the othe twilight alicorn stories are I'd like to read them send me private message with links thanks also damn good read this is

Ha haaa, that was a hilarious chapter.

Now ... in the purple corner, the newest alicorn on the scene, Stompin' Twilight Sparkle!
Iiiiin the dark blue corner, former heavyweight champion of the Moooooooooooon .... Prin-cesss LUUUUUUU-Naaaaaaa!


oh wow this is amazing!

the way you right is so vivid and smooth! makes you click to the second page as a reflex XD
cant wait to see more! :twilightsmile:

Pinkie pie...An alicorn...mother of Celestia the 4th wall would be shattered. :twilightoops:

I've read similar stories this is the second best that I've read so far.
keep up the good work.

This is very nice, and has a very great storyline. :twilightsmile:


Let's try not to think about that, shall we? How about we think of some nice relaxing OTHER ponies that could suddenly become alicorns, and what would happen if they did. In fact, we can make a game of it! I'll name a pony, then someone responds with what would happen to Equestria if they became an alicorn, and then they pick a new pony for the next person!

Let's see... I've got a good one.

What would the consequences be of Zecora becoming an alicorn and helping rule Equestria?

Oh my, this is certainly entertaining and enjoyable. I hope you'll have more up soon to read.

More, for gods sake MOAR!!!

Excellent start for this story the shock of the change was well done. The only problem I saw was when you described her horn. "It was half as long again as Twilight's horn" this would mean that it was half the size of her regular horn. Is she growing a new horn? Oh well next chapter!

OK this chapter felt pretty good to me. I would have like to see the nightmare she was having. I'm also glad they didn't rush off for Celestia I mean they have dealt with enough crap so for them this is another day in the park.

Alright chapter 3 First off is this a comedy because we haven't had any dark or sad moment yet maybe its planed for later. I love how panicked Twilight is I like when we see whats see thinking because shes crazy. I can also see the reasoning the girls have about her being a Alicorn. I mean the only ones anybody knows either rule the country or have tried to so I can see the reaction.

So far so good, looking forward to spend the last minutes before christmas reading this story :D
only 17 minutes to go LOL

one, Zanzibar, I think your taking this all together TOO seriously. :ajbemused: It's a fic after all, and out-of-character ideas and actions happen literally ALL the time. Chill, man. I do agree with you that it's rushed, but that is an easily fixed problem. :ajsmug:

Anyway, great story! I like where your heading with this and I really hope to see more! Keep up the good work! :pinkiehappy:

This is the best. Fanfic. EVER. :heart:

sooooo... luna is quite pissed, if i got it right - and midnight is coming up - woot?

OK this has to be a comedy to many funny things are happening. The story feels a little rushed with all the opportunities you create. I really wanted to see Twilight train from the small descriptions of the damages it would have been great. I find that the reactions of the main six are pretty accurate. Celestia's reaction was funny we really don't know anything about her or her sister so its possible she could faint from the surprise. Luna was spot on for what see walked in on. i can't wait until the next chapter, good job.:twilightsmile:

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