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Capitaine Rarity (3/1 RCC) rallies her troops during a Viet Minh ambush – Dien Bien Phu, April 1954
Photograph by Color-Copycat, TIME war correspondent

Have you ever pondered how the Germans might have conquered Britain during WW2, with or without the aid of Alien Space Bats? Do you like magic talking ponies, but wonder what Equestria would be like if Discord hadn't been defeated (the first time)? Ever consider combining these questions?

Then this group might be for you! Here's a group dedicated to MLP What-Ifs and What-Might-Have-Beens.

Membership is open and everypony is free to add fics (or pics) to the archive. Just make sure it's in the right section and properly speculative.

Equestria Only – In which Equestrian history is changed by elements within the MLP setting.
Equestria/Earth – In which Equestrian or Human history is changed by contact with each other.

Our implausible mascot, Unmentionable Sea Mammal

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Comment posted by Golden Fang Ryu Shenron deleted Jul 17th, 2022

382314 Especially considering the fact that you can tell what they are in cartoon form.

XD I love the pic with Rarity in a tank then Spike and Sweetie Belle with standard issue WWII German MP40s with standard 32 round stick magazines. (I know my guns waaaaay too well. :derpytongue2: )

My story Fluttershy Batwings takes place in a dark alternate universe where Empress Luna has bee the sole ruler of Equestria for 1000 years. Under her rule Equestria has industrialised and Ponyville is now a industrialised and gothic metropolis. And it is here that Fluttershy is born with bat wings and a set of sharp teeth because of a vampire bat bit Fluttershy's mother I the stomach when she was pregnant with Fluttershy and the cause of the vampire bats going crazy was a horrific chemical factory explosion that made most of the animals into killers

I did not know this was a thing until now. I like this thing. :heart:


This group. It looks beautiful. :pinkiecrazy:

I look at that pic and oh dear, I don't rate Spike's chances much...! :twilightoops:

That picture makes me want to get in my 50B or 50 Foch and kill pubbies.

I just joined cause of Rarity in a French tank! Yay for my country! :scootangel:

I need help in checking if my story is worth placing on this group. It involves a human from Earth on a island in the Bermuda Triangle, and somehow ends up in Equestria.

I also don't know why you can't name the sea creature up above, it's clearly a- :twilightoops: *unexpected transmission cutoff*

Ah good ol' Sea Lion the Thread That Shall Not Be Named. I've had plenty of fun arguing about that[/] can of worms over the years. ACG did it quite well.

Should we put something up as the banner, since they let us do so now?

I, for one, suggest something obvious but worthy: The USM, in all its 1000-pixel-wide glory.

190401 Eyup

go by Jedi Commisar over there and

190401 Guilty as charged. I'm the guy who makes the worst maps ever.

*Raises both Hooves*

Hello, A-H-bronydom. Something tells I'm in the right place here.

I am currently working on a fic that could be considered Alternate History.

It involves, Discord, a portal, and some Russian Winter. It focuses on one of the most neglected battlefields of the Great War; the North Russian Intervention.

British, Canadian, American and French soldiers are sent to Arkhangelsk and Siberia to fight against with the Czarist loyalists against the Bolsheviks. I am looking for fellow bronies who would like to participate in co-writing and/or check-reading.

Here is a short summary of the plot as far as my though process goes:
Discord, still cast in stone, has an idea; he wants to use an inter-dimensional loophole to free himself.
He teleports himself out of the Equestrian reality, and just happens to land in 1918 Russia. To rebuild his strength to face Celestia once more, he assumes control of an unsuspecting multilateral platoon.
However, the portal is still open as he left it, and not only does Celestia beg the mane six to rush after him and keep him from doing any more chaos on that war-torn planet called earth, but also does Discord notice (with much bemusement), that the soldiers he came across may or may not actually be the human alter-egos of the mane six. Led by an uppish Captain, who seems strangely immune to his influence.
Bonus plot: Maybe even some Bolsheviks catch on, an plan to overthrow the Equestrian monarchy as well.

If anyone would be willing to aid me in making an excellent epic out of this, then please feel free to contact me.

Originally posted on

"Also, I know feel inspired to write a story about a mongolian empire pony equivilant invading equestria, with the mane six becoming major hero's in the war. Anyone want to help with ideas for this? I figure we could do a collaborative on such a thing. They could be the Aduu Empire (Aduu is horse in mongolian)"

Anyone interested in collaborating on this idea?

Nope. From the main page:
"Membership is open and everypony is free to add fics (or pics) to the archive. Just make sure it's in the right section and properly speculative."
As long as it relates to alternate history (i.e., something happened differently in the past, resulting in a different present), go ahead!

Note that I can and will take down stories that aren't relevant to this genre. Need to keep the stories on topic.

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