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Insane, Reality-Warping Chaos God? Warring and Reunniting Siisters of the Day and Night? Vague backstories? How was I suppose to resist? My Patreon!


For over a thousand years, Discord was trapped in stone. Some think that he was forced to watch the centuries go by while being powerless. This, however, is false. While he was completely aware, he also had access to all of his powers- he just couldn't leave the statue. So, he did what any chaos god does when bored: make more chaos and play god with the aftermath.

He was better at it than you might think.

And he enjoyed it more than he expected.

Now reformed, Discord decides to show his new friends/former enemies exactly what he did for the thousand years in stone. Or rather, all the tiny worlds he made. Along the way, the mane six shall discover more not only about Discord, not only about themselves, but also about the princesses themselves, and their mysterious past with Discord.

Gentlecolts and Mares, welcome to the Microverse of Chaos! Welcome to the Worlds of Discord!

Features Pre-Alicorn Twilight, Celestia and Luna in badass armor, Rainbow Dash with a Wing-Boner, Discord and the Sisters seeming friendly or like frenemies, a confused mane six, and much more.

Some worlds will be AU version of MLP, others will be ponified(or something similar) of other series, and more than a few will be their own thing.

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Nice premise, good story so far!

Now it just needs some humans too.

Any chance this will be continued? I'm a sucker for playful banter and semi-serious discord. Great story.

Moooooore Pleeeeeease!!! :applecry:

just foud this story and the one thing im confused about in the description is rainbow with a wing bonner:rainbowhuh:

Its fandom joke, a wing boner being when a Pegasus's wings go stiff and rigid when they're aroused.:derpytongue2:

8001825 lol I know that, I was just wondering why she got one...
suffice to say I found out :rainbowlaugh:

8001825 more please

Noooo... update! please update I want more!

I love everything about this story. Honestly I thought there was more Discord/Pinkie romance in this story but Celestia and Luna are fine to. Moving on.

Do you plan on adding a planet?

Really interesting idea and a superb intro for it.
Looking forward to you developing it further eventually.

More please

Really nice story so far. I'll be watching to see if it ever updates.

aww, bruh
you cut it off just as it was going somewhere
please continue

Dead at the starting line...


This was so good.. I hope someone picks this up


you gonna come back for this one?

Ok I'm invested just don't bore me please.

...while Pinkie Pie looked like she was itching to start clapping and dancing.

Is it bad that I immediately thought of the Fortnite default dance after reading that? Because, I'd assume so.

Nice idea for a story, will it get finished at some point?

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