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Insane, Reality-Warping Chaos God? Warring and Reunniting Siisters of the Day and Night? Vague backstories? How was I suppose to resist? My Patreon!


Celestia brings the Statue of Discord to Ponyville with the wary intention of releasing him, as per a mysterious deal negotiated between Discord and the alicorn sisters. With the ancient war between Harmony and Discord now officially over, with the Chaos God curious over his own defeat, both sides most decide what to do now. Can Discord make a place for himself among ponykind or will he leave Equestria entirely?

It'll at least be interesting with the reluctant supervision and aid of the six who defeated him, Discord actually putting forth some effort, and Celestia personally keeping an eye on everything.

A retelling of Keep Calm and Flutter On with a more long term reformation of Discord.

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I had to check on google for the Wolpertinger..... oh god, and now i imagine Angel, after some Discord related shenanigans, becoming one.

Fluttershy : Oh My.
Discord : I suddenly have an intense feeling of dread, like if i did the biggest mistake of my very long life...
Angel : The World is going to be mine ! Mwahaha !
Fluttershy : Maybe later, right now, finish your salad.
Angel : Yes mistress.
Discord : And suddenly it don't feel like a mistake anymore. And Mistress ? Kinky !
Fluttershy : Discord... Please, no.
Discord : yes Ma'am !

... I dunno why it went out like that in my head, i'm a dumbass sometimes. X)

dear god you made another one
how many of these are you going to make before finishing one? :C

"Ponies generally don't respond well to having their bodies altered without their permission," Twilight explained evenly.

Niether do the fan base:trollestia:

OH! I was waiting so long for a story with an alternate Discord reformation! KCaFO was way too quick and sudden and did not fit Discord's character, so hopefully this will be good :pinkiehappy:
Also, as it is written by non other than you, I am especially excited to give it a read! :twilightsmile:

Pretty nice! Off to an excellent start! :heart:

One thing that always bugged me in the show was how Celestia suddenly came up with a spell that prevented Discord from stealing the Elements. Why didn't she use that before they were stolen the first time? You know, from that 'chamber protected by a powerful spell only I could break'. If Discord got past her first safeguards without even alerting her, what made her so confidant he couldn't do the same again? I mean, the guy took control of the sun itself from her with little effort.

Best guess for canon? She saved a sample of Discord's magic from his break out and managed to work up a chaos-proof spell. Here, she might be fibbing about that a bit to just reassure them.:derpytongue2:

I really like how you're dealing with Rainbow; she dosn't like Discord, but I'm glad that she's giving him a legit chance

This is great I love rainbow interacting with discord, and spike is great to.

I love the interactions and antics, hopefully we'll delve more into Discord and Celestia's history as well as awesome entertainment!

You know, I never really thought about it that way. The ponies are all about expressing their individual talents, but trying to stop Discord from causing chaos is like trying to stop a pony from using the gift of their cutie mark. It's what he was born to do, and asking him to stop is like stripping Rainbow of her wings, or making Pinkie stop throwing parties.

This got me thinking. What if there was more of Discord's influence involved in the formation of Twilight's friendships than it first seems? After all, going to live in Ponyville was a big disruptive change to her usual life, and Chaos is all about change. Even if it is frightening at first, it can sometimes be for the best to uproot things and start anew. That certainly appears to be part of Discord's sphere of influence to me.

Wow, this is great. :raritystarry: Totally want to find out more about Discord's "flaws." Keep up the good work!

This is SOOOO friggin hilarious, I need more! <3

Observant Rainbow! Love it๐Ÿ˜Š

"Well, it's not like some of us don't have problems respecting personal space," Spike mused dryly, "So, anypony got any ideas how to entertain a god of chaos?"
"How about Risk?" Pinkie Pie suggested, producing the board game...from her mane.
"See! Right there! Why doesn't she get any flack for that?" Discord asked with a mock pout, "....And I call Austallion!"

The Draconequus does have a point. When Pinkie does her 'impossible' stuff most ponies don't even bat an eye. :derpytongue2:

I suggest the card game depicted HERE in the background of the deities' discussion.
There's even a unicorn!

Dash's view on Discord is quite astute, really. The little childbirth joke was great too.

She does tend not to invert houses doing so, though. Still, she DOES confuse the crap out of people.

Also, there's probably a sanity filter running for her that causes people to ignore it, though (or drops flowerpots on researchers, ahem). In that regard, she's smarter than Discord, if she knows anything about it or made it.

I enjoy this story already. I hope you'll update it one day

I'm still waiting for next time. Why is there no next time? GET ON WITH IT!!!!!

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