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This group is for stories with changelings that are capable of having thier own emotions and thoughts with which some choose to not be heartless drainers of love. DOWN WITH THE HIVEMIND!

1. A moderate level of erotic content is acceptable, but no outright clop.
2. No Grimdark

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I had one to add. Involves one of my very first ocs. I'm no william shakespeare, but it's been well received so far, so I must be doing something right.

Hiya, I am new here.
I just joined in order to post a story about one particular changeling who is just moving into the Empire.
She is about to live the Dream of any Changeling, while this would be a high horse of a Challenge for her.

349239 The idea is for the stories to be reasonably clean. So it depends on the degree, not the amount of focus. It is a bit dificult to explain.

Sex is fine so long as it does not go into detail. If there is explicit detail, some later chapters in "An Affliction of the Heart" have a good example of how close to clop a story can get and still be acceptable.

As for the acceptable degree of gruesome ...I'm afraid I don't have a good example.

347940 can they be grusome and cloppy as long as its not the plot of the story...just happens to be in there?:applejackunsure:


Ah, I have to admit I haven't seen any changeling fics that are just pointless gorefics or such.

347889 A story with dark moments is fine. By grimdark, I am reffering to stories that are dark and gruesome simply for the sake of being dark and gruesome.

Aww, no dark fics. Anyway, any 'changeling is not an evil heartless creature that deserves to be wiped out because ponies are better' fic gets a like from me.

347809 Here's an idea. Let's have a changeling on the group's banner. :trollestia:

347806 Thanks, I thought that didn't look quite right.:twilightoops:

On an unrelated note, if anyone has some good suggestions for the Group Avatar or Banner, please leave a comment.

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