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The railfans of the world stand with France!

A group for anyone to discuss anything relating to the hobbies of scale modelling, including model railways, Military modelling, Wargaming, Slotcars and R.C. models

if you have a question, then please feel free to ask away, though be sure to check the forum first in case someone has already asked the same question.

absolutely anyone is welcome to join, regardless of whether you have any models or not, and I will not tolerate discrimination of any kind towards other members.

Thread Tags:

When posting in the forum you must tag what subject your thread is about (eg subject: thread topic)

General Discussion: exactly what it says on the tin, it can be a question that encopasses all of the scale hobbies, however, if it's about a specific hobby, then add the hobby into the tag ie [General Discussion: Model Railways/Railroads]

On the layout: a chance to show your progress in building a model railway layout. (please be courteous enough to state the scale, same applies to workbenches)

On the workbench: show us what modeling projects you are currently undertaking.

Locomotive Model reviews go in this thread, try to remain as balanced in your reviews as possible, you have to point out both the good points and the flaws, and use pictures to help get the point across.

Videos: post a cool video relating to your hobby

Forum threads that don't receive any attention will be removed after 7 days unless they are pinned threads, so as to avoid cluttering up the forum

Moderators: Due to the the many different hobbies that use scale models, i cannot have one moderator, which is why i'm in need of additional moderators who can provide advice and answer thread questions relating to a specific hobby, If you feel yo have what it takes to be a Moderator, then please get in touch with myself or one of the other moderators

OO scale model railways: me

HO scale model railroads: Railroad Brony

Other model railway/railroad scales: Positions currently open.

Large Scale/Garden Railways & Railroads: Position currently open.

Non-military kit building: Position currently open.

Military Modeling: Position currently open.

Tabletop Wargaming/Warhammer 40K: Poston currently open.

R.C. Vehicles: Positions currently open.

Diorama Modeling: Position currently open.

Other: Position currently open (please specify a hobby that i haven't mentioned when applying)

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