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Fanfic update 15/02/2018 · 9:30am February 15th

Hey everyone. Sorry I haven't posted anything of late; I've been working really hard to get The Power of Two completed, and up until yesterday, it was going splendidly - Hornette had been settling in well, and even Rainbow Dash...well, I can't spoil the story, so I'll say no more about it. Considering it was Valentine's day, even if I didn't really have a special someone to share it with, it should have been hunky-dory for old muggins here, and for all the characters in the story - except that

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I just realized you're in my SoarinDash and Scootalove group. Your one of my favorate Soarindash and Scootaove writers. It's an honor to have you be a member.

1936562 I wasn't too happy with the content and wanted to start from scratch. I didn't put anything offensive in my reply by any means; I just thought it rather missed the point.:twilightsheepish: Anyway, I've reposted the comment.

1936535 umm why did you delete your reply comment to my comment on your story Sweet Passion chapter Epilogue

1936535 ok and can you reply reply to my comment on your story My Sweet Passion chapter Epilogue

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