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Just for Harmony and the Sisters, Discord decided to take things a bit seriously the second time around.

Now seemingly unopposable on his Chaos Throne, King Discord has all of Equestria at his clawtips.

His very first decree? The very first royal act of chaos? The moment that may define his reign?

Pardoning Mane Six.

Wait, what?

Discord's reign will be filled with surprises, chief being how the draconequus is far from malevolent to those in his lands, despite what the ponies have been told. It seems that while Equestria belongs to Discord now, but he does play(mostly) responsibly.

And as time goes on, the appeal of Chaos can worm its way into most any heart.

NOTE: Not a tyrantlestia fic.

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Luna and Celestia are lucky because after his millenia in stone , if he was concious , he could have become insane or have no mercy, he could have tortured them , make them sex slave but he just toke their titles and responsibilities.

7672265 Just like in history, sometimes banishment is a prolonging version of death. With the two sisters banished from Equestria, where can they go? And the dragons, griffons and yaks aren't on friendly terms with Equestria as this was set before season 3. Is not like they could go to far away lands, create a new nation, build an army and come back thousands of years later to take it all back... Or can they? lel.

Well color me engaged, I'm gonna be following this story to see where it goes next. I'm hooked as to where this could all lead.

Some things up...I want to know...Well I'll just be waiting for the next chapter

I wonder what they did this seems to personal to be something random there has to be another side to the princess's story hopefully this will give a backstory that we can follow and enjoy. Anyway good story so far can't wait for an update!

How many more of these are you going to start and then never continue? You've got 18 incomplete stories right now. Out of 19. I earmarked one or two because they sounded interesting, but looking at that, I'm not sure there's even really any point in tracking any of these.

Oooh! I like this!! Can't wait to see more!! :D

I'm calling it right now, he's going to get bored

This is a pretty interesting take on Discord.
It´s hard to tell when someone is writing Discord well, because the context of the story can be tricky to analyze and fit Discord into. There are some great examples of a badly written Discord when he´s portrayed overly silly in a serious environment or overly evil in a lighthearted environment. And in all, you could say everybody has their own Discord. And I personally adore yours.

He´s pretty different from what we´re used to seeing, since he is in the spectrum of "evil" and yet he behaves in a pretty "restrained" way.
I like how he´s almost reasonable. He´s vindictive, that´s for sure, and he´s taking this whole situation pretty seriously. Which comes off as really surprising, almost out of character. I wonder if this Alternate Universe presents more variations on its history other than Discord winning at the end of Return of Harmony that has made him if not less arrogant, at least more prudent and kinder towards his "subjects".

So, regarding the plot this story has started off pretty strong.

The narration is decent, although I get the feeling it´s trying it find a tone. You should work on that and decide one early to avoid confusion. Will you use a serious narrator that simply tells it as it is? A more sarcastic one that tends to snark once in a while? A rather eloquent one or more colloquial? These are choices that need to be made very early on as to avoid indecision during your writing process, as well as allowing yourself to work to your maximum potential.

Anyway, I am very looking forward to seeing where you're planning to take this. This has been a pretty good start; I can only hope it will lead to a great story.

discord is even more unexpected than usual!!! i love this fic already!!!!

So, Discord: whatever did we do to make you take our world away?;)

What about crystalis

What kind of monster do you think I am?" Discord asked with a smirk.

no just no.
*walks out

Makes Sesne Celestia tried to be the best leader she could be but has painted a image of herself being perfect, and she basicly erased the history on her sister, and was all but forgotten, also there Sunset who Twilight knows nothing about.
it was only after she stole the crown did Celestia mentioned her and only small amount of details.

the liquid sunshine will never come up again after this. *she said, her voice dripping with sarcasm.* i need some chocolate milk. *walks off to find said chocolate milk.*

Hmmm if moonshine is super powerful booze would sunshine be a godly tier hangover cure?

Dear God Please Moar!
Discord is such an interesting character and, considering the his changes throughout the show, it warms my chaos-loving heart to see him using his powers and charm for a non-totally-destructive cause!
Please keep this going!!!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

"...I want to hate you. So, so badly," Twilight admitted with a scowl.

"No, you don't. You're just disappointed I'm not turning out to be everything she said I was," Discord countered with smirk.

This. This is one of my favorite quotes from any fanfic I've read, and I've read a lot of fanfics.

Shining gave him an annoyed expression, "All we could hear was wolves howling at the moon," He said dryly.
"Really? They must have been sleeping on a summer afternoon,"

Very neat reference! :rainbowlaugh:

I've got a feeling that Discord would be very interested in the Royal R&D department. I think I heard that they were messing around with something called "fossil fuels"?

Will there be more?

I also have a question. Who's Ivory Haze? can anyone answer that

If you don't have any ideas you could do a flash back chapter on how discord defeated the main 6

is there going to be a new chapter?

Is this dead. Please answer me.:applecry:

Fritzy, meanwhile, had very, very wide eyes, "No! Nonononononono! I'm not a colthater, I'm not a marist!" She swore quickly.
Discord instantly smiled and patted her on the head, "Good, because if you were, I'd be tempted to sixty-three you," Discord answered playfully.
"...I don't want to know what sixty-three is, do I?" Fritzy asked awkwardly.

It took me a moment after reading this to realize what it meant.:derpyderp1:

Sorry to bother you again but when is the next chapter? I really like this story.

getting good, I do hope discord fall in love with twilight or twilight in love with discord

And there we go! Damn this chapter was weird. I originally had the beginning Twilight's scene first, wrote Discord's scene without Fritzy showing up, decided Discord's scene being first seemed to fit better in terms of time, added in Fritzy, and made a lot of little changes a long the way. This...has been a bit of a mess making, I'll admit.

Does it make sense to expect anything else from a story where Discord is King? What fun is a party if there is no mess afterwards?:moustache:

There really needs to be a Discord emote. Maybe with a crown.

... We waited.
... We prayed.
... We were answered.

Finally The moment has arrived! For me To set this chapter to its side

;-; k

I'm happy this updated x3
i cant wait to see how this is going to go. X3

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