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Regarding my headcanon... · 9:03pm May 28th

I've probably been a terrible MLP fan lately, because I haven't been able to bring myself to watch any further than "The Mane Attraction", and matters haven't been made any better for me by a poorly inaugurated new pairing for Big Mac, a dramatic change in Rumble's in-show personality and several other details that have put me off wanting to watch beyond Season 5 (or 6, if I'm brave enough). In short, I'm really struggling to keep up with all the changes in the series, and have come to a

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Thanks for the fave!

I just realized you're in my SoarinDash and Scootalove group. Your one of my favorate Soarindash and Scootaove writers. It's an honor to have you be a member.

1936562 I wasn't too happy with the content and wanted to start from scratch. I didn't put anything offensive in my reply by any means; I just thought it rather missed the point.:twilightsheepish: Anyway, I've reposted the comment.

1936535 umm why did you delete your reply comment to my comment on your story Sweet Passion chapter Epilogue

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