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"Writing a book is an adventure: It begins as an amusement, then it becomes a mistress, then a master, and finally a tyrant." - Sir Winston Churchill

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I am indeed German.
The #JeSuisParis hashtag was included in the sub-header because I finished up on that chapter literally as the attacks occurred, so I felt some brief tribute was appropriate. The Fraternité, on the other hand, I had written entirely by chance. Some concepts are universally relevant, I suppose.
Anyway, I'm glad you know enough German to know what "Bei Fuß" means. :trollestia:

I know Im late as fuck, and that you probably won't care. But I really, really like Chrysalis visit the Hague story, Im not finished yet, but I have to point out the fact it's really well written, realist and believable the main characters are likeable, and are well developped and actually progresse (like Estermann bearing the Ponies more and more, chrysalis being more cooperative over time etc...) . I love the german interjection from Estermann, I take it that you are actually german ? I know Im YEARS late, but as a French, the #JeSuisParis hit a sensible chord, I don't know if the emphasize on "fraternité" was related, if yes nice one ! Anyway, Im off to read one more chapter. I don't know if you'll recieve any notification or anything, but I really like your work ! (I have to admit that I laughed incontrolably when Estermann told Lyra to come "Bei Fuß" xD)

Could you please add some blogs so we can see the general pace you do?

Ah, good old NationStates.
Where would we be without our World Assembly?

  • Viewing 18 - 22 of 22
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