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Welcome everypony! This Group Is for fans of Twilight Sparkle X Flash Sentry! From the new movie Equestria Girls. This pairing is new fresh and technically canon. Here's a place for fans of the pairing to submit their stories and show their support.

We are a new group so bare with us as we get things under control. If you'd like to lend a hoof let me know

The Rules:

1. You have to be a fan of the pairing it makes no sense to join otherwise.

2. All stories must contain this pairing to be submitted here

3. No Spamming or inappropriate comments.

4. No haters allowed if you don't like the pairing that's up to you. However this is a place for people who do.

5. If you are found causing trouble or breaking the rules you will be banned.

Thanks everyone and I hope you enjoy yourselves!

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"All stories must contain this pairing to be submitted here." No shit, Sherlock. :facehoof:



At this point I have an entire Imgur account dedicated to showcasing you.

Twilight is my favorite pony, but I don't mind if she had a crush on Flash. I mean, Flash wasn't so bad.

Comment posted by Sky Knight78 deleted Feb 15th, 2018

Happy to be the 700th member of this group! FlashLight is the best ship in mlp!

Don't tell my sister that I joined the group. She hates FlashLight beyond all belief but I like it.

flashlight is the best I adore these two so much

Well, this might sound crazy but if Sci-Twi has a crush on this new guys the Human Sunset and go with Human Flash. And Pony Twilight with Pony Flash.

Comment posted by Penguin Lagann deleted Mar 21st, 2017

I made a skype group if anyone is interested.

Send me a PM if you want to join.

I've been meaning to ask, but what happened to the title's background image? I thought it pretty cute.

Comment posted by Dusk_Writer deleted Apr 12th, 2015

389718 OTP means One True Pairing.

Hello guys! I'm kinda 'new' here. I'll go hurry up on my FlashLight story. Nice to meet you all! :twilightsmile:

377162 I agree with you, I happen to LOVE THIS SHIP SO MUCH!!!!!!!! :twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

I...freaking....LOVE THIS SHIPPING! :twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

i still dont understand why people hate this adorable and beautifull shipping

i mean flash sentry is not the bad guy hes a good guy and people just making him a freaking bad guy for no reason or whatsover and just because hes a background character doesnt mean he dont get a love he needed too especially the one he care and love most. ehem twilight of course

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